Brief training report

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Brief training report by warburton lad
Wednesday 16th January


jolly, Reid, fasolo, Cloke, ball, young, Goldsack, Dale Thomas, Keefe, Grundie, Toovey.Gault.

These guys worked with Hahn who had trouble keeping them in line as they were pretty high-spirited.
Ball and Young ran lap after lap and both look in great nick, particularly Ball who my female friend described as “chiselled”!!

Good to see Daisy finally out of the ‘moonboot’. He was very encouraging.


the remainder of the group worked well.

Didak lovers rejoice- he looked very much at ease with his fitness and health and was highly encouraging of his teammates as was his old buddy Johnno.

The Caff looked great. Certainly up for Round one return.

Witts worked with Ben Hudson and showed how much he has learned in twelve months on the list.-promising lad who will get a go in NAB Cup.

Nathan Brown. Looked amazing. Drew gasps from spectators when he removed his shirt after the match practice.

Josh Thomas. Yep. He is a good player, wins his own ball and makes good decisions.

Swan, Pendlebury and Beams; the Holy Trinity are ready to go in 2013.

Sidebottom trained well and every time Pendles got the pill, Sidey would yell out “here skipper”. He may have been taking the piss, or maybe he knows something.

HeathShaw and H-Bomb were awesome and set a good, aggressive example for the newbies.

Kennedy-most impressive. Has the ability to break away with a turn of pace. Another Nickster compared him to Tony Francis. On what I saw today, this is a fair ocomparison.

Broomhead and Richmond are very athletic. Seedsman looks to have bulked up and yet, has retained his skills.

The emphasis at training was long-ball use today. Players being bypassed with kicks over their head to leading targets and players streaming toward goal. The Q-Stick was a key player in this drill.

Hudson will be an acquisition for the Pies this year. I can see him playing important mentoring role with our young talls and he gives the impression of being a respected member of the group already.

Maxwell continues to show ENORMOUS leadership on the track. The amount of times he gets around his teammates and gives them a pat on the back or a word of encouragement is something to be seen. We are blessed to have him.

The senior coach appears to have a more observation role this year. Last year he was very intense and involved himself closely in every play. Today he was more of a watching role.
Still has an aura about him and seems more relaxed after twelve months in the gig.

I don’t expect miracles in NAB Cup as many are on the road to recovery from injury.

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