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Post by collingwoodfan »

could we have the number of posts below your avatar?
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Piethagoras' Theorem
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Post by Piethagoras' Theorem »

I'm sure this has been mentioned before.
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Post by Black_White »

It leads to people posting crap just to up their post count.

Wait, I think that may be happening already!
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John Wren
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Post by John Wren »

^ no one needs encouragement. least of all me.
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Post by Bucks5 »

What does a post count actually prove? Do people give more respect to the opinions of posters with a high post count, or is it the content of the post that matters?
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Post by Kingswood »

as pietillidie explained,

there are many negative posts being made all the time on nicks... when it is being made by someone with 10 posts or someone with 2723 posts... it can prove quite the difference. it just shows a bit of credibility that this person has been around a while... i guess the join date also serves that purpose

i dont really care if we have them or not though..
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Post by Black_White »

An opinion is an opinion.
10 posts or 10,000 posts. Makes absolutely no difference to the validity of the opinion.
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