Nick Maxwell plays a vital role for Collingwood

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By Dave Harding

maxwellFormer Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell plays a vital role for the Collingwood Football Club, a role that has seen him maligned not only by opposition fans but Collingwood fans alike. Maxwell when he became captain, became the general not only of the backline but an on-field leader that the club could be proud of.

When Maxwell runs onto the ground and until he runs off that field he’s mind is always on leading the players, now that job is Scott Pendlebury’s but he still remains a vital cog in the Collingwood machine going forward. Maxwell will never be known as the greatest player to ever wear the black and white stripes but is far from the worst.

When he went down with an injury against the Cats the commentators spoke of how vital he was to the young Collingwood backline, and when he came back on he was vital in keeping things together for the Magpies. Last week he was also lurking around the backline doing the one percenters and spoiling, taking marks and doing his role well.

Jack Frost may have had the most important role this week and last week, and done them well but Nick Maxwell was the voice, the experience that drove home the defence. Even though the Magpies were unable to beat the Cats, they put up a brave fight.

You only have to listen to Maxwell speak and watch him in action in past seasons as a captain to see his worth to the side, is he as important as a Cloke, Pendlebury, Swan, or Frost? No he’s not. But his experience and his knowledge as a past leader is still something the Collingwood players need going forward.

Supporters often only take notice of the stats count, even though his stats aren’t the best they are still not the worst out there. As Maxwell’s career slowly comes to an end, there’s many positions that could be good for Maxwell.

Some at the club have believed that Nick Maxwell would make a great CEO one day, but maybe Maxwell could become an assistant to the coaches as a motivational speaker. For now Maxwell will be a vital part of the Collingwood’s defence until he hangs up his boots.

After the game against Geelong Nick Maxwell was in a moon boot after rolling his ankle, on Seven’s Game Day Luke Ball suggests that it was just precautionary. It could be that Maxwell will be missing for the Pies against the Tigers Friday Night, Sam Dwyer could be joining him as an out with injury.

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