VFL Round 12

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Dark Beanie wrote:....Re. B&W Lions question...Glover definately needs more help down back but also the ball was rebounding out of the Pies forward line way too easy.
Thanks Dark Beanie. Purcell and Silvagni might not be best suited to the lead I understand but yeah I'm looking for someone to stand up tall in defence to help our young inexperienced team out. Those are the only 2 talls on our longer list I could find who aren't injured on in the AFL. Sofrinidis injured. Eyre playing KF for whatever grand plan all the while our team is under sized, under siege and up against it from the first bounce.

the longest straw I can draw is that Fly wants the VFL to play under adversity and to train them to never give up. Success breeds success so this straw is obviously far from the mark too.

But help me, if we've got fit and available talls on the list, why wouldn't we play them on KFs instead of 5'8" VFL plodders trying their guts out. The oppo KFs are taking clear marks out in front.
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