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Post by LeonSkyDiamonds »

piedys,i remember that goal as if it was yesterday.I honestly do.
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Post by Magpie Gal 19 »

I have so many good memories from Viccy Park as I was basically grown up here sitting in the sherrin stand all my life, as my parents had the same seats for 30 odd years.

my family keeps on telling me that when I was about one that the ball landed in my lap - that was the only time I ever caught the ball there lol.

in the early to mid 90's (ithink) when we played Brissy there some idot ran through the sherrin stand with a Brissy flag and the raor of the stand some pie fan grabbed it off him.

The last game - which was the only gave ever that didnt sit in my seat. I was at the other end giving hell to RED HEAD lol.
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Post by Miss_Lisey_Molloy »

I remember going and lining up outside from the crack of dawn with my mum, my dad, my brother (14 at the time) & my sister (15 at the time).

All you'd hear is:
"Muuum, I'm bored"
"Not long now Alyssa"
"Muuum, I'm thirsty"
"We'll be inside soon sweetheart"
"Muuum, I'm bored"
"I know honey, not long now"
"Muuum, I'm hungry"
"I'll get you something soon, ok?"

I was only about 6 at the time, and to this day I hate standing for a long period of time.... :P

I used to always say to my brother whilst waiting:
"Next week, Bren, we'll bring a footy"

The week after....
"Next week, Bren, we'll bring a footy"

I have never in my life taken a footy to a match... i always forget :P:P

Then when we'd FINALLY get inside, we'd go and sit in the front row and I'd finally be fed, and given a drink! Then until the game started, I was once again bored... :P

And then after all those years of sitting in the R.T.Rush stand, my grandma re-married to a Bernie Rush, my step-grandpa.

Bernie's uncle was R.T.Rush, and Bernie's sister was married to Phonse Kyne! :D Pretty cool stuff ;)

So now, Bernie, gets us all this cool collingwood stuff, and always has wonderful stories to tell us about the old days :)

Love always, Alyssa xoxo
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Post by Cannibal »

First memory (mid, late 60's, I can't remember the exact year, but I should - imagine forgetting the detail of such a major event): catching the bus from home in Elwood down Barkly Street, across St Kilda Junction into Punt Road, across the Yarra River, past the MCG, across Victoria Parade to Johnston Street, walking down past all the Greek shops (exotic places to a young WASP!), turning left into Lulie Street and catching my first sight of the black and white stripes adorning the ground. It fair took my breath away! It was just such a magic place to be. Bought a Record, a hot dog and walked up into the grandstand. I almost had tears in my eyes when I first saw the ground. I was at Vic Park! The black 'n white jumpers being worn by the players; they suddenly all took on the proportions of giants (well, to my mind they were!). Watched the Reserves play (and for years afterwards, I always arrived about 12:30, so I could watch the second half of the Reserves match). Standing on the concrete terracing right on the outer wing (one good thing about getting there early was being able to find the exact best spot - high enough to see the whole ground but not too far back, you understand?!). The huge roar which erupted when the side ran out. The intensity of the barracking around me. The ebb and flow of the game itself. The massive feeling of joy which accompanied each goal; despair when the other mob scored. The almighty roar when the siren went (I'm pretty sure we won, as we rarely lost at Vic Park in those days - some teams had 30, 40 year losing streaks against us there!). Buying the late afternoon edition of the "Herald" containing the match report up to half-time (and getting another one with the whole match report later!) The exhilarating ride home in the bus, so happy I'm sure I could have floated all the way home. Dashing into the flat, throwing my scarf (still got it and still wearing it to every game!) and duffle coat on the bed and sitting down in front of the Tv to watch the Replay - and switching between channels 7,9 and the ABC to watch it once, twice even!

That concrete on the terracing on the outer wing became home for 11 weeks of the year every year. The above became a ritual, sun, rain, hail, cold notwithstanding. Sometimes rugged up, sometimes rugged up but slowly discarding items of clothing when the sun came out! Getting home at times sodden from the drenching rain but always, always waiting until after the replay before having a bath! It didn't matter; cold, wet, but not often miserable!

Buying my very first Collingwood membership - a piece of cardboard that the gatekeeper clipped when you went into the ground.

The lockouts. The big games when the gates were shut at half-past-twelve!

I was there when Des Tuddenham returned to Vic Park as captain/coach of Essendon. He'd left after he and Thommo got into a dispute with the club over match payments after finding out that Peter Eakins, from WA, was getting more than he was as captain! Feelings were high. The crowd was incredible. I left home much earlier than usual because I expected a lockout and wasn't disappointed. The queue rolled all the way down Lulie Street into Johnston Street but that was no deterrent - I simply walked up to the gate and walked straight in the nearest open one with no queue (for the younger readers, I should mention that in those days, it was expected of you that you joined the end of any queue you saw, no matter how long, and if you missed the game tough luck, but I would have nothing of that!). I think I made it with just a minute or so to spare. I walked up the ramp into the stand and the crowd was already packed in like sardines. Behind me came a huge roar - the gates were being locked shut! There must have been several thousand people milling about outside when I walked in. Tuddy got belted in the face about five minutes into the game straight down in front of me and I remember him spitting out teeth - I found out later they were all false, he'd lost his real ones years before - and he just got straight on with the game. A tough man, Tuddy. Collingwood won and the roar was one of the biggest I'd ever heard.

I remember taking my (younger) brother to VP for the first time many years later and I think his excitement exceeded mine!

And I don't think either of us have ever forgotten what a magical place Vic Park was.
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Post by MagpieMad »

thanks magpies, brilliant stories, keep em coming :)
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Post by raymond35 »

piedys wrote:In 1990, during the Collingwood vs. WCE game at Vic Park, i was unfortunately summoned away from the game by the "call of nature". Sitting on the throne under the Sherrin Stand, the yelling from above hit fever pitch with a god almighty roar that nearly blew the doors off the mens room! I wondered what i'd missed... When i returned to my seat in the stand, i was told about how Millane strolled around 3 WC Weasels, and kicked a goal at our end. When i got home and saw the replay, i understood what all the fuss was about!


It was classic Millaine! He had the ability to take on players when anyone else would have taken the quick option of disposal. In 1990 pants was at his absolute best and was stronger, more skilful and allround better than anyone he came up against.
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Post by raymond35 »

Cannibal talks about the B and W stripes on the back of the Rush stand. I have heard Eddie talk about the first time he saw that, and i remember being in awe of it the first time i saw it when about 5 years old.

Does anyone of my vintage remember a game against Geelong in the early 80s when it rained ferociously all day and was freezing cold? I cant even remember who won but bloody hell i was wet. The opposite was a round 2 or 3 game in the mid 80s when it was 30 degrees and i sat there in Collingwood jumper and scarf sweating like an idiot.
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Post by warrnambool magpie »

vic park was the place that i first saw a footy match. that was when our reserved seats were on a perforated sheet which we tore off whenever we needed them. the many times my grandparents played the ' we left her ticket at home' act and successfully got me in each time when i was little. good old vic park!!! i did become a member when i reached yr 7!
the many 'bullshit!' chants that echoed around the ground.

the fact that i didn't need binoculars to see the game when i was little.

the numerous family days, meeting the players (it was a huge thing when i was little!!!)
the last training b4 the 2003 GF. That was soooo good!!!
the atmosphere the place gives.
and of course, the last game at vic park. that was such a great day, and i have hated brisbane ever since they beat us that day. (now i hate em even more)
plain and simple, i love vic park and am going to miss it until i die.
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Post by Damien »

This is such a pleasant walk down memory lane. I suggest those who havent seen it, get themselves a copy of Hot Pies last game at VP edition. I and many others submitted articles along similar lines to these posts.

Coming from the Eastern suburbs in the car what really set my heart a flutter on game day as a little tacker was listening to the Captain and the Major on 3KZ doing the pre-game and as you came over the rise in Studley Park Road (before the Eastern Freeway was built kids) crossing the Yarra you'd start seeing supporters in black and white heading to the game and then you'd see that giant magpie at the top of the social club dominating the skyline (before they built the glass area aka Bob Rose Stand)...aah blissful memories of my childhood. I don't think you can see much anymore cos of the development over the years, maybe just a tiny glimpse of glass if you're quick.

3KZ IS football.....
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Post by Doc63 »

Where to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first game was in 72 or 73 against South Melbourne. My dad & I would get to the ground before the gates opened & get the seats in front of the Ryder Stand that used to be right on the fence. This was way before there was any reserved seating there. It was a long day & I remember being really bored during the reserves game. I really only went to watch McKenna!!! He kicked a bag of course & we won so I went home happy.

I remember in those days, as soon as the old clock ticked into time on, hundreds of kids, including myself, would jump the fence & sit inside the boundary line waiting for the final siren. Then every one would charge towards McKenna. The poor buggar got to the rooms about 10 minutes after the rest of the players.

I remember going to watch training when Tommy Hafey was coach & getting a very young Peter Daicos' autograph, and HE thanked ME!!!!!

I could go on & on about games I've seen there & players such as McKenna, Thompson, Picken, Millane, Daicos etc. But the one game I'm really glad I went to was the last one. I couldnt give a toss about the result, I'm just glad I was there to say goodbye.
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Opening match 1987

Post by FunkyPieMaster »

I have only been to one Vic Park match, first round of 1987. Dad and I drove all the way from Griffith. Unfortunately we got flogged by the Sydney Swans by something like 98 points.

Still, it was the first game for Michael Christian and Craig Starcevich and I remember Tony Shaw in his first game as captain trying to lift the side. It bucketed rain. We were behind the goalposts but sadly saw very few Pies goals come our way.

Denis Banks kicked a terrific one on the run which cheered an otherwise pessimistic crowd.

Still the crowd was fun. Capper kicked nine goals but still copped heaps from the crowd. "Don't worry Warwick, we'll read about your love life in Truth" someone yelled out. He was one of the more merciful commenators. I left the ground with a greater resolve than ever to back the Pies.

I returned to Vic Park on a SCSC road trip this year and for a supporters club function at the start of July. The sense of history overwhelmed me on both occasions. Walking around the stands makes you think of all those generations of people, many with barely a cent to their name coming out for a bit of hope cheering the Pies. God bless Victoria Park!
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Post by pies25years »

I remember against Adelaide when we won by 1 point Richard Osbourne kicked that goal after the siren in the first or second quarter. Standing right at the fence i knew i thought it was after:).

When Sav kicked 10 agaisnt Freo and buckley got 40 touches.

The parade of the hereos of vic park and standing where they all came in and gettin my records signed.

When some bastard stole my footy when i was kicking the footy with another kid who i didn't know. You could just approach other kids and with only one thing in common the black and white be mates straight away.

And standing on crates at the age of 8 with 3 strangers in the outer who became mates for the day.

And I'm 16 now. I loved vic park!
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Post by cooldewd »

pies25years wrote:And standing on crates at the age of 8 with 3 strangers in the outer who became mates for the day.

This quote sums up Vic Park to me.

Standing in the Rush stand week after week, year after would stand next to strangers....but if they were wearing Black & White, they became your friends for the day....

Old grannies became your nan, older blokes were like your your age were like your best friends....

That is what I miss most about Vic Park more than anything was a family atmosphere that drew people together like nothing else could.

It was us against the was when Collingwood was still a club and not a brand....

We have moved into a brave new world with all this corporatisation....and with the state of the art facilities we now have, who would be brave enough to argue that it wasn't for the best? However, part me will always look back with nostalgia to a childhood spent growing up at "The Park" with some of the finest people I ever knew and are ever likely to meet anywhere.

Some of those dear old supporters I stood shoulder to shoulder with would be in heaven now....but I hope they understand that we had to make this move to better our club and bring it into the 21st century.

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Post by stik35 »

Cooldewd, that brought a tear to my eye.

I wasn't fortunate enough to have a football following family as a young child (being Poms) but I started barracking for the Pies the first day at school when I was five and have never looked back.

My memories therefore, are of standing on eskies in the outer as a teenager and trying to climb on to the roof of the Toilet block in the outer for a better view.

Of mud and duffle coats, cold drinks and colder weather and the long train trip to Flinders Street and having to change at Princess Park? Station for the train to Vic Park.

It was sometimes rough, there were fights but I never had to worry as I had the Magpie Army on my side.
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Post by cooldewd »

Stik, I grew up the youngest son of mid 1950's Macedonian immigrants.

When the Collingwood bug bit my family in the late 1950's there was no stopping us!

My brother (who is nearly a decade older than me) used to take me to the footy with his mates. However, I rarely stood with them, I always ended up either with kids my age or with old grannies who would pat me on the head and offer me tea out of their thermos.

There has always been "something" about Collingwood that has set us apart from other Vic Park, there was something more that I feel we no longer have in the same capacity - unconditional love of our fellow Collingwood brothers and sisters.

We were Collingwood - the rest world weren't and would never understand us and we didn't care.

Us against the world - the way we loved it.

The Dude
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