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Sponsors BBQ Report

Sponsors BBQ Report - fan4collingwood
18 Oct 2004

Firstly, I must say thankyou to Nicks for giving myself and Mr J, who never behaves, the wonderful opportunity to attend the Sponsors BBQ on Saturday Morning.

We were on table Number 1 of course, as we are the Number 1 Sponsor Group!! Shacks wasn't there as he had a game to play at Williamstown, so we were dissapointed not to meet him.

Mark Mcgough was sitting with us, discussing his plans over the 6 weeks they have for the break after the Carlton game.

Scott Burns was the MC, and Nathan Buckley was the interveiwer as Scotty Cummings thought his work at SEN [??] was more important than the Sponsors. [dig dig]

One player just might pop the question when he is holidaying in Hawaii with his lovely lady. A lot of the younger ones have planned a trip to Bali for the break. A few of the interstaters are going back to see their parents and families.

There was around 15 to 20 players there, and that included high profile players.

After the BBQ we had a tour of Lexus, and my god it is WONDERFUL!!!!

Mr J told Bucks to get out of the shower as we went past the players showers, and that made a few ladies get whiplash looking around, and he was not behaving surprisingly enough. He was joking, no one was in the Showers. But the players were in their lounge, playing pool on the Black and white pool table. A pinball machine and Boxes and boxes of fruit as well. A huge bowl of snakes that a certain misbehaving fella couldn't resist.

All in all a very privledged and happy day.

When we are sponsoring a player for next year, lets try for 2 or 3 so we can get a few people at the Sponsors BBQ, it was fantastic!!!!