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Putney Magpies BARFL Round 1 report

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PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2005 6:07 pm
Post subject: Putney Magpies BARFL Round 1 reportReply with quote

Well after a gruelling pre-season with two or three Coaches we have finally got through round one with the Club notching up one win and one loss. Incidently it was only the second ever win for the Premiership Team.
There are lots of new faces around the Club. Everybody - with the exception of Steve Connolly - knows that every time you get to training there are 3 or 4 new faces and names - luckily half of them are named Ben.

Round one saw us make the trek to sunny downtown Reading. When we arrived to the ground it was pouring with rain and there were sheep on the ground. After a quick trip to tesco's for a trem breakfast we got changed and stretched up. A couple of the EU boys were late as they headed into reading CBD to purchase some boots for the game.
Ray strained a shoulder muscle in the warm up but struggled through to take his position. We came out of the blocks quite well and settled into an early lead. PJ took a boot to the groin and was sore early - He was actually heard to remark that he wasn't too unhappy with it as it was the first time in a while his groin area had seen any action. Purvis jagged an awesome snap from a good angle, but sadly no footage was taken and under rule 1AGAZEL, that snap will just get sharper and longer as the season progresses. At quarter time Ray hurt his wrist when he drank awkwardly from a bottle - but luckily young Ian Purvis is a fridge mechanic and was able to calm Ray down with some talk about copper pipe. The second quarter saw Reading hit back and they jagged 3 unanswered goals! Our second part of the quarter saw us steady again and go into half time a bit rattled and sucking for air. After the half time huddle we hit the ground for the third quarter, thinking it was lucky Ian had brought a dead rabbits head and placed it on the ground as a good luck ceremony. The third quarter saw JC continue to walk on water and Tommy, Lukey and Mikey (I know it sounds like a bad italian gangster movie) come to the fore and impressed while Simon Howard was giving us plenty in the ruck. Steve Connolly was able to miss absolutely everything from 20 metres in front, but made up for it with his second and third efforts. Off to third quarter huddle, Ray had what looked to be a very nasty twisted sock - which on a closer look was confirmed, a bit of cold spray and he was back on the deck. The last quarter saw Benno ask for something extra and the boys delivered, Steve C started to hold some grabs and JC who at this stage we were tagging with Tweeds (to make things more even) was tearing it apart and taking a lot of possession away from Purvis. Ferg, Greg and Andy all aquitted themselves exceptionally well for guys so new to our game and after another 3 freak goals from our lord and saviour JC the boys were across the line, but not before Ray could damage ligaments in his ankle and be stretchered off- presumed dead. It was worth the effort just to see the coaches face.

Round one saw the newly named Hammersmith Magpies taking on the Ealing Emu's. Being West Londons 3rd side it was always going to be a hard task as they are known to have the equivalent of the Geelong population at their weekly training sessions. With super coach Jeremy (Jose) Cogdon at the helm expectations were high. By half time these expectations were almost met with most guys being able to remember half their team mates names (Jeremy included). In what could only be described as crap conditions the boys battled hard all day. Graham provided some great runs out of defence, Dave was solid in defence, Noel & Gareth fought all day and Ben S battled hard in the ruck despite being the 19th tallest guy on the ground.
In the end we were beaten by a team of talls whilst the Magpie boys showed (in the pub afterwards) they were a team of good short blokes.

Now for the important news around the club. That night saw us head down to the Litten Tree. Most of the boys turned up to celebrate a job well done. There may have been some impromptu dancing fuelled by a Brian Adams remix. The act has now been seen a few times and rumours have begun that he has actually choreographed something as moves are being repeated and the guitar actions have a familar ring to them. Tommy Langford had the right idea - bring down some chicks and introduce them to nobody and keep them for yourself. Perhaps this weekend he can share and we can finally get Ian Purvis (the second base machine) off the mark with a single. As per usual Jezza was in fine form belting out some tunes. This routine has proved very popular with the ladies and the DJ has promised to have "Hungry Eyes" ready for next weeks performance. Chris's missus seemed to enjoy the shots of cowboys, as Chris pointed out there's not much more embarrassing than when your girl out drinks you - YES Christopher - you're right. Chin up tiger, there's plenty of time for you to claw some ground back.

The Sunday saw a few of the regulars back at the durrell for the traditional Sunday Sip. Jezz rolled in drunker than ever and Ray was up there as well. After this it was off to Havana to kick on and watch two blokes tag up a chick in the toilet - but its all ok as their boss was not there and he wasn't expecting his girlfriend back for a little while.


- Steve C is engaged
- Stef could actually be more brown than Benno
- Benno has admitted to the use of sunbeds and that his brother works at Havana. He has also undertaken a public speaking course to better deliver important speeches at weddings etc...
- There will be some red pubes in the showers this week as rege makes a comeback
- Emer has apoligized to Jumbo for her performance on Saturday night
- Steve still has not been caught for his parking fines whilst
Benno has been reemed again by kell with a 600 clamp release fee
- New recruit Tolf seems to be quite popular with the dudes.
- Applications for the Skull Team are now being accepted remember we are undefeated.

This Week
This week sees the Magpies playing their first home game for 2005. As some may already know we have moved grounds this year to Putney Vale (directions on the website). Further information will be sent out but in summary both teams are playing the Sussex Swans. We are expecting a hard fought match as Sussex copped a bit of a touch up last week at the hands of Wandsworth. There are changing room facilities at the ground and we will all be heading back to the Litten Tree immediately after the Premiership match.
The Litten Tree will be putting on 1.50 pints + cheap food for all players, friends, girlfriends and wives so please bring down as many people as possible, support the sponsors and make a big day of it.
Good luck to both teams - lets not forget about our 25 membership, get it to Matt Sime asap.

See you all there

The Front Line

Audre est Facere!!
Life is all Black and White
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