Game Day. Pies v. Roos. Late changes, comments.

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Game Day. Pies v. Roos. Late changes, comments.

Post by Donny »

Yep. A bit early. I'm cold. Need bed.

Today. Marvel. 1 pm.

Collingwood v. North Melbourne.

Congrats Tew Jiath. First game.

Let's hear ya !!
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It's a game. Enjoy it. :D
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Post by eddiesmith »

Another comfortable win and we'll be 2nd at the end of the weekend!!!
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Post by didick »

Danger game….
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Post by RudeBoy »

We will win this comfortably, as long as we don't take the game for granted.

The Roos will play their Grand Final against us, so we need to attack them with the same vigour we applied against the toffs.

It should be a comfortable win, but at this stage I just want to go into the bye with another victory under our belt.
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Post by Skids »

Bruzzys 200th will be celebrated with us entering the top 4.

North had their win for the year, just. Over the mob we destroyed a few weeks back. Anyone who thinks this is a 'danger' game, needs a couple of vailys and a lie down.

Pies by puhlenty.
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Post by RudeBoy »

Pies will go into this one with an unchanged 22.

The only change might be our sub, with Bytel (needing a full game after being our sub for the past 2 games) possibly making way for Allan.
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Post by Jezza »

No room for complacency.

Do the job required and the bye will have arrived at a good time with hopefully several of our experienced core to return soon after so we can launch for the back half of the season.
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warburton lad
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Post by warburton lad »

RudeBoy wrote:Pies will go into this one with an unchanged 22.

The only change might be our sub, with Bytel (needing a full game after being our sub for the past 2 games) possibly making way for Allan.
Good morning Mr Rude Boy.

I think you have summed it up quite well; two things to note:

1) I agree that Bytel goes back
2) I think Allan is a chance, but McInnes comes in for mine- Krueger played well but has only played four games since his comeback from injury (in the VFL and yesterday). If McRae wants to manage Krueger, having McInnes as emergency would be prudent.

I was absolutely stoked by a few things yesterday:

More games into Sullivan, Harrison, Dean, Bytel, Krueger which is essential to assess their merits as AFL players.

Of course, people will get excited by the goal returns of Krueger and Harrison but I was thrilled to observe that when Alex Neal-Bully was getting stuck into Nick, Sullivan came in and shoved him fair in the chest...

North are always tough, but we have enormous pride in performance and everyone on deck next Sunday knows that some of the cavalry will be back immediately post-bye... Great incentive to perform.

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Post by Take_a_Screamer »

I watched the highlights of the WC vs North game
North played well but gave up a huge win but still won. Larkey kicked 5 goals.

They will put up a fight for a while but we should
beat them easily with our superior ball movement and hot form IMO .
Kreuger to kick 5 goals. Maggies to go for % boost.
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Post by Pies2016 »

North have been quite competitive at stoppages in recent weeks, especially with Simpkin back and L D U finding some form. It’s after the stoppage when it all goes to shit for them. Conversely, it’s been a bloody hard slog for Collingwood over the last month but they’ve answered every challenge ( Dogs aside ) As long as they come with the same preparedness to tackle and run, we will win comfortably.
A month ago I was bemoaning being in the last group for the mid season bye but as it’s now turned out, this should prove to be a genuine positive in the run home. Most clubs will have had earlier byes and the extended home stretch will take its toll. Another positive with having so many injuries is that important players will come back fresh and rejuvenated for the second half of the season. Finally, the hardest slog in a season is the months of June and July. Expect the upsets to keep coming and just hope our players competitiveness for spots will keep them all on edge and at their peak after the bye round. There’s a lot to look forward to but it all starts with remaining suitably focussed against North this week.
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Post by Daicosesque »

Happy with a win and no injuries.
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Post by David »

Either McInnes or (if he's ready) Eyre in for Bytel is probably the only change I'd be making.
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Post by gurugeoff »

eddiesmith wrote:Another comfortable win and we'll be 2nd at the end of the weekend!!!
yes, by virtue of all the teams above us having a bye
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Post by Haff »

RudeBoy wrote:The Roos will play their Grand Final against us.
No they played that against WCE.

Not sure how many times we’ve lost to norf in the last 10 years but it’s not many. Won’t happen next week,
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Post by Culprit »

The Roos are on a roll. *Sarcasm* Just have to win and enjoy the bye.