Peter Daicos



Previous Club:
Debut: 1979
D.O.B: 20/09/1961
Height: 184
Weight: 84
CFC Games: 250
Career Games: 250
Career Goals: 549
Career Span: 1979-'93




Collingwood Hall of Fame First XVIII

Team of the Century

Collingwood Life Member

1990 Premiership

Copeland Trophy 1982, 1988

Leading goalkicker 1981, 1982, 1990, 1991

Vice captain 1990-'91

Special award for services to the club 1985

Reserves best and fairest 1979





Magpie Legends: Peter Daicos

Everybody admires the sports star that is capable of producing their best under the most extreme pressure at critical moments of the game. The Quarterback who throws the "hail Mary" pass in the dying seconds of the game for the winning touch down. The slugger who smashes the ball into the bleachers when it is bases loaded at the bottom of the 9th inning with his team behind to win the game. The man who
sinks the big 3 pointer basket with seconds on the clock to lead his team to victory.

Every sports person dreams of producing this type of performance in the white heat of battle, at the vital moment, when their team needs it most, but the reality is that most will not, and the few that do perform these heroics will most likely do it once or twice, or if they are very lucky, a handful of times in their career.

Peter Daicos (the great Australian footballer) produced these magical moments almost on a weekly basis.

Such was his match winning abilities, Peter Daicos became the most feared and loved sportsman of his generation.
The Peter Daicos story begins in the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy on the 20th of September 1961 where to Stamko and Milka Daicos a son was born. The Daicos family had immigrated to Australia in the early 1950's from the patriotic Macedonian village of Banica in the Lerinsko region of Aegean Macedonia. The Daicos/Daicov clan are a large prominant family that have dispersed to Australia, Canada, USA and the Republic of Macedonia..

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Greatest Individual Performance:

The Greatest Individual Performance: Peter Daicos

What is the greatest individual performance you have ever seen a Collingwood player produce.
Was it Licca's 40 possessions on enemy territory playing on Josh Francou in the 2002 QF?
Was it Peter Moores stupendous Elimination Final performance demolishing Gary Dempsey in a BOG display in 1980?
Maybe Phil Carmans 11 majestic goals against St Kilda at Moorabbin in 1975 grabs your imagination?
Possibly John Greenings 6 goals ruck roving against Carlton at Princess Park 1969 does it for you? (MG's favourite!)
How about Ron Todds 11 goal hauls in two consecutive preliminary finals in the late 1930's? (You would have to be an old timer to have seen these gems)
Who could blame you if you were inspired by any number of Nathan Buckley's 35+ possession games?
What is the greatest individual performance I have ever seen?
That is easy.
I know, I know, I go on about Peter Daicos way too much, but this one particular performance is rarely talked about strangely enough, but it was pure Daicos magic and it is worth retelling here...

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