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The Simon Prestigiacomo 2007 Thread (Player President)

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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 1:30 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Brisbane Lions; Round 9 2007.

As expected Presti went straight to Brown before the opening bounce. Brown has alot of respect for Presti and the match-up turned out to be one of the highlights of the game.

1st Quarter;
Vs Johnathan Brown: 2 Spoil, 1 Tackle & 2 Frees Against.

-Early on, Mitch Clarke took an open mark. (Maxwell's opponent). Although Presti stood the mark. It was a behind.

-Ball spilled into Brisbanes fowrad 50... Presti was with Brown who quickly managed to get a handpass to Power for a goal.

-Made a good spoil againts Brown who was on the lead.

-Brown dropped a diving mark and as the ball spilled to Power, Presti got the tackle.

-Brown took an open mark... (WAY OPEN)... only to kick a poster.

-Presti then followed Brown towards our forward flank.

-A free was paid against Presti for a throw. Presti had the ball all of 1 second while being tackled on the boundry line... incorrect disposal.

-Not long after another free was paid against Presti. This time for holding Brown. It was an absolute load. Brown kicked the goal.

-Alot of wrestling with Brown.

-Another good spoil late in the quarter. But Presti was then thrown to the ground as Brown got out a handball to a Brisbane player for a goal.

-In the fight at the end of the quarter i saw Brown getting involved. Presti seemed to hold a player on the fringe but didnt get really involved. Not he was shown on the TV anyway.

2nd Quarter;
Vs Johnathan Brown: 1 Kick, 1 Handball, 2 Spoils & 1 Tackle.

-Presti's quietest quarter.

-Made a massive spoil against Brown during the wrestling.

-Another spoil... then a handpass to Tarkyn. Razz

-Brown in a 2 on 1... Presti had him... but then R Shaw was given a free.

-After Brown fell to the ground, Presti gathered the ball (didnt have a bounce Razz) and kicked to R Shaw in the forward 50.

-Brown took a mark on the wing. Didnt see Presti in sight.

-Seconds before the half time siren, Presti got a taclke on Brown.

3rd Quarter;
Vs Johnathan Brown: 1 Tackle.
Vs Mitch Clarke: 1 Handpass & 1 Spoil.

-Dale Thomas decided to crash into Presti while in mid air. Razz Both players took a while getting up.

-Presti got outmarked by Brown making a lead just on the 50M line.

-Presti was moved to Clarke who had kicked 4 goals on Maxwell.

-Maxwell got a handpass to Presti who got a handpass to Dale.

-Presti then got a spoil on Clarke.

-Presti then went back to Brown... who dropped another mark and was tackled by Presti.

-Brown kicked a behind after a ball up near Brisbane goal.

-Brown then kicked out on the full after recieving a handball. Presti was right on him forcing the error.

4th Quarter;
Vs Johnathan Brown: 2 Spoils

-Was outmarked by Brown. It was a very good mark against Presti. Brown kicked a poster.

-Brown took another mark with Dale getting between Brown and Presti. Brown kicked forward to no avail.

-Got a good spoil.

-Not much to do with Presti... but Dale had a free against him wich was fkn crap. Dale (the size of Browns leg) taclked Brown and they gave a free to Brown. Shocked Shocking decision.

-Got another spoil near the wing. But Brown then sprinted towards the forward line taking his blind mark leading to a goal.

-Presti took an open mark on the tip of the centre square near the final siren.


Presti played 99% of the game against Brown, having a small sting on Clarke. In that time both Maxwell and Harry played on Brown.

Presti played extremly well against Brown. Every contest Presti was with him. Alot of wrestling during the match. Very happy with his efforts. 10/10!

Goals Kicked Againt: Two
(One from a rubbish free) Evil or Very Mad

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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~Madness~ Aries

...The Cat...

Joined: 29 May 2001
Location: Melbourne, Vic, Au

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 2:50 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Once again this is what I have to say

"good old reliable Presti"

"whaaa whaaaaaa!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 7:15 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Fremantle; Round 10 2007.

Geez i'd been looking forward to this one for a while. Presti Vs Tarrant.

After the coin toss, Presti went straight to Tarrant and the game began... Cool

1st Quarter;
Vs. Chris Tarrant: 1 Kick & 2 Spoils.
Vs. Matthew Pavlich: 1 Spoil.
Vs. Ryan Crowley.

-Got an early spoil against Tarrant. First Blood to Presti! Razz

-Rushed a kick half way through the term. Landed in Freo's advantage.

-Tarrant took an open mark and kicked a behind.

-Tarrant was giving it to Dale after Freo kicked a goal. Presti stepped in and took Taz away from Daisy.

-Presti then went to Pavlich with Harry going to Tarrant.

-Pavlich took one mark wayout on the wing before Presti anf Harry swapped opponents again.

-Presti Vs Taz... Presti spoil Very Happy

-Late in the quarter he played on Crowley.

-In a pack he spoiled the ball from Pavlich.

2nd Quarter;
Vs. Chris Tarrant: 1 Kick, 1 Spoil & 1 Free Against.
Vs. Matthew Pavlich: 1 Kick.

-Ball kicked towards Tarrant. The ball fell short but bounced towards Tarrant, but Presti punched the ball away from him. Is that counted as a spoil?

-Another rushed kick. I was having a heart attack, but he got the ball out in time! Shocked

-As Tarrant went upfield, i noticed Presti just let him go and stayed in defence. Tarrant did get a kick and a mark. No damage! Razz

-Presti then made a spoil in a 1 on 1, but the umpire gave a dodgy free to Tarrant... who kicked a dodgy behind.

-Fumbled the ball when there was a pack forming around the lose ball. Dale got HB out after the fumble.

-Presti then went to Pavlich for a while before going back to Tarrant... and then back to Pavlich again where he saw Pavlich spill the ball over the line.

-When Freo went forward i noticed Presti leave his man (Pav) and go for the ball. This was when he was smashed by Crowley who got reported. Twisted Evil Give him 12 weeks! Razz

-Presti got up after the hit and after his kick, lined up on Tarrant again.

-Presti made a huge spoil against Tarrant. The ball fell in R Shaws lap! Razz (I think it was Shaw?)

-Once again Tarrant lead way up field towards Collingwoods forward flank. Presti again let him go and went to Pavlich.

3rd Quarter;
Vs. Chris Tarrant.
Vs. Aaron Sandilands.

-A huge quarter for the Pies. Presti quiet due to the ball going the Pies way most of the quarter.

-Again Presti let Tarrant go when Taz went towards the Pies offensive side. When Taz came back, Presti went straight to him.

-Presti went to Sandilands when he came into Freo's forward. Presti almost got the spoil but was outmarked due to Aarons height advantage. This led to a Freo behind. (Presti looked like a little kid next to Sandilands).

-Presti seemed to be playing loose man in defence for a while.

-Presti then lined up on Tarrant again, closing the quarter.

4th Quarter;
Vs. Luke McPharlin: 1 Handball & 1 Spoil.
Vs. Troy Cook.
Vs. Chris Tarrant: 1 Mark, 1 Handball & 1 Kick.
Vs. Matthew Pavlich: 1 Tackle.

-Opened the quarter on McPharlin. Maxwell was on Tarrant.

-Another massive spoil with the ball landing in Dane Swans advantage.

-Got a handball in the centre square after McPharlin slipped over.

-Presti went to Troy Cook which was unexpected. It seemed as if Presti went to him just to cover him as he was open. But Presti stayed on him for a good while.

-Tarrant came back into Freo's forward line. Presti went to him.

-Presti took a mark and got a handball to R Shaw, who handballed back to Presti who kicked. But something happened in this time, with a relayed free (the ball was brought back) given to Presti, kicking the ball forward.... again.

-Presti then went back to Troy Cook. Shocked

-Presti made a tackle against Pavlich and then stayed on Cook around CHF for the rest of the game. Cook had no chance and got nothing of the ball.


After playing on Tarrant for years in practice games and training drills, Presti had the chance to play on him in a real game.

I was pretty confident that Presti would have Tarrants measure.

Another great effort from Presti, taking the honours against Taz and playing well in his stints on Pav, Cook and McPharlin, having no goals kicked against him and doing his job perfectly!

Goals Kicked Against: ZERO

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 7:13 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote,8659,22109481-23211,00.html

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 7:15 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Essendon; Round 16 2007.

After being out with a foot injury for 5 weeks, Presti finally made his return.

There was a bit of speculation during the week about him walking back into the side without having to play for Williamstown and earn his spot in the team.

But being a vetran and knowing his role, Malthouse put Presti staight into the side.

There was alost of talk about who would play on Lloyd and Lucas, with both Wakelin and Harry in form and the return of Presti.

(Remembering that on Anzac day Presti played the majority of the game on Essendons less dangerous forwards... Being much better suited to Lucas and only being Lloyds direct opponent for the majority of a game twice since 2000).

I must admit i was expecting to see Presti go to Lucas for the opening bouce... But i was wrong....

1st Quarter;
Vs. Andrew Welsh: 1 Kick, 1 Tackle.
Vs. Ricky Dyson.
Vs. Jobe Watson.
Vs. Nathan Lovett-Murray.
Vs. Jason Laycock: 1 Spoil.
Vs. Mark McVeigh.

-Thats right! 6 different opponents in the first quarter!! Shocked

-Before the opening bounce it looked as though Presti was going to Lucas. Wakelin went to Lloyd as expected (They have had some good battles in the past). But then Presti walked off Lucas and went to Welsh with Harry going to Lucas!

-Early on Presti got a tackle on Welsh, stopping him from running forward.

-Presti seemed to play loose man around the back flank and wing as Welsh went forward. When Pies had possesion, Brent Stanton picked up Presti.

-Presti recieved a handpass from Lockyer. Presti got the kick away into forward 50. Dale took the mark and had a set shot which was a behind.

-When Lucas got that bullshit free against Harry for holding the ball, Presti argued with the ump to no avail.

-Presti changed opponents and went to Dyson before returning to Welsh and back to Dyson again after Welsh went off after headbutting Licas knee.

-Presti stayed on Dyson around CHF until Welsh came back on.

-Presti then went to Jobe Watson around Essendons FF and CHF.

-Once again Presti was by himself midway through the quarter before picking up Lovett-Murray, a much smaller player. Shocked

-Presti got a pack spoil against Laycock on the wing before being benched at the 25 min mark.

-Presti came back on very late and went to McVeigh. He then went to Laycock before the end of the first term.

2nd Quarter;
Vs. Nathan Lovett-Murray: 1 Spoil.
Vs. Mark McVeigh.
Vs. Matthew Lloyd. (for about 10 seconds)
Vs. Jason Laycock: 1 Spoil.

-Presti started the 2nd term on Lovett-Murray, where he was outmarked early on the 50 meter line. The kick fell short.

-Presti recieved a handpass from Clarke before making a quick handpass to Lockyer... but then the ump gave Essendon a free for Clarkes...
handpass. Razz

-I noticed Presti was running all over the ground early in the quarter.

-Also noticed his communication with Swan about Lovett-Murray and McVeigh before a bounce. Presti took McVeigh and stayed on him.

-On the wing Presti was going to take on Lloyd who was running forward. Lloyd decided not to go any further and kicked backwards.

-Presti went back to Lovett-Murray for a while before changing opponents and going to the much taller Laycock.

-Presti got another spoil against Laycock in a pack.

-Essendon was going to get a sure goal when Lovett-Murray was running towards the spilt ball. Luckily Presti was fast enough to get there first, blocking Lovett-Murray and punching it through for a behind. (Does that count as a spoil?).

-Late in the half Presti bumped Pevril over the line when the ball went out for a throw in. He should have hit him harder and started a half time brawl!! Razz

3rd Quarter;
Vs. Patrick Ryder: 1 Kick & 2 Handballs.
Vs. Scott Lucas.

-Started the half on another new opponent. This time it was Ryder.

-Alost took a speckie, but got a handpass out in the pack. (It would have been a speckie for Presti anyway!)

-Was involved in the pack when Lloyd lolly-popped it. Presti should have been given a free for holding. He got a kick when being tackled... but the ball skidded about 2 meters.

-When Essendon went forward, Presti decided to leave Ryder, but was too late to help Goldsack as McVeigh marked and goaled.

-Got a good quick handball away to Clarke while being strogly tackled.

-Went to the bench at the 16 min mark. and came back on at the 25 min mark. He went to Lucas who was on fire. End of quarter.

4th Quarter;
Vs. Scott Lucas: 2 Kicks & 2 Spoils.
Vs. Mal Michael. 1 Mark & 1 Kick.
Vs. Patrick Ryder.

-Presti went to Lucas who has 4 goals and helped get Essendon back into the game.

-Early on recieved a handpass and got a kick away to O'Bree.

-Recieved another handpass but was forced to rush the kick. It was a lolly-pop.

-Made a great spoil against Lucas in a 1 on 1 situation.

-Showed great desperation when diving for the ball and stopping Lloyd getting possesion.

-Got another spoil on Lucas on the flank.

-While running backwards with Lucas, they hit the pack coming towards them. This was when McPhee took his mark.

-Lucas took an open mark.

-Presti was planted on Lucas around the flanks and CHF.

-Presti then changed opponents and went to our old friend Mal Michael. Essendon was trying something desperate to win the game... putting Mal at FF. Presti completly ruled him.

-Presti went to Ryder again until Mal went back to FF again.

-Presti then followed Mal near our CHF as i was dreaming of a Presti goal again! Razz He did call for the ball when Shaw was looking for someone... but Shaw went the other way! Sad

-Presti did get a mark on the wing and kicked the ball forward as the final siren sounded.


After missing 5 games it was good to see the big man back. He didnt seem to have a direct opponent until he was on Lucas in the last quarter.

Presti played on ten different opponents all day. Remembering that Wakelin spent most of the time on Lloyd, it once again showed that Presti is capable of playing on many different types of players.

From Laycock who is a ruckman, to smaller players like McVeigh, Lovett-Murray and Welsh, to bigger forwards like Lucad and Watson.

Knowing that he will get one J. Brown next week, its good to know that Presti is back and in form.

Goals Kicked Against: ZERO

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:33 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Sad Ive put this off, but here goes...

Vs. Brisbane; Round 17 2007.

Once again there was speculation about who would play on Jonathan Brown. Being in form and after just having kicked 10 Goals the week before, we knew it would be a hard task to complete.

Last time we played the Lions, Presti played on Brown 95% of the game. So i was expecting the same thing this time around.

I ended up being right, but the final scores is something that noone would have believed!

1st Quarter;
Vs. Johnathan Brown: 2 Spoils & 1 Tackle.
Vs. Jarred Brennan: 1 Spoil.

-Presti went to Brown with Wakes going to Mills? and Harry going to Brennan.

-Early on Brown dropped a mark as he slid for the ball with Presti behind him.

-Got an early spoil on Brown and then gang tackled him with Wakelin as the ball spilt to the ground.

-Brown beat Presti to the ball for possesion on the flank, and then again moments later on the other flank.

-Brown made a huge lead to the Flank with Presti close behind.

-Presti got his second spoil in a one on one against Brown.

-Played on Brennan as Wakes went to Brown.

-Presti got his 3rd spoil one on one against Brennan.

-Brown kicked his first goal... Presti was not his opponent at the time.

-After the goal Presti went back to Brown.

-Very late in the quarter, Presti pushed Brown in the pocket. No free was given.

2nd Quarter;
Vs Jonathan Brown: 2 Marks, 2 Kicks, 1 Handball & 1 Spoil.

-Early in the term got another spoil on Brown 1 on 1.

-Took an open mark from a kick in... took his time and then kicked it to Dale.

-Moments later he marked another kick in but this time handballed it to Johnson.

-Lost what happened here, but i know he got a kick away.

-Brown took an open mark when Presti was miles away.

-Brown later took a running mark against Presti and kick a poster.

-Brown took a mark and kicked his first goal against Presti.

-Brown took another mark on the wing.

-Brown then took a good mark one on one against Presti on the flank.

-Presti was taken off arounf the 25 min mark and returned around the 29 min mark and went to a smaller player for the last moments of the half. But i couldnt tell who it was.

3rd Quarter;
Vs. Jonathan Brown: 2 Tackles.

-Early had pressure on Brown and laid a tackle.

-Later Presti made another tackle on Brown, but as both slipped down, Brown managed to get through.

-Brown got a possestion when he scooped the ball and rushed the kick when Presti was pressuring him.

-Brown got a mark against Presti one on one. He short passed the ball.

-Presti went off at the 19 min mark, and came back on at the 25 min mark. He went back on Brown.

4th Quarter;
Vs. Johnathan Brown: 1 Mark, 1 Handball & 1 Spoil.

-Got another spoil on Brown early on in the 4th.

-Harry went to Brown and gave away a free.

-Presti was outmarked on the wing.

-Brown took a fairly open mark with the kick going nowhere.

-Brown the marked and kicked his second goal against Presti.

-Late in the game Presti took a mark and got a handball away.


Presti did reasonable well against Brown, who had kicked ten goals the week before. The Lions kicked 22 goals. Brown had 4 of them with two being against Presti.

Brown took Presti upfield alot, especially to the wings. This was where Brown got most of his possesions for the night.

Just quietly, it was the hardest game i have ever had to sit through in my entire life.

Goals Kicked Against: Two.
(These were the first goals Presti had kicked on him since round 9 (Which was funnily enough against Brisbane). He had none kicked on him in Round 10, missed 5 weeks through injury, then had none kicked on him last week in his return match.)

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:44 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs. Carlton; Rnd 18 2007.

I misses the first few minutes of the game... but here goes...

1st Quarter;
Vs. Brendan Fevola: 1 Kick, 1 Handball, 1 Spoil & 1 Tackle.

-Early on the ball was kicked to Fev, only to have it go over their heads. Presti was right there with him.

-Fev made a lead, once again with Presti not giving him an inch. Fev pumbled heavily into Cook. Presti didnt retaliate against Fev, staying between him and Cook. Presti helped Cook up and said something to him.

-Presti made a great spoil on Fev. Forcing the ball through for a behind. (Alot of wrestling going on).

-Presti made a tackle on Fev. (Almost could have been holding the man).

-Once again the ball was kicked over Fev's lead as both jumped for the ball. Presti managed to turn around, gather the ball and gat a handpass to R Shaw.

-In the pack against Fev, Rocca decided to smash his was through. Both Fev and Presti went to ground as Rocca made the spoil! Razz

-Presti quickly rushed a kick after Fisher dropped a mark.

-Alot of wrestling with Fev in this quarter.

-Fev took a late mark on the lead for a behind.

2nd Quarter;
Vs. Brendan Fevola: 1 Mark, 1 Kick, 2 Spoils & 1 Tackle
Vs. Jordan Russell.
Vs. Eddie Betts.
Vs. Brad Fisher.
Vs. Setanta O'hAilpin.

-Early on got a spoil folloed by a tackle at the tip of the goal square.

-Went to Russell as Ryan Cook went to Fev. Shocked

-Fev kicked his first goal of the day against Cook. After the goal Presti went back to Fev.

-During a fumbling part of the quarter Presti managed to take a mark and get a kick away.

-I noticed that Presti was giving alot of directions out. In particler to Cox and Clement. (I was sitting on level 3 for a change - much easier to pick up these things).

-Presti picked up Betts of all people. Betts looked like a little school kid next to Presti. But there was noone down back and Presti stayed on him until Brad Fisher went into the forward line.

-Presti then went to Setanta O'hAlpin in the FF position before returning to Fev as the Blues rotated the forward line.

-Presti was outmarked by Fev between CHF and the centre square. Fev went back and kicked a massive goal.

-Later Presti got another spoil 1 on 1 against Fev in the pocket. Fev got a kick off the ground but it went nowhere.

3rd Quarter;
Vs. Brendan Fevola: 1 Handball & 1 Tackle.

-Early in the half Fev tumbled into Clement after he and Presti were wrestling 1 on 1 in a contest. Clement let Fev know about it.

-Fev got away on a lead and took a mark and got a goal. His 3rd for the game and 2nd against Presti.

-Fev took a mark against Presti for a behind.

-Presti got a tackle on Fev.

-Around this time Fisher took a mark against Goldsack as Fev let him know about it. Once again Presti got between the two.

-Fev took another mark on a lead for a goal. Presti was there but was a tad to slow to get the spoil.

-Once again there was a bit of wrestling going on between Fev and Presti. As the ball was spilling away, Presti was desperate for the ball, running and diving for it.

-Presti got a kick off the ground and went on to gather the ball and get a handpass away! Razz

-1 on 1, Fev outmarked Presti for a behind. Presti was with Fev all the way but Fev just took a strong mark.

4th Quarter;
Vs.Brendan Fevola.
Vs. Jarred Waite: 1 Mark & 1 Kick.

-Presti looked tired in this term.

-Early on when Saddington kicked that huge goal, Presti was arguing with umpire Matt Stevic. Fev was holding Presti as the ball bounced through. Fev also got involved almost like he was taking the piss out of Presti. Either way, Presti could have gotten a free.

-After Lockyer gave away 50, Fev took an open mark as he lost Presti in the pack. Fev snuck out and got the goal.

-Fev once again took a mark on the lead for a behind. Presti looked very upset with himself after the mark.

-1 on 1, Fev took a good mark for a goal. His 6th for the day. (5th on Presti).

-Presti was moved onto Waite with Harry getting Fev.

-Presti was on Waite around the centre square.

-When the game was near over, Presti managed a mark and kicked the ball backwards before the siren.

Playing 95% of the time on Fev as Presti beat Fevola in the first half of the game. His first quarter was sensational! But the second half was a different story. Fevola held onto his marks and was beating Presti to the ball through his leads. Presti looked heavy leged in the last quarter.

Presti never retaliates to Fev's antiqes. I actually think that this bothers Fev more than anything. Fev would barge into a player and Presti would just get between the two. Alot of other players would start wrestling and brawling with him. (See Freo Vs WCE). Razz

I am still very confident in Presti's stopping capabilities. Fev was Carltons go to man and was having an on fire type day.

Goals Kicked Against: Five Evil or Very Mad

Next Week: Richo!

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 12:01 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:35 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs. Richmond; Rnd 19 2007.

1st Quarter;
Vs. Matthew Richardson: 2 Marks, 4 Handballs, 2 Tackles.
Vs. Brett Deledio: 2 Spoils.

-Around the 9 minute mark was Presti's first incident in play, when Richo made a lead, marked and handpassed.

-Richo decided to take a contender for mark of the year. However it wasnt on Presti thank god! Presti was in the goal Square against Deledio and funnily enough got the spoil from Richo's kick.

-Went back to Richo around CHF.

-Presti got the ball but looked indecisive. He made a handpass to Toovey who got a kick away.

-Against Deledio again Presti got a spoil. But then Deledio was then given a free.

-Presti took a mark from the kick in. He handballed to Burns.

-Presti later made a tackle on the flank near the boundry line. He struggled to pull Richo down.

-Presti then got the best tackle ive ever seen him make. Better then the one against Sampi in 2005. Richo had a certain goal. He was running into goal. Presti didnt give up and caught him. SOOO pisst we lost this match, as it would have made a fine addition to my Name-A-Games. (Just for the tackle!!) lol.

-Presti then made a lead up the wing! Shocked He took the mark and got a handpass away. Cool

-While wrestling with Richo. Heath Shaw decided to make a spoil. From this Presti gathered the ball and made another handpass.

2nd Quarter;
Vs. Matthew Richardson: 1 Handball.

-In a 1 on 1 against Richo, Richo marked on the flank. His kick however went nowhere.

-Richo recieved a free against Presti for holding. Richo got the goal. The Boo's from the crowd explained how justified the free was! Evil or Very Mad

-Presti got the ball again but was under pressure. He got a handpass to Daisy. The pass was a tad high but Daisy recovered.

-Presti then left the field with concussion. On the radio they said he wasnt going to come back. At this point of the game he had Richo in his pocket. As his stats from just the first quarter looked like Presti's usuall stats for an entire game! Razz The only goal against him was from a 50/50 free.

3rd Quarter;
Vs. Matthew Richardson.
Vs. Graham Polak.
Vs. Shane Edwards.

-When the players ran onto the field before the start of the quarter i noticed Presti wasnt there. This was when i found out that he wasnt supposed to be back for the rest of the game.

-However at the 26 minute mark i noticed he was back. And playing against Richo.

-Making a lead with Presti close behind, Richo took a mark. His kick went nowhere.

-Something that was interesting was when Richo was making a lead. Presti was chasing but chaged opponents with Maxwell during the lead. Presti went to Polak as Maxwell followed Richo.

-Presti then lined up on Shane Edwards who was floating in the forward line.

-When the others came back, Presti went back to Richo to see out the term.

4th Quarter;
Vs. Matthew Richardson: 1 Mark, 1 Handball.
Vs. Shane Edwards.

-Early on Richo made a lead and took the mark infront of Presti.

-While wrestling with Richo, Richo almost took a 1 hander but dropped it.

-In a 1 on 1 with Richo. The ball spilled down without either player touvhing the ball.

-Presti took a mark from a kick in. He got the handball away.

-Presti then got tackled hard. This wouldnt have helped after coming back on from a concussion. He looked dazed after this.

-Alot of running a chasing during the last half of the quarter.

-Presti picked up Edwarsa again for a short while before going back to Richo for the rest of the game.


Presti seemed to get alost of flack from his performance. Before going off late in the 2nd, he had Richo covered. Infact it was probably one of Prestis better halves for the year. His first quarter was great.

Apparently Presti spewed up a bit and had some bad headaches during the half time period. Unexpectedly, he returned to the field VERY late in the 3rd. If this had of been a player like Brad Johnson or someone like that, he would have been called the most corageous player and given all the praise in the world. (For an example, see Tim Watson).

After being tackled in the 4th, Presti seemed groggy, but remained on the field. This game makes two great Presti moments against Richmond in losing games. If you remember Presti's 'Speckie' on Richo a few years back... just before Brown went nuts and won them the game.

Next week will be a huge challenge against Nietz, who becomes the first Demon to play his 300th game. Presti has had Neitz messure for the past 10 years, but Neitz will be pumped and the ball will be coming his way alot. So Presti will hopefully be fit and ready to go.

Goals Kicked Against: One.

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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David Libra

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 12:43 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Didn't realise this thread existed! Thanks for the match reviews dude, Presti is one of my favourite players.

I thought he was great in the first half as well.

"O rire sous le couteau
Roses au cœur violet"
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favourites 2008 

The Machine

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 12:47 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Most annoying team mate and why.... haha

J Fraser and S O'Bree because they are parrots, that is the funiest thing i have heard for a long time. Just wasn't expecting it i guess.

Thanks for the hard work with the reviews.

Like Nicks, why not donate
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:08 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks lads, nice to know someone reads them lol!

With Williamstoen in a similer position to Collingwood, playing for a top 4 finish, it was interesting to see some of the BIG in's to the side.

With the focus being on Bux, it was nice to see he had some familier faces out on the filed with him. Licca and Presti!

Presti was dropped from the Pies side for Wakelin. I was quite dissapointed, as i was looking forward to Presti Vs Nietz in game 300. Also i had a new addition to my avatars collection ready!! Razz

I believe Presti was dropped due to a nagging injury in his foot. And his last few games, it seemed like he had a bit of trouble finishing out a game. Dont forget that he also took a heavy hit last week, forcing him to miss most of the second half.

Waklein has been playing so well latly that it seemed like the right thing to do. Presti got brought back to Willi as Wakelin went through to tackle Nietz.

Presti's number for Williamstown was #72. A few years back i believe he wore 53... 35 backwards. Razz


Vs. Port Melbourne; VFL Rnd 19 2007.

1st Quarter;
Vs. Jeremy Dukes: 1 Kick, 2 Spoils, 1 Hit Out & 1 Free Against.
Vs. Sam Pleming: 1 Spoil

-Before the bounce, Presti was involved in a bit of roughing up with a couple of Port's forwards. Good luck fellas, this bloke is capable of taming Barry Hall.

-Presti lined up on Dukes. (So many Bloodsport quotes) Twisted Evil

-Early on against Dukes, Presti was working him under the ball, but Dukes was given a free for hands in the back. Presti didnt agree shaking his head. Watching it on TV, it didnt seem like it was there.

-Presti rucked a throw in Vs Dukes... but the ball was thrown away from them.

-1 on 1 Vs Dukes, Presti got infront and almost took a one-hander. The ball went to ground as a pack formed. Willi managed a free.

-When our old friend Julian Rowe had a shot about 40 out, Presti gave Dukes no room as they saw the ball sail into the point post.

-Presti recieved a handpass from Stanley and got a quick kick away. The kick was almost smothered and dropped short, but managed to find Brett Johnson who got a handball to Licca, who kicked to Buckley. Buckley GOAL!!

-Once again against Dukes, Presti wasnt giving him an inch as they once again watched the ball fly into the point post. After thins, Dukes went off with the blood rule.

-Presti floated around Ports CHF line for a while before picking up Sam Plaming, where he made his first spoil for the day. (He got under the ball, but im sure he for a fist to it).

-Back on Dukes, Presti got another spoil.

-Presti rucked a throw up against Dukes in Ports forward pocket.

-As the ball spilt from a Port players spolied mark, the ball was punched down infront of Dukes with Presti right behind him. Dukes rushed the kick under pressure and his quick snap went through for a behind. Just.

-At a boundry throw in against Dukes, Presti got in the air and punched the ball to the advantage of Cameron Lockwood who kicked towards Willi's forwards.

-Presti and Dukes crashed into a pack as Kane McKenzi of Williamstown managed a top mark.

-Presti didnt leave the defensive zone all quarter.

2nd Quarter;
Vs. Jeremy Dukes: 1 Mark, 2 Handballs & 1 Free Against.
Vs. Adrian Bonaddio: 1 Spoil.
Vs. Kurt McGlynn: 1 Tackle.

-Dukes finally took a mark out on a lead. He was about 40 out, but kicked a behind.

-1 on 1 against Dukes, Presti got him under the ball, turned around and took an awesome one-handed mark on the defensive 50 metre line. While i was celebrating, Presti played on quickly and had his kick smothered. The ball was spilling and in Dukes advantage. Presti managed to catch up and bundles Dukes, and the ball, over the boundry line.

-Presti rucked the throw in against Bonaddio.

-Rowe had another shot at goal. Presti was against Dukes as he once again worked him under the ball as the ball went over their heads and went through for another Port behind.

-Presti left the defensive area and followed Dukes up towards the wing near play. As Port got possesion, Presti followed Dukes back toward their goal.

-Later on when Port was pushing forward, Nathan Brown called for the switch when Bonaddio put a Screen on Presti to free Dukes. Presti took the switch and chased Bonaddio as Brown took Dukes. Presti went with the flight of the ball as Bonaddio lead out too far. Presti usually follows his opponent so this was quite rare.

-As Brown shoved Dukes, who should have gotten a free, Kurt McGlynn took posesion but was heavily taclked by Presti. Bonaddio who managed to get back near the ball pushed Presti off McGlynn. Presti just looked up at him as he got up and walked away.

-At the ball up, Presti picked up Dukes once again.

-Later on against Bonaddio, Presti got him under the ball and made a spoil. However, this would have been a mark if Murray Boyd hadnt crashed into Presti's back.

-1 on 1 against Dukes, the ball fell short, but Presti managed to get possesion and handpass to McKenzie.

-While being tackled, McKenzie got a short handpass to Toovey who got tackled hard. The ball spilt out where Presti got another possesion. Presti handballed towards Cox, but the ball was pushed over the line.

-Presti had a 50 metre penalty paid against him for holding onto Dukes. It was an absolutly riddiculos free. Presti looked stunned and questioned the Ump. What happened was Luke Cotchett from Port took a mark about 50 out and played on... and the ump just called 'Yeah its 50 actually'. On TV, you hear the ump say 'Its against you Presti'. At the time Presti was 1on1 againt Dukes. about 35 meters away from play. The hold wasnt even there... and i have no idea why it was a 50 metre penalty to Cotchett??

-Port kicked their second goal of the day as Cotchett kicked the goal from the goal square. Presti didnt even stand the mark.

This was the last incident involving Presti as he left the field at half time and did not return due to his foot injury/being rested.


Being so close to the action, it was much easier to see and hear Presti and watch screening and defensive tactics whish you never see on TV.

Presti mastered pushing his opponents under ball during the game. (As usuall).

Also it was nice to see him take a good mark.

It was interesting seeing him rucking throw ins and ball ups in the defensive zone. It isnt unusuall to see him do it a few times a season, but it happend a few times in the match.

Presti didnt give an inch at all. He kept up with his opponents. And i was quite happy with his performance.

My Dad said he thought Presti was limping late in the half. I couldnt tell but after he left i found out about his annkle injury. Specuation is that he went into the game with a 'nagging foot injury'.

When i got home from the match, i watched the replay. I taped it for a friend who had to work. When i watched the replay i noticed the commentators confuse his name twice.

I would have loved to have seen Presti's reactions to Bux after game. But i couldnt get close enough. I did see him talking and laughing with other players after the game. Then my Dad got his autograph lol!

So i believe that Presti will be ok. But I dont think he will play for either Williamstown or Collingwood next week. Remembering that Willi play down in Tassie and Wakes will be fine to take on Hall.

Hopefully Presti will be back for Finals. Hopefully by round 22, where i have front row seats and its my birthday! lol What a time for a Presti goal!! Razz

Goals Kicked Against: Zero. (Now way i'm counting that one from the 50).

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:54 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

A week late but yeah....

Vs. Coburb; VFL Preliminary Final 2007.

1st Quarter;
Vs. Jay Schultz: 1 Mark, 1 Kick, 3 Spoils & 1 Free Against.

-Took a good mark in his first contest of the day againt Schultz.

-Had a free paid against him for hands in the back. Jay dove the second he felt contact. Presti argues with the ump and Schultz kicked a behind.

-A pass to Schults fell short and bounced over their heads. Presti gatherd the ball but was bumped over the line.

-Andrew Krakour got a goal as Presti dove and almost got a smother.

-Made a spoil in a pack. Then got another spoil while running with Schultz one on one.

-Near the end of the term, Presti got his 3rd spoil one on one against Schultz in front of goal.

2nd Quarter;
Vs. Jay Schultz: 1 Free Againt.

-Schultz took a running mark in front of Presti as his Williamstown teammate crunched into him, missing Schultz. Jay kicked a behind.

-Schultz dropped a mark against Presti. Presti had too much pressure on him. The ball then went over the top.

-Schultz got benched and Presti went to player #34. (Hughes?).

-Presti held Hughes out of a contest as R. Shaw took a mark.

-Back on Schultz again, Presti beat him to the ball and tried to kick it off the ground. In the process he tripped Krakour who got the free and a behind. Not long after this Presti went to the bench.

3rd Quarter;
Vs. Jay Schultz: 1 Mark, 1 Handball, 1 Tackle & 3 Spoils.

-Early in the second half Presti made his 4th spoil for the day in the pack against Schultz. Presti then made the tackle on Schultz forcing a ball up.

-Schultz went off and Presti seemed to play spare man as his didnt really pick anyone up in the time Schultz was off.

-Presti made a spoil against a player i am not familer with.

-Back on Schultz, Presti got another spoil in the pack.

-Schults took a mark infront of Presti on a big lead. He kicked a behind.

-Presti then took a top mark one on one against Schultz. He made a handball.

4th Quarter;
Vs. Jack Riewoldt.
Vs. Jay Schultz: 1 Spoil

- Started on Riewoldt where he played most of the quarter before going back to Schultz.

- 1 on 1 against Schultz, Presti almost took a big flying mark. Which is unusuall for Presti. Razz

-Presti got another spoil 1 on 1 with Schultz.

-Towards the end of the game, Schultz dropped the ball 1 on 1 against Presti.


Presti had a sensational opening quarter. The problems that his foot injury had givin him the past few weeks that had effected his running and jumping didnt seem to bother him against Coburg. He kept up with his opponent all day long and he took a few big jumps during the game.

His 2nd quarter was very quiet, but he kept Schultz out of the game.

His second half was very good, but Coburg managed to get ontop as Presti's last game for Williamstown was a loss. Sad

Even tho Coburg won easily, Presti kept Schultz out of the game entirely with 7 spoils and only two marks taking against him.

Goals Kicked Againt: Zero!

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 7:10 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Season 2007 - Collingwood:

Games: 14.

Kicks: 52, Handballs: 38, Marks: 31, Tackles: 21, Spoils: 58,
Frees Against: 11, Frees For: 4, Hitouts: 4.

Goals Kicked Against: 24.
Games with No Goals Kicked Against: 2.

Worst Games:
Rnd 18 Vs Carlton. (5 Goals Against).
Rnd 8 Vs Bulldogs. (3 Goals Against).

Best Games:
Rnd 9 Vs Brisbane.
Rnd 10 Vs Fremantle.

Games Missed Through Injury: 11
Rnd 11 - 15.
Rnd 20 - PF.

Number of Different Opponents Throughout the Year: 44

Presti had a great start to the year. He was playing at his best right up until his injury in round 10. He missed 5 games and was brought back into the side for the round 16 clash against Essendon.

His first two games back were acceptable. The first against Essendon where he had multiple opponents and no goals kicked against him. The second againt Brisbane, where Collingwood got smashed but Presti played servicable against Brown.

He played two more games, againt Carlton and Richmond, before being dropped to Williamstown due to injury for half a game. Aganst Carlton he had 5 goals kicked on him and against Richmond he played very well on Richo.

Presti played one more game for Williamstown. The Preliminary Final against Coburg. His first game since playing only one half for Williamstown in round 21.

No doubt Presti's nagging foot injury had cost him his spot in the team during the second half of the season. Hopefully he can get past it and have a great uninterupted pre season for 2008.

Season 2007 - Williamstown:

Games: 2.

Kicks: 2, Handballs: 3, Marks: 3, Tackles: 2, Spoils: 11,
Frees Against: 4, Hitouts: 1.

Goals Kicked Against: Zero.
Games with No Goals Kicked Against: 2.

Number of Different Opponents: 6.

Presti was dropped to Williamstown after the round 19 game against Richmond. I believe that he played against Port Melbourne just to keep his match fitness up as he only played the first half of the game.

After this game Presti didnt play again until the Prelim againt Coburg last week. Im unsure of the rules but i dont think he could play in the Qualifying Final. After missing too many games with injury and the form of both Wakelin & Goldsack, Presti couldnt break into the Pies side.

If things go right, Presti will play his 200th game in round 7 2008.

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:04 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Frankston; VFL Rnd 13 2008.

Second game back for the year after his foot injury from 07.

Played most of the game against a smaller opponent in Aaron Murray.

Presti laid a few good strong tackles in the game. Ran down an opponent a couple of times, which was good to see.

He had a spell at about the 20 minute mark in the second quarter, as Toovey went back to play on Murray. The thought crossed my mind that he might not appear again. But he ran out at the start of the third.

At 3 Quarter time i was feeling pretty good about the game, but as we all know the Dolphins doubled their score in the last and ran over the Pies by 7 points.

Murray kicked 3 goals on the day. I know for one of them he took a strong mark with Presti all over him. And another was from a BS free. Both in the last quarter. The other goal may have been early in the game or while Presti was off the field, im unsure.

If you look at the goal sheet and see Murray had three, most people will automatically say Presti lost. But he did make some spoils and seemed to be able to keep up with his opponents all day.

Also he had his normal small handful of possesions, a few kicks, marksm handballs, etc. Kicked long to a contest a couple of times. May have had a shorter option.

I dont think he is ready to play in the AFL just yet. Especially with Wakes performance against the Swans. One or two more weeks in the VFL and he might be able to get a crack against Essendon.

Its a shame that Frankston were so strong in the last. Otherwise we would have a different view of the game. He certainly wanst beaten but its funny the difference two goals makes. Sad

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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