Is Cloke the best CHF in the league?

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Is Cloke the best CHF in the league?

Post by melliot »

I think Lyon made this statement on MMM during the game. "Best genuine CHF".

Other than his goal kicking, I thought he was pretty much one of the best.

On a day when the team was generally down, playing the best team in the comp, midfield free flowing ball didn't exist, but Clokey was outstanding. On top of that he was kicking straight! (maybe the "Bristler" has earn't his keep).

His tackling, and strength in the disputed contests is something to watch on its own.

Your thoughts.
Magpie Mustafa
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Post by Magpie Mustafa »

If he had kicked straight for most of the season, I believe he would be one of the best two or three..
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Post by quinny »

i have to admit i always was slightly skeptical as to how trav was claimed to be the "best of the clokes"...even when he was only 14, and jason was already playing good footy....and cam a big lump of a lad in waiting...

how right the observers where....

keep up the fantastic work trav!!
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Post by Wokko »

It's Wayne Carey v.2

A champion CHF is almost a prerequisite for a dynasty. He's still working on his kicking, but this blocke could be used in "Mick's Paddock" if he can kick goals to go along with everything else.
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Proud Pies
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Post by Proud Pies »

not only did Lyon say it (and i was unbelieving that those words could come out of his mouth) but the other commentators agreed with him.

So, based on that, he should be All Australian this year.
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stui magpie
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Post by stui magpie »

Pavlich, Hall and Brown all seem to be playing a lot closer to goal in the main whereas Trav does most of his work around the 50. So as far as a genuine running CHF, if he's not the best ATM he's in the top 3.

And he's only going to improve.
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Post by eddiesmith »

Yet so many wanted him gone earlier in the season with a few even claiming it as fact that he would be out the door at seasons end
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Post by westernpie »

Probaby the best at the moment.
But cant see him getting into the AA this year,though I might have a lazy $10 for the Brownlow next year.
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The Truth
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Post by The Truth »

No way he'll make the AA team, but I'm personally ecstatic at his progress.
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Post by melliot »

eddiesmith wrote:Yet so many wanted him gone earlier in the season with a few even claiming it as fact that he would be out the door at seasons end

Not I! (Or most (all) of the sensible posters on here!). While he was missing goals he was doing the hardest thing. "Getting the Pill"!

I claimed he was the next "Carey" before his 10th game.

Thought at worst he should be switched to CHB when he seemed a little out of touch.
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Post by Jace »

Not yet... But will be soon
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Post by Johnson#26 »

He's been simply awesome for much of this year, particularly since Anzac Day, and had he been kicking straight, we might be talking about an All-Australian shoo-in. If he keeps up his form, he should come close. Even a run on the AA bench is fine by me.
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Post by bazdaddy »

Most talk has been about Buddy Franklin, however if Cloke's goal kicking had been on target there would a hell of a lot more talk about T.Cloke.

There is no doubt that he is the best of the lot and is a very exciting prospect for the CFC.

Could well be one of the great CHF of the game.
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Post by DaVe86 »

He's in the top 5 going around based on form at the moment. In a few years when he really develops he could be one of the best
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Post by ad4eva »

i believe hes probably the fourth best.
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