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The Inner Sanctum

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:48 pm
Post subject: The Inner SanctumReply with quote

A story of lust, lies and revenge... and the Collingwood Football Club.

Disclaimer: I apologise in advance for anything I might have written that adversely effects anyone or portrays them in a less than fabulous light. This is, after all, fanfiction.

The Inner Sanctum

Chapter One

Holly stared down the aisle. If she could just get past the confectionary section, all would be right in her world. She wouldn’t have to do an extra hour on the treadmill the next day, with Saskia, her Russian personal trainer, yelling in her ear about how many calories she’d have to burn to fit into that new dress. It was just a matter of saying NO to herself; firmly and decisively. Easy, right?
It was half past nine on a Sunday night. The household had run out of milk, and of course, Holly, the only one of the three with a licence, let alone a car, had been harangued into going to buy some more. Groaning, as she’d just gotten comfortable on the couch in a pair of her favourite tracksuit pants, Goonies t-shirt and moccos, she’d dragged her butt to Coles, and was now rueing the day she took up early morning coffee consumption. What possessed the first person to discover milk, to want to squeeze a cow’s udders and drink what comes out of them? Holly pondered, as she made her way toward the milk freezers, refusing point blank to even glance at the Cadbury display to her right. It’s almost pornographic, if you think about it…
Finally, she was past the danger zone. Sighing with relief, she made a mental note to return to the registers via the next aisle over. There was a good chance she wouldn’t be tempted to ruin her diet on a tin of sardines or tomato and onion tuna snack pack!
But as she pulled a three litre bottle of milk from the top crate in the freezer, her eye caught something just as naughty as the dreaded chocolate munchies – chocolate mousse desserts!
Her mouth dropping open in a mixture of horror and desire, Holly considered calling Saskia the Russian personal trainer and putting off tomorrow’s workout session. She could fake a cold, right? Being vertically challenged, she had to stand on tiptoes to reach the dessert section. Just as she was thinking the staff at Coles had planned the shelving just to make fun of short people, she saw a hand close over the carton she was reaching for.
‘That was mine!’ she started to say, in protest, and turned to give the chocolate mousse poacher a piece of her mind. But when she saw the ridiculously tall, athletic, dark-haired spunk with dimples you could park your bike in, standing right behind her, Holly was struck dumb. Literally.
‘Here’ he said, smiling. ‘I thought you were having trouble, there. It must suck to be so short’.
Holly opened her mouth to give a witty reply, say thank you, say something, but nothing came out. His brown eyes had a mischievous glint in them. It was as though they had her in a trance. She wasn’t normally like this – tongue-tied, that is. Under normal circumstances, she would have fired off something incredibly witty like… well, she couldn’t even think of anything remotely witty, right now! What was wrong with her?
‘Thanks’ she muttered finally, blushing and taking the carton from him. Their fingers brushed briefly, and she managed to take her mind off the way her skin tingled at his touch by marvelling silently at the size of his hands. They were huge – like a couple of baseball mitts! They fit all the way around the carton of chocolate mousse – and that got Holly thinking about what else they could fit around. Which just made her cheeks burn, even more!
Staring down at her feet, she didn’t realise he hadn’t gone anywhere. When she looked up, he was still staring at her.
‘What?’ she said, ‘I said thank you’.
‘I know’ he replied, grinning. ‘I was just checking out… I mean, looking at your t-shirt. I love the Goonies! Where did you get it?’
‘There’s an online store you can order them from’ she blurted. ‘80’s I’ve also got one that says “Save Ferris”, from…’
‘Ferris Bueller’s Day off’ he finished for her. ‘I’ll have to check that website out’.
‘You do that’ said Holly, wanting to get out of there before she said something that made her sound incredibly desperate, like “What’s your name, I want your babies”.
He chuckled, not fazed at all by her attempt at brushing him off. ‘So…’ he said, ‘Are you planning on eating that all by yourself?’
Holly had almost forgotten she was holding the carton of chocolate mousse, which was as big as a two litre tub of ice-cream.
‘Uh, no’ she gulped. ‘It’s not for me, it’s for my flatmates. I’m on a… um, I’m in training’.
‘Oh, so am I’ he said, brightly. ‘Wow – another thing in common. What are you training for?’
‘A… a fun-run’ lied Holly. ‘Yeah, I’ve just started running, obviously, I’m not super-fit or anything. Which is why I have to stay away from stuff like this’. She wrinkled her nose at the mousse; then looked back up at him. Please believe the lie, she thought. Above all else, don’t laugh!
‘You should come down to Gosch’s Paddock sometime’ he was saying. ‘That’s where I train. I play footy. We could run together, afterward, if you want a training partner’.
She stared up at him, gob-smacked. The thought of running alongside (or preferably – and let’s face it, more likely - behind) his gorgeousness was enough to make her mouth go dry and her heart pound.
‘Okay’ her mouth said before her brain could back out. ‘When?’
‘How’s tomorrow morning sound? I finish around 11.30’.
‘Tomorrow it is, then’.

‘Oh my freaking God’ breathed Holly’s flatmate Stephanie. ‘You do know who trains at Gosch’s Paddock, right?’
‘No. Who?’ asked Holly, as she spooned a liberal helping of mousse into her bowl; then remembering she was actually going jogging with a real athlete the next morning, put half back.
‘Collingwood; you dimwit! The Pies! The AFL team?!’ Steph shook her head in amazement. ‘Gee, you really don’t get out much, do you?’
‘So I’m not big on sport’ said Holly, defensively. ‘So what?’
‘So… did he tell you his name?’
Holly’s mouth dropped open. ‘He did. I know he did. I just… can’t remember it! God, I am so mentally challenged’.
Holly’s other flatmate, the far more worldly Tori, sauntered into the kitchen and smirked. ‘Too busy staring into his eyes to get his first name, Hols? Really, that’s not like you’.
‘Actually’ chuckled Steph, ‘It totally is’.
‘I know’ said Tori, rolling her eyes. ‘I was being sarcastic, doofus’.
‘So… do you think I should go?’ Holly asked them. ‘I mean… he’ll totally know I lied. I hate running, in all its forms! I don’t think anyone should run unless they’re being chased’.
‘Of course you should go – are you nuts?’ Steph gasped. ‘What if he is a Collingwood player? Have you seen some of those guys?’
‘Did he get your name, at the very least?’ Tori asked, dipping a spoon into the carton of mousse. ‘That would be a start. It would show he was interested, beyond just wanting you to show up at training and look like his groupie’.
‘I’m not a groupie’ protested Holly. ‘Do you think they’ll think I’m a groupie?’
‘Who is they, exactly?’
‘The other players… I don’t know! Just whoever’s there’.
‘Maybe they’ll think you’re a WAG’ Steph suggested. ‘That wouldn’t be half bad’.
‘What; like you and Dale Thomas?’ teased Tori. ‘Like that’s ever gonna happen’.
‘Hey, a girl can dream’.
‘Hols’ said Tori, slinging an arm over her friends’ shoulders, ‘I might just come down and check out this bloke of yours, tomorrow’.
‘He’s not my bloke’ said Holly, blushing. Oh God, she thought, I wish!

Chapter Two

‘How am I meant to train with the guy if you two are hanging around me?’ laughed Holly, as she pulled into a parking space not far from Gosch’s Paddock. She had woken up extra early that morning to make sure she was looking her best, wearing what she considered her sexiest gym gear – a pair of yoga pants and a v-necked, form-fitting t-shirt with ¾ length sleeves that showed off her curves without revealing back-fat or tuck-shop arms. Her brown, wavy hair was tied back and she’d brushed her teeth a total of five times, just in case their training “date” turned into something more… fun!
‘Well, that’s where we’ll pretend we don’t know you’ Tori laughed. ‘We’re just along to watch the hot footy players go through their drills. If we happen to catch a glimpse of you and your… err, training partner, we’ll just ogle from afar. Promise’.
‘Oh, all right’ sighed Holly. ‘You can come’.
‘Yay!’ said Steph, clapping her hands. ‘Tor, you’ve got to take a photo of me and Dale…’
Holly waved to her friends and headed for the training oval. She could see the boys in the distance, dressed in orange tank tops and black shorts or tight-fitting leggings. She didn’t really care which her training partner would be wearing. Both looked like they left little to the imagination!
As the group of players jogged around the boundary, Holly did a few stretches to limber up for her own jog. It was the only part of the whole plan she didn’t care much for, but at least she’d get to see him – whatever his name was – and talk to him again. That was the main thing.
She spotted him as the group broke off into a bunch of smaller groups, and went through their individual drills. She’d never been much for sports, but she had to admit, it wasn’t hard to watch a bunch of blokes run around kicking an oddly shaped ball; lay tackles and line up for goal-kicking practice! Especially not when they were built like this lot! Holly had never seen so many muscles or bare male skin since her older sister dragged her to New Moon, the second movie in the Twilight saga!
He was lining up a shot on goal when she heard a voice behind her.
‘You should stand over by the goalpost and flash him’ Tori suggested. ‘Let’s see if he kicks straight, then’.
‘I thought you guys were going to go far, far away, and pretend you don’t know me’ Holly said, without turning toward them. ‘Go on, before he sees me – you… us… together!’
‘Is that your guy?’ Steph asked, staring out at the group standing thirty metres from the goal square. ‘The one kicking, now?’
‘Yes! Now go!’
‘That’s Darren Jolly’ Steph informed her. ‘Their ruckman’.
‘Whoa, Sugar!’ Tori whistled, sounding impressed. ‘Seriously, Hols, if you hadn’t seen him first, I’d be like, Come to Mama, Gorgeous’.
Holly laughed, still unable to take her eyes off the bloke who now had a name – Darren Jolly. His kick sailed arrow straight through the goals. She clapped, wanting to whistle, but not quite daring to!
‘Hey, if you guys ever get married, you’ll be Holly Jolly’ kidded Steph, before seeing the expression on her friend’s face. ‘Uh, Tor? I think we better get out of here’.

‘Hi… I wasn’t sure if you’d show up’.
‘I said I was going to, didn’t I?’ she replied. He was wearing one of their orange tank tops and black silky shorts that showed off his lean, muscular thighs. Holly tried not to gulp too loudly. He was even better looking in natural daylight than under the glaring fluorescent lighting of the supermarket. Simply put, the bloke would have made a Hessian sack the height of fashion with his tall, lean but athletic frame, broad shoulders and slim hips. Becoming aware that her eyes were on everything but his face, she forced herself to look up at him. And as before, that was no simple feat. But she didn’t mind. There was something about his height that was a complete and utter turn-on. What the hell, she thought. I suppose opposites do attract!
‘Yeah, you did’ he conceded. ‘And I’m glad you did’.
Holly felt her cheeks grow warm, and cleared her throat. ‘So are we going to train, or what?’
He laughed. ‘Don’t muck around, do you? Okay – what about we do some stretches first? Gotta warm up’.
You’re already hot, she thought, but thankfully didn’t say! No warming up, for you!
‘Okay… what do you guys do? To warm up, I mean?’
‘Jumping jacks, jog on the spot, burpees…’
‘Sort of like lunges’.
He grinned, his dimples doing her head in royally. ‘You sure you really want to do this? Pardon me for saying, but you don’t really look like the gym addict type’.
Holly blinked. Was he insulting her?
‘What are you saying?’ she managed to say without sounding like she was choking back tears.
‘I’m saying…I don’t want to run you into the ground! If you get tired, tell me’.
‘Do I really look that unfit?’
His jaw dropped as a light went on upstairs. ‘Oh… Shit, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean… I’m not saying…’ he thumped his forehead with the heel of his hand. ‘I didn’t mean I think you’re fat, or anything like that! Please don’t think that. You’re not fat, at all. You’ve got curves…. And I like that. I don’t think you should exercise so much that they disappear, that’s all’.
Holly felt her face burn, but in a good way! The idea that he’d been checking her out as much as she had him was both thrilling and unnerving.
‘Um… thanks. I think’.
‘Have you ever kicked a footy?’ he asked.
‘Uh… no?’
He grinned. ‘Well… I could teach you…’

Holly felt like she was experiencing déjà vu. Only this time, he was standing even closer behind her than he had been in Coles, and his large hands were over hers, showing her where to hold the ball when lining up for goal. His breath tickled the back of her earlobe and her neck, and she was acutely aware of the way certain parts of his body met hers as she leaned forward slightly.
‘That’s it’ he said. ‘You’ve got it. Now take a few steps forward and fire when you’re ready…’
Her first shot skimmed the goalpost and went through for a behind, but Holly didn’t care, because she was too psyched about how well things were going. Briefly wondering whether Tori and Steph were somewhere watching, she hazarded a glance around the boundary line while Darren was having a shot at goal, and spotted the two of them talking to a couple of players. Ah, good, she thought, relieved. At least they’re not watching us. I’d never hear the end of it!
‘Are those your friends?’
‘Those girls over there… do you know them?’
Holly bit her lip, and decided to go with the truth. ‘I live with them’ she said. ‘They’re both shocking perves. When I said I was coming here, they wanted to come and check you guys out’.
He laughed. ‘Don’t worry; it’s not exactly the first time that’s ever happened’.
‘You must get girls cracking onto you all the time’ she said; then wished she could take it back. ‘Being a footballer, I mean’ she added, quickly.
He shrugged. ‘Here and there. I’m not big on the nightclub scene though, so I don’t get out as much as some of my team mates’.
‘Have you… um… I mean, do you… have a girlfriend?’
He raised an eyebrow. ‘Do you think I’d have asked you here if I did?’
‘Probably not’ she admitted. ‘But I hardly know you. And there are some guys out there who would do that. How do I know you’re not one of them?’
He shrugged. ‘I suppose you don’t. You’ll just have to take my word for it that I’m a decent guy. Until I get the chance to prove it to you’.
Hello, Holly thought. Is he saying what I think he’s saying? Could he actually want to see me again?
‘So...’ she said, playfully, ‘How do you plan on proving it?’
He moved in closer and tilted her chin up with his finger, so that they were eye to eye.
‘Well, for starters’, he said, one corner of his luscious full lips turning up in a smirk, ‘I never kiss on the first date. Call me old-fashioned’.
‘Is this a date?’
‘Well, no… but I was planning on asking you out on a proper date. How do the movies, Thursday night, sound?’
Holly, entranced again by his pretty eyes, nodded. ‘Okay’. Actually, better than okay, she thought. Bloody brilliant!
‘Just okay?’
She managed a grin of her own. ‘Well, you did say you never kiss on a first date’.

Chapter Three

‘I cannot believe you’.
Tori and Steph were facing off against each other over the island bench in the kitchen. ‘You knew I liked him; and you told him! How could you do that?’ Steph raged, her wide brown face flushed. ‘Now he thinks I’m some silly, love-struck fan-girl!’
Tori blinked. ‘But you are some silly, love-struck fan-girl. Face it, Steph. He’s way out of your league’.
‘And you’re a total bitch, you know that?’ Steph crumbled, tears streaming down her cheeks. ‘Just because you two are skinny, and guys like you…’
‘Guys like me?’ Tori interjected. ‘Steph, I haven’t had a date in months. We’re in the same boat, here’. She shot a look at Holly, who was sitting at the dining table, daydreaming as usual. It was Friday, the night before the Pie’s big game against Hawthorn, and their flat mate had just been on a date with the sort of guy Tori and Steph only got to dream about. They’d gone to see Scott Pilgrim, and out for coffee afterward. Even though there had been no kissing (according to a very frustrated Holly), there had been plenty of handholding, and meaningful looks. Tori envied Holly so much it was almost painful. She’d managed to check out some of the other players, and one in particular had caught her eye. He was tall; muscly without having bigger tits than her; and the way he ploughed into the middle of a pack to take a mark during the drills turned her into a puddle of lust. She had to find out who he was without telling Steph, who would ruin it for her, just to get revenge for the Dale Thomas thing. Tori watched her flat mate storm into her bedroom and slam the door behind her. Evidently the truth hurt more than she’d meant it to. She bit her lip, and turned back to Holly.
‘Mate’ she said, grinning. ‘Back to reality, here, okay? I need your help’.
Holly jumped, startled. ‘Huh?’
Tori laughed. ‘You’re hopeless. You’ve been floating around on cloud nine since last night! I take it there’ll be a second date?’
Holly nodded. ‘And he’s invited all three of us to the game tomorrow! If we meet him at the Westpac Centre, a couple of hours before the game, he’ll hand over the tickets. What do you say; are you interested?’
Tori grinned. ‘Of course I’m interested!’
Holly narrowed her green eyes at her friend. ‘You’ve got your eye on someone, haven’t you? I know that look’.
Tori played innocent. ‘Who me? Nah. Just going for another perve. You know me’.
‘Yeah, right’ Holly laughed. ‘Well, if you play your cards right, Darren might even introduce him to you, whoever he is’.
‘Wow’ Tori teased. ‘You’re already talking like you two are a couple’.
‘No I’m not!’ protested Holly, turning red. ‘Anyway… how can we be a couple when he hasn’t even kissed me yet? I’m dying here, Tor! He’s so sexy, he drives me nuts’.
Tori laughed. ‘It’ll happen. Give it time. He’s obviously an old-fashioned guy. It’s sweet, actually’.
‘Sweet schmeet’ Holly grumbled. ‘I want smoochies!’


Maria was getting ready to see her first client for the morning shift at the club she’d spent most of her life barracking for. She couldn’t believe she’d actually been employed as an assistant to the club doctors and physiotherapists. She wasn’t even all the way through her own degree in sports medicine. And now, at least according to her friends, she had the best job in the world. She got to lay her hands on some of the fittest male bodies she’d ever seen outside of GQ or Playgirl magazine, on a daily basis!
There was only one problem with her current scenario. Her boyfriend, Greg, wasn’t very happy with her new job. To say he’d been less than supportive was an understatement. She was really beginning to resent his attitude. If he’d own up and tell her he was jealous of all the time she was spending with younger, hotter and fitter men, she’d at least be able to understand where he was coming from. But he acted as though he didn’t give a shit what she did, unless she was home in time to cook his dinner. It was getting beyond a joke.
She was beginning to get so aggravated just thinking about her home situation that she didn’t realise she was practically throwing things around, until a small bottle of Betadine from the first aid kit dropped on the floor and smashed.
‘Oh, shit’ she mumbled, grabbing a towel and wiping up the mess before the stuff stained the tiles. Sweeping up the glass with a broom and shovel, she didn’t hear someone come in.
‘Gee, you could just quit if you don’t like your job. You don’t have to throw stuff around’.
Maria jumped at the sound of his voice, and the low, throaty chuckle that followed. Standing up, she faced Alan Didak and smirked.
‘Very funny. And why would I hate my job?’
He grinned and her heart leapt into her throat. Don’t go there, said a voice in her head. He’s practically married – like you – and she’s gorgeous. He wouldn’t… and neither should you!
‘Good point. If I got to massage cute netball players all day I can’t see how I’d be complaining’ he conceded.
‘It’s not always just massage, though’ she told him. ‘It’s a fair bit of first aid, and manipulation, which is hard – have you ever tried to put a dislocated shoulder back into place? It’s not all play, all the time, you know’.
‘Yeah, right’ he replied, winking.
‘So what can I help you with, today?’ she asked, putting on her professional mask.
‘I think I copped a corkie to the thigh at training’ he said. ‘Right here.’ He reached out and took her hand, putting it on the inside of his leg. Maria knew she should pull away, but didn’t. She met his dark eyes with a challenging look of her own. ‘Alan…’ she began to say; then changed tack. ‘How did you manage that?’
He shrugged. ‘Blame Leroy. We were doing tackling drills and he landed on me. I’ll tell you something for nothing – that bloke weighs a tonne’. He rubbed his thigh. ‘I’m gonna have me a bitch of a bruise, I reckon’.
Maria managed a half smile. ‘You tackled him, or he tackled you?’
‘I tackled him. Why?’
‘He’s twice your size! What do you expect?’
‘Hey! Not exactly’ Alan protested. ‘I’m not the shortest player going around! Check Blairy out. I reckon you’d be taller than him’.
‘I’m almost taller than you’ Maria reminded him.
‘I know’ said Alan, with a wicked twinkle in his eye. ‘What can I say; I like a chick who doesn’t need to wear heels to look me in the eye’.
Maria gulped. Was he coming onto her? Why would he do that? She was almost ten years older than him. She had a daughter who was nearly in high school, for Christ sakes! What could he possibly want with someone like her, when his girlfriend looked like a model, and very probably was one?
‘You’re blushing’ he pointed out.
‘No I’m not’ said Maria, turning away from him. ‘It’s just… warm in here’.
‘Uh-huh. Whatever you reckon’.
She wanted to hate the way he could twist her stomach in knots and then laugh at the result, but the truth was, she liked it. She hadn’t felt this way about a bloke since… since she met Greg. They both had the same way of teasing her, the same twinkle in the eye. Only Alan was an elite footy player, and her partner of eleven years was an unemployed builder’s labourer. He’d once had the toned muscles and flat stomach of a bloke who worked outdoors for a living, but not anymore. She could barely remember the last time they’d had sex that lasted longer than a minute and a half before he rolled off and fell asleep.
‘Maria, are you okay? Did I say something wrong?’
‘No. I’m fine’ she said, willing her heart to stop pounding against her sternum. Filling a syringe with a large gauge needle to the brim with cortisone, she turned around and brandished the evil looking device. Alan’s face went from tan to chalky in milliseconds. ‘What are you going to do with that?’
‘Well, just in case you’ve bruised the muscle…’
‘Oh no, you’re not coming anywhere near me with that!’ he said, hopping off the table in record time. ‘Um… I think I’ll go have a hot shower. Yeah, that’ll work’.
Maria watched him bolt out the door and sighed with a mixture of relief and regret.
If he does come back, she thought, it’ll be because he really wants to.

Next time on The Inner Sanctum…

Will Maria do the dirty with Dids?
Will Holly get her wish, and suck face with Jols?
And just what is Steph up to?

A Pie for Life.
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Wrangler Scorpio

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:53 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

ROFL yeah nice work Mel! haha
****Now i've never had a type 'cause i know what i like some variety now and then... Bad Boys, Good Guys, Tattoo's, Black Ties... Always up for anything!****
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:50 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

I hope so... admittedly really only writing this for something new to add to Chick's Channel cos no one's been in here for ages, but it would be nice to get some feedback about who I should write into the story, or possible plot ideas...

having said that, here's the next few chapters.

Chapter Four

Steph boiled with indignation. How dare Tori tell Dale she liked him? That had been the most embarrassed she’d ever been, and Steph had had some humiliating incidents in her life before this. She kept seeing the way Dale had tried to make out he wasn’t totally freaked out by the concept and had smiled at her like she was a twelve year old with a crush, and told her he was sorry, but he had a girlfriend. Steph had glared at Tori and left the two of them standing there, preferring the company of the seagulls on the boundary to her former good friend and flatmate.
She’d tried to talk to Holly about her situation (being boyfriendless, fat and still a virgin at the age of twenty-three) but her other supposed good friend was too busy mooning over her date with Jolly, to help her come up with a way to get even with Tori. Besides, she was more than likely to stick up for Tori and try to discourage Steph from doing anything that might destroy the harmony back at the house. Holly was all for keeping the peace.
I guess it’s up to me then, Steph thought. Watch out, Tori… you’re going to regret making me look like a pathetic fan-girl! But the question is… how?

The answer came to her sooner than she expected. As she walked into the kitchen on Saturday morning, she noticed Tori’s stationery set – lilac with darker purple flowers – sitting on the phone table with a couple of random phone numbers written on the top page, with “Mum’s new mobile” scrawled in Tori’s handwriting. Steph bit her lip. Looking around her to see if either of her flat mates was on the brink of leaving their bedrooms, she ripped a couple of sheets from the pad and stuffed them in the oversized pocket of her dressing gown. Grabbing a pen, she slipped back to the safety of her bedroom, and put part one of her devious plan in motion!

Holly led Tori and Steph to the front of the Westpac Centre around noon, wrapped in her favourite flattering black jumper and skinny jeans, her shoulder length hair freshly trimmed with added chocolate highlights. She couldn’t wait to see Darren, but at the same time she was dreading it. Her stomach had been in knots all morning, thinking about the way he’d stroked her hand at the cinema, sending shivers up her arm and down her spine and making her want to grab him and kiss him passionately, despite his no-snogging-on-the first-date rule. The more she thought about him, the more she built him up in her mind to the point where he couldn’t possibly live up to her lofty expectations. But he did. The second she spotted him coming out the doors of the Westpac Centre, dressed in a white Collingwood polo shirt and black tracksuit pants, her heart started racing.
‘I’m going to the Collingwood shop’ said Steph suddenly. ‘Won’t be long’.
Neither Tori or Holly heard her. They were too busy watching Darren approach. Which was just fine by Steph. They didn’t see her pass by Travis Cloke as he left the building; didn’t see her slip a lilac envelope into the front pocket of the backpack slung over his shoulder, as he stopped to let a couple of people pass. She made sure she went into the shop and bought a badge and a flag for the game, just so they wouldn’t ask questions, but they didn’t. When she rejoined her friends, Holly was away with the fairies and Tori was busy shit-stirring her about the colour of her face.
‘He kissed her on the cheek, and the poor girl died and went to heaven, right there’ she explained to Steph, who was impressed but had other things on her mind. ‘He even invited her out for drinks after the game’.
‘Ooh, you’ve got to go’ said Steph. ‘Get a few drinks into him, and he might loosen up’.
‘Yeah’ agreed Tori. ‘My ex was shy as when I met him, but after a few beers, he was like a totally different person. We spent all night sucking face on our first date’.
‘Half your luck’ said Holly, ruefully. ‘He better kiss me tonight, and I don’t just mean on the cheek!’
‘I didn’t see Travis’ said Tori, frowning. ‘I hope he’s playing today’.
Steph kept quiet. She didn’t want Tori knowing she’d seen Travis leave the Westpac Centre. If things went down the way they were supposed to, she didn’t want anyone to be able to put two and two together. No, everything had to go smoothly, or not at all.

Maria gasped – as did most of the rest of the crowd – as Didak took a mark and landed awkwardly on his shoulder. It didn’t look good, and he winced as he headed for the interchange gates. To her surprise, the club doctor gestured for her to go and help him, as he was busy with a concussed Sharrod Wellingham. The Pies were two goals up with five minutes to go until quarter time, and Didak was on fire, already having kicked two goals in as many minutes. They needed his influence out there.
‘I’m fine’ he tried to tell her, but she wasn’t having any of it.
‘I saw the way you landed’ she told him. ‘I’m betting most of Australia did. Let me look at your shoulder’.
‘I’m going back on’ he insisted. ‘Just try and stop me!’
She raised an eyebrow at him. ‘So you think there’s a chance I won’t let you go back on?’
He looked sheepish. ‘I don’t know. Oh all right…’ He pulled his jumper over his head with one arm, and shucked it aside. Maria tried to ignore the fact that he was standing half naked beside her – she was supposed to be a professional sports physiotherapist here, not a swooning schoolgirl – but she couldn’t help feel some butterflies! Getting to work on his shoulder, which turned out to be just bruised rather than dislocated, like she’d feared when she saw it happen, Maria strapped it up and sent him back out to the quarter time huddle, relieved that she’d managed to get through that little incident without blushing like last time. Maybe it was because he was so focused on the game, that he hadn’t had a cheeky comment saved up to hit her with. It seemed like he enjoyed watching her unravel, sometimes!

The last quarter was furious and fast-paced, and the Pies were down to three players on their interchange bench, with Sharrod Wellingham ruled too woozy to go back on after a clash with Shaun Burgoyne. Collingwood were up by three goals thanks to a snap near the boundary by Leon Davis, and the Hawks were perhaps sensing an opportunity lost, when one of their defenders slammed into Darren Jolly, knocking him off his feet. It was a clear free kick – and probably should have been a fifty metre penalty, but the umpire called play on, and the Collingwood-strong crowd went nuts, booing loudly. Holly’s jaw dropped in horror. Blood was streaming from Darren’s nose, and a cut on his cheek.
‘Those lousy bastards!’ raved Steph. ‘Jols didn’t deserve that!’
Leigh Brown obviously agreed, because he immediately went up and got in the defender’s face, flying the flag for his team mate, who still hadn’t gotten up.
‘Is he knocked out?’ Tori asked. ‘He hasn’t moved!’
Holly didn’t want to watch, but couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of goals. A couple of trainers had surrounded Darren so she couldn’t fully see what was going on. But finally, it looked like he was on his feet and was holding a towel up to his face.
‘He’s okay’ said Tori, noticing Holly’s distress. ‘Don’t worry about him; he’s a big boy, he can take it!’
From then on it was a Collingwood bloodbath – at least, metaphorically! The Pies were not happy with the treatment they were getting from the umpires, or the Hawks, and they were letting their opponents know about it – in the best way possible – on the score board! All the worries about their inaccuracies in front of goal during the year were put to rest as the Pies piled on four goals in the last ten minutes, courtesy of Dane Swan, Leroy, Jarryd Blair and unlikely as it sounds, Travis Cloke.
‘You should come out with us tonight and congratulate him in person’ said Holly, grinning, as the siren sounded on a Collingwood victory. ‘It might give him confidence going into the finals’.
Tori laughed, her cheeks going red. ‘Depends what you mean by congratulations. I know what I’d like to do, but I don’t want him to think I’m some kind of slack tart who’ll root anything in a Collingwood jumper’.
‘You don’t have to screw him. Just flirt with him’ Holly said, rolling her eyes. ‘Jeez. I need moral support, here! You have to come’.
‘But what if Jolly wants you all to himself?’ Tori asked, nudging her friend. ‘You don’t want me tagging along, surely’.
‘Actually, he might not feel like going out at all’ Steph pointed out. ‘He did get a pretty hard knock. And if his nose is broken, the doctors won’t want him to go out, anyway’.
‘So, he’ll stay in’ said Tori, suggestively. ‘And Holly will get to play Florence Nightingale’.
‘Oh don’t even go there’ said Holly, blushing madly. ‘He hasn’t even kissed me yet, and if his nose is broken, he won’t be feeling up to it. God, why is the universe conspiring against me?!’
Tori put an arm around Holly’s shoulders. ‘Don’t worry, Hols’ she said, with a sharklike grin. ‘There are plenty of other ways you can take his mind off the pain, besides kissing!’

Chapter Five

Travis Cloke had gone home after the win, anxious for a shower and a nice cold beer rather than dealing the crowds out at a pub or club. Things with his girlfriend, Bethany, were not going great and he planned to put in some quality time convincing her that they still belonged together. His mum and dad had gone out to give them some privacy and after a quick shag, Trav jumped in the shower.
Bethany chose that moment to look through his bag. She’d had a feeling for a while that he’d been preoccupied, but with what, she had no idea. When she found a purple envelope in his bag, her heart leapt into her throat, and she had to read it. Thankfully, the slag who’d given it to him hadn’t sealed it, and Bethany was able to open and read the letter without ruining the envelope.

Dear Travis, it read,
That day in the park after training was so amazing, I get wet just thinking about it. I’ve never had a man like you before, and I can’t wait until we can be together again. Any time; any place, baby. I’m yours.

Tori xoxo

Bethany felt the blood drain from her face. Who the f**k was this Tori bitch? Torn between not wanting Travis to know she’d gone snooping through his bag, and wanting to confront him with his infidelity, Bethany was at a loss for what to do. So when she heard the shower being turned off, she did the first thing that came into her head – she stuffed the letter into the envelope. But instead of putting it back in his bag, she instead hid it in one of the pockets of her voluminous tote. Let him freak out when he found it gone. She didn’t much care. She would get to the bottom of it all; find the author of the letter eventually, but right now, all she wanted to do was cry… and vent!

Holly met Darren outside the rooms after the team gathered for their post match meeting. The gash across his cheek had been sealed with steri-strips and a beige splint crossed the bridge of his nose. Bruising had started to stain the area below both eyes, but somehow he still managed to look like a dead-set spunk. Or maybe it’s just me, Holly thought, as he put an arm around her shoulders. It has been a while between drinks, after all! Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see…
‘Thanks for waiting for me’ he said. ‘Where are your friends?’
‘Oh, Tori’s gone to the merchandise shop and Steph’s in the loos’ she explained. ‘I take it you’re not going out, now?’
He shook his head; then winced. ‘The doc says I shouldn’t drink with the pain pills I’m on’ he said. ‘But we can still do something. I’m hungry – what about we all go out for a late dinner?’
Holly bit her lip. As much as she liked her friends, she spent enough time with them already. She just wanted to be alone with him. How could she make him see that, without sounding like a whiny, ungrateful bitch?
‘I… don’t know if Steph will be that hungry’ she said, remembering back to half time. The girl could put away food like no one else Holly knew, but two hotdogs and a cup of chips in the space of two hours was pushing it. ‘She had a fair bit to eat during the game. I could ask them, I suppose…’
Darren managed a grin despite the mess his face was in. ‘But you don’t really want to, do you?’
‘I don’t mind’ Holly lied. ‘If you’re hungry, we could go out somewhere’.
‘What about your place?’ he asked. ‘If that’s not…you know, rushing things. I’m not planning to stay over, or anything. But we could hire a movie, order a pizza…’
‘Sounds great’ said Holly. ‘But what about your place? I mean, I do have two room mates. We won’t have much privacy’
Darren frowned, thoughtfully. ‘Um… it’s just that… my place is a bit of a mess right now. Uh... my landlord’s doing some odd jobs around the joint, and he’s not big on cleaning up after himself. There’s dust everywhere’.
‘Oh’ said Holly, disappointed. ‘Okay – my place, it is’.

Chapter Six

‘What’s his deal?’ whispered Tori, in the kitchen. ‘Seems a bit weird that he doesn’t want to be alone with you’.
‘Gee, thanks for putting it that way’ said Holly, miserably. ‘I know it’s only been a week, but I really like him! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Why won’t he kiss me?’
‘Well he’s probably not feeling up to it, with the nose, and all’ Tori reminded her. ‘But like I said, there are other things…’
‘Tor! I know what you’re talking about, and I’m not going to do that on our second date!’ Holly said, cheeks burning at the mere thought.
‘Okay… well, you could put the movie on’ Tori suggested. ‘Good idea getting a horror movie, by the way! You can jump into his lap during the scary bits, and hide your face in those big, broad shoulders of his! At least, that’s what I’d do’.
‘You’re a genius’ Holly said, grinning. ‘Turn the light out, on your way to your bedroom’.
‘What? You’re banishing me to my room? I want to watch the movie!’ Tori joked; then saw the mortified look on Holly’s face. ‘Just kidding! I’ve got a book to read for Uni, anyway’.
‘Thanks’ said Holly. ‘But how do I get rid of Steph?’
‘I’ll take care of her’ Tori promised. ‘Just go and have fun with the hunky football player’.

Maria had a dilemma of her own to contend with. Greg was on one of his semi-regular boy’s nights out, and she thought she’d have the place to herself, so had dressed in her favourite flannelette pink pyjamas with cats all over them, and was sitting on the couch eating butterscotch ripple ice cream by the bucket when there was a knock on her door.
Looking through the spy-hole, she recognised one of the WAGs she’d gotten to know fairly well in her short time with the club – Bethany, Travis Cloke’s girlfriend. What the hell was she doing here, at this time of night? Truthfully it was only half past nine, but still, a reasonable person would assume that someone with a live-in partner might actually be otherwise occupied at a time like this. Bethany knew her address from an Undercover Wear party Maria had thrown months ago. But she could have called first, Maria thought, feeling slightly miffed. Opening the door, she instantly saw the distress the poor girl was in, and her heart went out to her.
‘Come in’ she said. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘It’s Travis’ Bethany sobbed. ‘I think… I mean, I’m 99% sure he’s cheating on me!’ She held out a piece of lilac paper covered in large, sloping handwriting. ‘And I’ve got proof!’
Maria took the letter and read it to herself. ‘Hmm’ she said, and bit her lip. ‘I’ve got to admit, it doesn’t look good. Did you ask him about it?’
‘I couldn’t’ Bethany said, looking like she was about to choke on her tears. ‘I read that, and I was just shattered! The last thing I wanted to do was… was…’ she broke into a fresh barrage of sobbing.
‘Confront him?’ Maria finished for her. Bethany nodded, and patted her large, heavily made up eyes with a dainty handkerchief, which frankly, wasn’t doing the job. Maria went over to the pile of laundry sitting in the corner of the room (Greg wasn’t much of a lover and, perhaps in retaliation, she wasn’t much of a housekeeper) and grabbing one of her partner’s freshly washed hankies, handed it to the glamorous blonde, whose ample chest was heaving with the effort of crying and talking at the same time. ‘Th-thanks’ she spluttered. ‘You’ve been so g-good to me, M-maria, listening to all this’.
‘It’s no problem, really’ said Maria. ‘I was just going to watch Australia’s Next Top Model on Foxtel. Want to watch with me? I assure you, their bitching and sniping will take your mind right off Trav… your problems’.
‘O-okay’ said Bethany, finally getting her waterworks under control.
‘Good. Because it looks like you need a distraction for a while. But you know, Bethany… you’re going to have to confront him with this’ Maria told her. ‘It’s the only way you’re going to find out, for sure’.
‘I know’. Bethany nodded, sadly. ‘I’m just terrified of what he’s going to say’.
‘Well – if he was going to break up with you, don’t you think he would have done that, instead of sneaking around behind your back?’ Maria reasoned. ‘He’ll probably fall to his knees, and beg your forgiveness! And whether you forgive him or not is your business, but speaking for myself, I’d rather be alone than know my man’s cheated on me, and might do it again, if I let him get away with it’.
Bethany nodded. ‘True’ she said. ‘You’ve definitely given me something to think about, that’s for sure’.
‘Cool’ said Maria. ‘Now let’s watch these models tear each other’s hair out’.

Holly and Darren were sitting close together on the couch, watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, when the killer suddenly popped up from nowhere, and startled the crap out of her. She jumped out of her skin, and found herself inadvertently curled up against his chest, just as Tori had predicted! He chuckled, and lowered the arm he’d thrown over her shoulders, holding her close to him. Holly breathed in his cologne, and realised, in the semi-dark, that if she turned her face toward him, she’d be kissing bare skin, as the top two buttons of the light blue shirt he’d thrown on after the game were unfastened.
Her stomach churning nervously, Holly made her move. Pressing her lips against the triangle of bare skin, she tried her hardest to resist ripping the damn shirt open, but it was tough going! That cologne of his was unmistakably Hugo, by Hugo Boss, one of her favourites. But on him it was like a hit of Ecstasy. The second it took hold, Holly was a goner!
‘Holly… what are you doing?’ he murmured, as she unfastened the next button down, and slid a hand inside his shirt.
‘What I’ve been wanting to do, from the moment I met you’ she told him, in between kisses to his chest and collarbone. His heart raced against the palm of her hand, then her lips as she pushed still more of the shirt aside.
‘God, you’re so sexy’, she blurted, then thought, shit, did I really say that out loud?!
‘So are you, but…’ he started to say, then let out a shuddery sigh. ‘We barely know each other’.
‘Don’t worry… I’m not ready to go there, either’ she assured him. ‘It’s just that… you haven’t kissed me yet, and to be quite frank, it’s been driving me crazy, and now your nose is all busted up, I figured this is the only way we could… you know… get close’.
She was staring up at him, or what she could see of him in the quick changing light from the TV. Neither of them was paying much attention to the movie, now!
He didn’t seem annoyed, or freaked out. A little nervous, maybe, but that was good, wasn’t it? Her new layered do was cut to frame her face, and he brushed it back with his large hand, sending shivers through her body. ‘I can kiss’ he told her. ‘I might have to take frequent breaks for oxygen, but I could give it a shot’.
‘You don’t have to if… you know; you don’t feel up to it’
His face broke into a grin which in turn, made him wince. ‘I do feel up to it. Besides, if I let you keep going the way you’re going, we’re gonna end up doing something we might regret’.
Holly felt her cheeks get warm. She had gotten a little… overzealous!
‘I’m sorry’ she said. ‘You probably think I’m like a visitor from the Planet of the Sluts’
His dark eyes crinkled at the corners as he tried to smile without hurting his cheek or nose. ‘There’s a planet full of sluts?’ he joked. ‘No… seriously, I don’t think that. I really like you. I don’t think you’re a slut, at all’.
‘Oh, thank God for that’ she sighed. ‘Because I really like you, too’.
‘Come here’ he said, in a low, husky voice, and before Holly knew it, he’d pulled her onto his lap, and his lips were on hers! Finally!

Next time on The Inner Sanctum…

Will Bethany confront Travis?
Will Steph meet Mr Right?
And what’s Darren’s big secret?

A Pie for Life.
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Wrangler Scorpio

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hahahaha thats just evil mel!
****Now i've never had a type 'cause i know what i like some variety now and then... Bad Boys, Good Guys, Tattoo's, Black Ties... Always up for anything!****
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yeah I know... can't help myself!
A Pie for Life.
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BlackAndWhiteSince87 Aries

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:43 pm
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Good stuff Mel.Your writing is even better than when you use to do the plot sickens.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:28 pm
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Really? I actually thought this one was kinda below my standards. I think cos there are so few ppl in here, I haven't been getting any feedback and so there are far less characters than in TPS. But if anyone wants me to keep it going, let me know who your fave players are and I'll write you in...
A Pie for Life.
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Wrangler Scorpio

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:22 pm
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well i reckon ya should! haha but i've already given you the heads up Wink haha

it'll pick up again.... just get more evil and you'll be right! muahahaha

****Now i've never had a type 'cause i know what i like some variety now and then... Bad Boys, Good Guys, Tattoo's, Black Ties... Always up for anything!****
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:10 am
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Planning on it... at least now I've got the school holidays to work on the story.
A Pie for Life.
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BlackAndWhiteSince87 Aries

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:54 pm
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mel_kay39 wrote:
Really? I actually thought this one was kinda below my standards. I think cos there are so few ppl in here, I haven't been getting any feedback and so there are far less characters than in TPS. But if anyone wants me to keep it going, let me know who your fave players are and I'll write you in...

No,I don't think so. I remember when you were writing TPS, alot of the feedback was coming from one particular poster who had/has a major "thing" for our captain, so there probably wasn't a whole lot constructive coming out of that!
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:44 am
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Oh yeah I remember that! So who do you like, Blacknwhitesince'07? Or is your avatar a giveaway? Want me to write you in?
A Pie for Life.
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BlackAndWhiteSince87 Aries

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:49 am
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Jolly is my favourite actually. No thanks, no need to write me in, but thank you all the same Very Happy
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Yeah Jolly's a spunk hey. Smile
A Pie for Life.
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Wrangler Scorpio

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:31 pm
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"Maxy's Bitch" wouldn't give away anything now would it? ROFL!

We need some more devious people in there Mel!

Some random who can undermine everybody! a little worm... maybe some little geek that wanted to play for collingwood, but wasn't good enough and so steals somebodies woman... ... ... HINT HINT! hehe

****Now i've never had a type 'cause i know what i like some variety now and then... Bad Boys, Good Guys, Tattoo's, Black Ties... Always up for anything!****
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David Libra

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:45 am
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Feel free to write me in for some hot guy-on-guy action. Shocked Razz
"O rire sous le couteau
Roses au cœur violet"
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