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Post by Magpietothemax »

[quote="lazzadesilva"]Had to laugh, BT, JB etc making excuses for the scum loss citing soft tissue injuries
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Post by Jezza »

No one shits the bed better than this club...
Not enough one touch footballers to win a flag.
We are nowhere near this level.

We’re just not good enough.
What's frustrating is the swans don't even look great.
Collingwood and Essendon* will be feeling pretty good
Bar the first 15 min we haven't had a crack at all. Like with the injuries we had conceded before then start and gave up. Disappointing.
grundy has destroyed pitto's tap work, and that's been the end of us.

if we don't get first use of the ball, we're not a very good footy team.

we've lost 7% and are out of the 8 after this weekend.
Training drill.

A pathetic and embarrassing effort.
Plenty of players getting named but how about the coach.

Is he actually any good?
Good result for most teams in the competition
Unfortunately, with the injuries we have to play underdone players too. 14 blokes unavailable. Lost Weitering and blokes in there still needing match condition.

Sadly, I think we conceded before we started and hence the attitude totally stunk.
Heaney: “They’re up there with the premier sides in the competition.”

@#$%&! off idiot.
Heeney trolling these losers :lol:
Good news, last time Swans won 9 of first 10 was in 1945, and we all know what happened that year!
I love the delusional optimism :lol:
17 bounces to 0... effin lol
Blame injuries all you want, that was piss weak.
I thought the smaller ground might suit us cos we're slow.

@#$%&! Papleys got a rude head.
What a dumpster fire, also everyone around us will get a % booster this round. Yikes.
We were never going to beat Sydney in Sydney but some of our selection are dumb
Voss needs to take a good look at himself it seems to me he wants all the same type of players
most side have variety of different types but Voss wants plodders one paced I honestly think we won’t
play finals this year till he changes things up
I’ll be surprised if we win one of the next 3.

That was horrible to watch
What a shocker. I knew we were going to get run ragged with our 'land of the giants' strategy but not that bad. I didnt expect to not stick a tackle for most the night.
The club need to be smart here and brave. We are miles off and have been chasing our tail since our terrible pre season.
I would look at a strategy that has us as fit and fresh as we can be with players back for the last 8-10 rounds. It will cost us a few wins in the next month. We are still a slight chance to make the finals. Just need to be clever about it.
Injuries are an excuse but I still can’t see this list winning a premiership.

Top end is great but don’t have enough quality at the bottom end. We rely too much on our better players.

Not enough overlap run to be a serious contender. The Sydney runners tore us apart.
Longmire and his team are the best in the business and proved that again tonight.
They shepherded our attacking mid (mostly Cripps) at the centre bounces and held him back away from the stoppages and first possession all night and our coaches didn’t have a clue. Our one wood as negated and once again it proved we had no plan B. Just embarrassing from a group of experts.
You come up against a side that has 17 players play every game and another 3 only missed 1 and 2 more only missed 2.

You are going nowhere until you have a consistent team playing together for an extended period of time.
I think we gave that one up pretty easily tonight. Mentally it has been a tough 5 weeks trying to beat the best week in, week out with half the side out. Not to mention some blokes that are in still underdone. Tonight, we mentally crashed.

Wish we got the draw against the Pies. 2 1/2 out of 5 in that hard run, given the circumstances, would have been more than acceptable.
We're kidding ourselves if we believe injuries are our biggest issue...
It's the Crows game for me. That one shits me.
Gave it up tonight
The Recruitment of Fantasia would have to be one of the Worst we ever made!
to think we were a premiership fave early on

this is the impact the injuries have had on us, and will continue to have on us

but we also, from the bits i saw, played like we had given up after the first quarter. the mindset was really poor, leading to stupid plays, dumb kicks and so many missed tackles

this team are still a bunch of headcases

when we have the last two coleman medallists and one is in the backline says the coach is putting band aids on bullet wounds as well. thats almost conceding defeat, particularly when our small forwards are totally useless

i did sense that as soon as weiters got hurt in the first quarter, the swans woke up and realised we were then going to struggle, and we gave up

would love to be a fly on the wall in the changerooms after this

a bolton and teague like performance
You simply can't play 20mins of good footy in the first qtr and then resemble witches' hats from that point on. The Swans were far, far too good from that point and rightly deserve the comfortable win as well as premiership favoritism right now. Not sure what's going on with our tackling, but clearly, they cannot hold one or successfully execute an acceptable amount required effectively. We let the Swans loose far too often on the outside of the contest and they took advantage multiple times to stream forward with speed and make us pay. We turned the ball over and failed to protect the ball on the rare occasion we got it in a offensive position. Was it wet? Nup, just horrific handling.
Of course, when the last thing we needed was ANOTHER injury, especially to a KPP, we get one in Weitering. The fact is our injury list is ridiculous and its now just got bigger.
Well done Swans!
Not much else to say, except I quiver with massive fear that we will just fall in a heap and have a disastrous rest of the season. I hope I am wrong, but there are major red flags going on here.
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Post by Jezza »

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Post by think positive »

Hehehethanks Jezza, brilliant! See you tomorrow xx
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Post by Jezza »

^ See you there
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Post by Clifton Hill-Billy »

Delicious reading Jezza
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Post by piedys »

Jezza wrote:BigFooty (Carlton)...
Allow me to console the Spitters with constructive criticisms...
Wash our hands and move on to the Suns.
And hope they declare at 3/4-time
Our absolute limit is where we finished last year.
No, you've confused that with over-achieving
If I see one player of ours laughing with the opposition I’ll throw up.
Get some paper bags from Pigsarse park, because they laugh AT you, not WITH you. You may commence barfing...
Putrid. That is all the energy I am wasting on that "effort"
Fear not; Jezza and Nicks will pick up the slack here...
They are the best team in the league atm so I expected a loss, but they wiped the floor with us.
And that makes you special?
Also not convinced we have the best coaching group either.
That could be justifiably argued....
Can’t complain too much. We are a premiership team having a bit of bad luck.
Urrr... No, WE are a premiership team having a bit of bad luck, but still finding ways to win. You lot are frauds.
Chad Warner made fools of us.

Our fixture doesn’t get any easier. Next three weeks to the bye could be a train wreck.
Life at the top's cruel isn't it?
Is Weitering really that important to our system?
Yup, headless chooks without him. Cluck-cluck.
Off to the Flight Centre website - some really good September specials have opened up.
Ask for volume discounts - you'll get the numbers i'm sure...
Hell, reckon they'll even charter some flights in bulk for yas.
We got spanked good & proper.

Credit to Sydney, they totally owned us.

Not happy.

Vodka time.
Hit the bottle Comrade; it's what your players do.
Couldn’t name a player that won his position tonight.

That’s pretty damning.

More vodka I say.
I can; but they all played for Sydney. Bottoms up Comrade!
Had such high hopes for this year. The talent we have shouldn't be putting in these performances.
And yet they do; and the season is over in May already?
We are a mile off premiership contention. Maybe this list is at best a lower half of the top 8.
Not to be picky, but... correcting your typo - "Maybe this list is at best a top half of the lower 8"
Playing a game style that will not win a flag.
If it ain't broke - don't fix it...
i50s last 3 weeks"
vs Coll: 38-64
vs Dees: 41-61
tonight: 49-60
Good consistent numbers. Like.
Embarrassing performance that
17 still a while away
Well, yours anyhoo...
Time for my high level analysis of the game.

That was s**t!!!!!!!!!
They played with us.
No - you played with yourselves.
Gold Coast suddenly look terrifying and then Port away the week after, then Essendon who are second.
Gotta love reality checks. Be afraid; be VERY afraid.
It was a nice 6 months... but honestly looking like we are back in the wilderness again
Grab your coat and woollies; it's cold out.
It’s panic stations if we dont win the next 2 out of 3
Get there early and prepare for Armageddon.
Fantasia should announce his retirement effective immediately.
He has offered absolutely nothing and has absolutely nothing left to offer.
Has no leg speed, fumbles when the ball hits the ground, can't hold tackles and repeatedly misses the extremely rare set shots on goal that he gets.
And you wonder why two clubs let him go out of the goodness of their own hearts?
Please no more fantasia!
Ummm no... you dragged the poor bloke across the border to make his life a misery, so keep playing him until he seeks counselling...
Are we anywhere near this mob even with our best side?
No; you don't have one.
A devastating defeat. I knew this game was going to be a tough one, but i did expect us to give an account of ourselves at the very least.
But you did give an account of yourselves; sadly 'twas but a crap one.
We've just got to pick up the pieces and get some wins on the board pretty quickly.
May not looking promising; better luck in June.
This was a major test for us with regards to our top four credentials, and we flunked it pretty badly. A sobering result really with hardly any positives to take from it.
Can alcoholics process sobering results?
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Post by lazzadesilva »

Anonymous scum supporter on radio this morning “We will be back in the saddle very soon and get going again”. Bloody hard to do when your horse has bolted
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Post by think better »

Still one of my favourite reads!
Thanks for pulling this together.
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Post by Damien »

The Carlton family is about to have more misery due to off field issues
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Post by lazzadesilva »

You beauty
I term the current Collingwood attack based strategy “Unceasing Waves” like on a stormy and windy day with rough seas. A Perfect Storm ☔️
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Post by Damien »

SOS. That’s all I’m saying.
'Collingwood are the Bradmans of Football'
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Post by Pies4shaw »

Wrong thread.
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Post by David »

Better start cranking this one up again, by the looks of things...
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From big footy

Mentally shit.
All those campaigners who showed up in the last quarter should be ashamed of themselves.
go pies
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