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The Simon Prestigiacomo 2007 Thread (Player President)

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Joined: 05 May 2007

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:35 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

amazing... the guys going from strengths to strengths and people are starting to pay attention..
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:25 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Essendon Bombers.

-Played 99% of the game on Lloyd.
-Lloyd took a few marks on the lead in the first. One went out on the full and one was a behind.
-Lined up on Ryder at FF which was kind of a shock... However Presti went back to Lloyd after a few minutes.
-One moment for the highlights reel, was Presti's mark followed by a short run and kick into out forward 50.
-Maxwell crashed into a Presti V Lloyd 1 on 1. Presti chased Lloyd as he kicked the ball to the boundry line. Weak.
-In the second, Lloyd took a couple of grabs. One at CHF and the other on the wing.
-Presti was put in an interesting situation when the ball was kicked back to him. An Essendon player was chasing him down, but he managed to get a kick away to Maxy first.
-Presti made a HUGE spoil in a 1 on 1 with Lloyd. The ball went to Maxy and down the ground for a Pies goal!
-In the 3rd, Presti managed a spoil while wrestling against Lloyd.
-Presti went to Angus Monfries for under a minute before going back to Lloyd.
-Presti made another big spoil on Lloyd after Hayden Skipworth tried to sheppard him out of the contest.
-Unfortunatly Lloyd took a strong mark and kicked a goal.
-Presti then went to Scott Lucas and seemed to be playing spare man down back for a while.
-Presti finished the quarter on Lloyd.
-At the start of the 4th, Presti lined up on (i think) Lovett-Murray. This didnt last too long as he went back to Lloyd again.
-Heath Shaw took a pack mark while Presti and Lloyd were wrestling for position.
-Lloyd got his second goal after he finally out-marked Presti about 45 metres out. And the worst thing was it was in the last 2 minutes!
-Overall another big win for the number 35!

Next Week: ??????

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:20 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Western Bulldogs.

-Once again played 100% game time.
-Played mostly on Scott Welsh. (Had small stints on Minson, Hudson, Hahn and Johnson).
-Presti had a free paid against him midway thru the first, for holding Welsh. Advantage was paid to Boyd who goaled.
-Presti got his onle and only stat in the first quarter when he got a handpass out as he was being tackled. (A good sign when Presti has one stat in the first quarter).
-In the second he started on Will Minson. Minson took a mark one on one against Presti, but he kicked the ball into Presti who was man on the mark!!! Classic!
-Wreslted a bit with Minson as the dogs had shots for goal fall short in the square. I recall Josh getting a spoil there.
-Back on Welsh, Presti stopped him getting the ball again and saw it go over for a throw in. He then got a handball to Harry.
-Presti got the ball around CHB as he went on and took a bounce and kicked it into our forward 50! Sensational!! (Remember the last time Presti took a bounce against the dogs!)
-Early in the 3rd, Presti made a spoil with some help from Harry. And got a handpass out to Josh.
-Presti and Tooves crashed into eachother. Both were playing their man and going with the flight of the ball. Tooves looked a bit ginger but was ok after getting his breath back.
-Against Ben Hudson, Presti got him under the flight of the ball in a 1 on 1.
-At my disbelief, Presti was at forward flank running with Welsh. Presti got the ball but handballed while being tackled as the dogs got out of trouble.
-In the last quarter Presti got a few more mentions. Which ofcourse means the ball went in the dogs forward line alot!
-On Welsh, Presti made a spoil. He left Welsh as the ball was coming into Hahn. Presti crashed and stopped him, but the umpire paid the mark. Gay!
-1 on 1 with Welsh in the goal square, Presti made a massive spoil.
-Again on Minson, Presti made a pack spoil.
-Presti then went to Brad 'i want 50' Johnson. Presti was to strong for him in a contest on the wing. And then once again against Johnson getting a big spoil.
-The last 8 or so mins Presti was on Welsh. The ball kept on coming in but Presti kept getting the tips. (Johnson may have tipped the ball through once, but Presti may also have touched it).
-Near the end Presti called for the ball as he took another short run and kicked forward.

Geez i was having a heart attack at the end. Always interesting when we play the Dogs as they havnt really had a suitable opponent for Presti since he was owning Chris Grant.

Presti was huge in the last quarter when there was big pressure on Collingwood. Whipped the shit out of Welsh. Didnt get a goal scored against him all game!

Next week, the match-up i've been waiting for.

Buddy Franklin.

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:26 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Hawthorn Hawks

-Started the match on Lance Franklin. What i wanted cos this is one guy Presti didnt have on his owned list.
-Got an early handpass out after a centre bounce and things stared off nicely.
-Had a crap free paid against him which resulted in Lance's first goal of the night.
-Presti spent a little time on Dowler. Which was quite weird for me as i coached him for a few games when Dowler was 12-13.
-Back on Buddy, he dropped a mark which went through for a behind.
-Buddy took a mark on a short lead for his second goal.
-Presti pushed Buddy under the ball and for a second there i thought he may have done an injury, but he was up and running again shortly.
-Presti may have pushed Lance in an incident where Tarks was involvled, Buddy kicked a behind.
-At the kick in, the ball was kicked out to Presti who was about 45 out from the goal square. This was when Michael Osborne crunched Presti after he took the mark. 50 metres was paid as i thought he might line up for goal!! Razz Unfortunatly he had hurt himself and hanballed it off and the ball was kicked to Trav who was not paid that mark! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad This half way during the first quarter.
-Presti was off the ground until the 23minute mark of the second quarter. (At around the 17 min mark he was warming up on the sideline).
-When he came back on he went straight to Buddy again. (He'd kicked another goal by then). A bit of push and shoving went on between the two.
-Presti got a free for pinning Dowler with holding the ball. After this he stayed on Dowler for a few mins before going back to Lance. to end the half.
-In the 3rd, Presti once again went to Lance. This time when Lance went into the midfield, Presti stayed back and covered Roughead until Franklin returned to their forward line.
-Presti got Buddy under the ball as they both turned around to chase but the line beat them both.
-At the throw in, a Hawk got a super fast hanball out to Buddy who goaled. It was that fast. (3rd on Presti).
-Lance took a 1on1 running mark for a behind.
-Presti followed Lance in the midfield where he got a gather and spin around a Hawks player! Razz Soon after he got the ball again and kicked into our forward line.
-In the 4th he was on Buddy again.
-Franklin got open on the flank where he ran in for a long goal. Presti just couldnt catch him. (4th against him).
-Soon after Franklin got a behind. Presti had been chasing Lance all over the park.
-Presti finaly made a spoil in a 1 on 1 agasnt Lance. Soon after he made a second.
-Ben Johnson turned the ball over and Buddy got the mark but kicked it on the full.
-Near the end of the match, Presti got a handball out while being tackled in a pack. Soon after in a 1 on 1 he made a spoil, closing out his night.
-Presti played Buddy closley in the begining. But Lance has leg speed like no other forward and he took Presti away from defence and into the wings alot.
-He had 4 kicked on him in the match (The first wasnt his fault tho).
-For the first time all year, Presti missed some substatial game time.

Vs Carlton Blues.

-As we all thought at the opening bounce. Presti lined up on Fev. Very Happy
-Early on Presti took a mark infron of Fev. It really looked like Presti was on the lead lol!
-In a 1 on 1 the ball fell short and Presti tackled Fev and Heater got a handball away.
-In the next 1 on 1, Presti got Fev under the ball and Heath saw it through for a behind. (Presti may have got a hand on it??).
-Fev took a fluke one hander sliding into a low pass. Luckilt he hit the post. Very Happy
-In the next 1 on 1, Heath crashed into fev but the ball spilt out to Betts who goaled.
-Presti got a (what seemes to be now patinet) gather and a kick out to Wood who went to Dawes for the goal. Very Happy
-Fev went off for the last 3 minutes of the first quarter.
-In the 2nd Fev was back on and Presti took him on again.
-Presti tackled Betts (was it high?) and then recieved a handpass from a Pie under pressure. Presti was then tackled himself by Hartlett. Ball up.
-My favorite part of the night. Presti took 5 bounces out of defensive 50 and handpassed to Beamsy. What a highlight! Cool Razz Wink Very Happy Shocked
-When Carlton were attacking, Presti decided to leave Fev to stop Kreuzer. It didnt pay off as Fev ended up with the ball and handballed to Betts for a goal.
-Presti made the biggest spoil of the night 1 on 1 with Fev about 20 out. there was 3 seconds to go in the half and Carlton looked like they were getting ontop!!
-In the 3rd Presti took on Fev again and got an early spoil.
-Presti got another win when he tackled Fev as Heath got there again to get the ball out.
-Presti gave me a slight heartattack when he took a mark but played on in the face of Shaun Hampson and Eddie Betts. Presti soun out, touched the ball to ground and handpassed to Leroy. I couldnt belive my eyes! Shocked
-Presti got yet another spoil on Fev running with him about 45 out.
-Fev led to the wings with Presti all over him.
-Fev finaly took a tough mark on Presti about 50 out. No score.
-In the last quarter, Presti got Fev under the ball as Swan took the mark. Unfortunatly the ball was turned over to Fev for a kick.
-Presti seemed to find space as he got a easy handpass to Lockyer.
-1 on 1 again, Fev hit Maxwell and Presti took the open mark and had another 3 bounces! Shocked WTF is going on! Razz
-Presti was caught by Kruezer, But he got the ball to Leroy in time.
-Once again the ball dropped short for Fev. The ball was thorwn up as Fev was wanting to be paid the mark. Rolling Eyes (He must think its Cricket!).
-Fev finaly took a mark and kicked his first goal on Presti when the game was dusted. Infact it was quite a good kick. I thought he missed at first.
-in another one on one, Maxwell interupted as the ball went through for a behind. Presti kicked the ball in short. This ended his night.
-Presti didnt leave the defensive area all night and spent alot of the night in the goal square with Fev.
-Carltons delivery to Fev was poor but every time Fev made a lead, Presti was with him the whole way. Another big win for Presti. And a good recovery after a tough week against Franklin.
-Played 100% game time.

Next Week: Johno Brown.

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:53 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Brisbane Lions

-Hmm the old foe.
-For the opening bounce Presti went straight to Brown as expected.
-Couldnt have been more than 5 minutes in when they had their first contest. Presti got Brown under the ball and may have gotten a hand to spoil.
-After this ofcourse was when Brown turned around and clashed with Presti. Presti was down for a while before getting up with the docs around him.
-Stumbling around Presti somehow found himself with the ball and got a very interesting handpass out for what i thought was going to be his only stat for the night. He stumbled off the gound and into the rooms.
-Now i dont care what anyone says, the clash was accidental. Johnathan Brown has nothing but respect for Prestigiacomo and i would be very suprised to see him dog Presti under any circumstance.
-Leigh Brown replaced Presti with the job on John Brown.
-With around 10 minutes left in the 3rd, Presti was back out warming up on the sidelines. He was shown on the screen and the crowd noise was amazing.
-At 3 quarter time Presti went out to the team and kicked a ball around with one of the trainers. It was very encouraging to see the support from the other lads.
-At the 12 minute mark, Presti returned to the field. The crown noise was huge. And what was also very suprising was Presti went FORWARD! Could this be the night??
-Josh Drummond picked him up as Presti was running through the midfield and centre half forward positions. After this Jason Roe picked him up.
-Between wing and centre half forward, Presti made a lead and took a mark against Roe. Once again the crowd made a huge cheer. Presti kicked a long ball into our forward line but a Lion player took the mark.
-Whoever it was kicked straight back to Roe where Presti laid a tackle taking the ball over the line.
-Soon after, Presti took a second mark on the wing and kicked forward to the sounds of the crowd.
-Presti then got his first goal assist in our forward line with a handpass to Shane O'Bree who goaled!!
-Presti was picked up by Drummond again around centre-half forward before Cheynee Stiller had a crack.
-After a Pies point, Presti took a decent mark as he intercepted the Lions kick in. He kicked the ball to Didaks advantage.
-Presti made a lead and took a diving mark about 30 out on the angle. I couldnt believe my eyes. Presti kicked and the ball narrowly missed to the far side! Crying or Very sad
-Once again against Roe, Presti didnt seem to sure and all of a sudden he pushed off Roe and made a lead to Swans call. He marked and had his second shot at goal from about 45 out. This time it was a shocker! Geez i was sure this one was going to go through! On the replay, Presti didnt seem to happy at all! Lets just say he spoke! Razz
-I knew time was running out for the goal after Daisy tried taking that hanger. Presti was knocked over by Roe, but he got up quickly to make the tackle.
-After the siren, Presti was shown with Travis having a laugh and talking with some of the other lads. He seemed like he was dissapointed he didnt get the goal! Sad
-He met Johnathan Brown in the centre to shake hands and the had a little chat. Wish i knew what was said.

I must admit i was quite nervous for this game, but geez at the end of the night i dont think ive been happier leaving a match!

The funny thing was i was a bit late for the game which i hate cos i always think of it as bad luck. When we got to our seats J.Brown had just kicked his first goal and i wasnt to happy... then i noticed he was against Leigh Brown and not Presti.

I scanned the ground and im thinking where the heck is he?? I knew he wasnt a late change cos the only one they mentioned on the radio was Dawes.

At quarter time i had to ring my mate to find out what happened! He told me he had one stat and when he told me what happened... well i had the shits for the first 3 quarters... RazzRazzRazz Actually i really enjoyed the game and when Presti came back out it was really something!! Thanks for an unforgettable night!

Next Week:
The Birdman??

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:44 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Adelaide Crows

-Before the opening bounce Presti went to James Sellar, which was a big suprise. (Everyone knows i wanted the Birdman, and most people were expecting Tippet).
-Early on smothered the ball over the line on the wing.
-When the Crows went forward, it appeard that Presti was sliding across the grass in the goal square. I'm not sure what was going on as he wasnt near the ball?!
-Seemed to spend a little time on Taylor Walker before finally taking Brett Burton. (After his first goal).
-Against Burton, Presti made a big 1 on 1 spoil.
-Took a mark in the backline and kicked to Heater late in the 1st.
-In the 2nd, Presti started on Taylor Walker. In an early contest, both crashed to the ground where Presti taped the ball along the ground to a fellow Pie.
-Presti picked up Burton again as i had hoped. Presti made another 1 on 1 spoil.
-The second time, the ball fell short infront of the two, as Burton beat Presti to the ball and got a kick away to Tippet.
-Presti then played on Tippet where they wrestled in the goal square as the ball went through for a behind. (And in all fairness Presti should have been paid a free).
-Back on Burton, Presti gave away a questionable free which ended up a Crows behind. Not long after this Burton was off for the rest of the night. Sad But Presti was beating him at this point.
-In the second hald, Presti played mostly on Tippet. With a short stint on Porplyzia.
-Tippet got an early mark as Presti was on the ground behind him. Strange.
-Presti's only mistake came when he probably could have marked the ball but went the spoil instead. Which he kind of missed. Embarassed
-In the last quarter, Presti made three big spoils. The second one getting the gather and a handpass to BJ under pressure.
-Had my heart in my mouth when Cloke went back to Presti at CHB where he took a bounce and seemed a little unsure and finally handpassed to Harry. A similer scenario happend a few moments later.
-Presti's last piece of action came late when he was going to take the mark at CHB, but was spoiled by Tippet in somewhat of a role-reversal. Razz

-Overall a quiet night for Presti. Which usually means good things for the Pies. He did his job tonight without causing too much attention. The Presti of old i guess you could say.
-No Goals kicked against.

Next Week:
Geez, Richo isnt there!! This is new! Shocked

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:41 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Richmond Tigers

-Started the game on Mitch Morton. Just not the same as Richo!
-Spent alot of time switching between Morton and Joel Bowden all day.
-Against Bowden, believe it or not, Presti made his only spoil for the day.
-Had one handball to Harry before Mortons goal. (Against Harry).
-Presti finished the first quarter on Morton. (Was tackled high as the ball went out of bounds).
-In the second Presti started on Bowden.
-Had a couple of handballs when running from CHB to the centre.
-Melee#1: Presti wasnt involved.
-Melee#2: Presti had little involvement. Bit of pushing and shoving and i think he pulled someone off a teammate. Right after this he had the ball and handpassed.
-Got a kick to Harry, a handpass to O'Bree and finished the half on Morton.
-Started the second half on Bowden.
-Made a slight mistake when he had time to kick long, but handballed to Harry who was under pressure. Luckily, Harry got it back to Presti who this time kicked to a contest.
-Against Morton, Presti was shirtfronted (Not heavily).
-Presti took 3 marks and had 3 more handballs around the wing to end the 3rd quarter. He was on Bowden.
-In the last quarter Presti stayed on Morton. It was a very quiet quarter for both.
-Loved it when he marked and had a couple bounces up the wing and kicked forward.
-When Presti left the field with 3 minutes remaining, the world record was broken for most interchanges in a match.
-After the siren Presti congratulated Bowden.
-Presti had 97% game time and 3 tackles for the day.
-ZERO goals against.

Next Week: Thats right, no Baz!!

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:36 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Sydney Swans

-Started the game against Michael O'Loughlin. Good call by Dave86.
-Spent a bit of time against Adam Goodes which was exciting.
-When Goodes was benched, Presti picked up Ed Barlow for a very short time before finding Michael O'Loughlin again to finish the opening quarter.
-In the second quarter, Presti started on Goodes who took an early mark way infront of Presti on the Swans forward Flank.
-Presti spent most of the quarter on O'Loughlin who floated around the full forward area. Micky O took one mark on the wing against Presti.
-Presti finally had a kick when he managed to get the ball in a large pack and he just belted it long to the open flanks.
-One thing that i noticed from this quarter was Presti's chasing when O'Loughlin took off. Presti was fast enough to keep up and was right on his tail. Smile
-In the 3rd, Presti started on the Canadian, Mike Pyke.
-Presti also took in Darren Jolly for a while before oince again getting O'Loughlin.
-Presti finally saw some more action in a one on one against Micky O. Im not sure if he spoiled or just got him under the ball.
-Presti made a spoil in a 1 on 1 from a lolly-pop kick to O'Loughlin on the wing.
-Presti finished the 3rd on Pyke, where he made another spoil in a one on one on the flank. (He saw the ball out of bounds and Maxy got the free).
-In the last quarter Presti started on O'Loughlin before playing stints on Jolly, Jesse White, Dan Hanneberry and finishing on O'Louglin to end the game. He took a mark and had a handball near the end.
-Easily Presti's quietest game for the year. He didnt have Barry Hall to keep quiet so this was somewhat a new challenge for Presti playing on the much more agile O'Loughlin.
-Another victory for Presti and another new scalp to the belt. ZERO goals againt!

Next week:
I'm guessing Welsh?

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:34 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Western Bulldogs

-Started against Scott Welsh in the first. Took on Ryan Murphy and Brad Johnson for a few moments each.
-Beams had no choice but to put Presti under pressure when he hanballed to him. Presti tried to kick long, but it was a turnover.
-Presti left Welsh for Johnson and seemed to play a lose man in defence.
-Presti made a good tackle agasint Cooney.
-Presti finished the quarter with time against Will Minson and then Mitch Hahn.
-In the second, Presti started on Hahn. Soon after he was on the much smaller Daniel Giansiracusa. Against Giansiracusa, Presti made a big sheppard followed by a big bump, proving much too strong for "Gia". Rolling Eyes
-Back on Hahn, Presti got a spoil in a pack of four players.
-Presti was outmarked by Welsh on the wing/flank.
-Presti got a handball out under pressure near the centre circle with Hahn on his arse.
-Presti then played time againt Johnson, Andrejs Everitt, Robert Murphy before going back to Welsh.
-Againt Welsh, Presti took a good mark while being held onto.
-Presti (against Hahn) made a 1 on 1 spoil on the flank.
-Presti tackled Hahn over the line to force a throw in.
-Presti under huge pressure again got a handball out with Aka trying to bring him down.
-Presti ended the quarter on Johnson.
-In the 3rd, Presti once again had several opponents, starting on Hahn then Welsh.
-Hahn marked infront of Presti in the pocket which turned into one behind.
-Presti then switched opponents alot and i was struggling to keep up! Shocked
-Presti made two spoils against Murphy and then took a long run.
-Presti once again seemed to play spare man until he took on Hahn again for the rest of the quarter.
-In the last he started on Hahn where he made a good run down proving he still has his pace.
-Presti made a good 1 on 1 spoil while running with Hahn.
-Once again he changed opponents several times. Johnson, Hahn, Everitt, Hahn again and Giansiracusa before ending the match on Everitt.
-Presti took another mark at back pocket late in the game.
-Presti had SEVEN different opponents throughout the match. He had ZERO goals kicked against him.
-The Bulldogs worry me, because there is no real matchup for Presti. They rotate their forward line more than any other side. This in effect can take Presti out of the game and leaves him with the decision to stay back or follow his man into our forward half.
-In saying that he played mostly on Hahn (And i had a ripper avatar if we had won!Evil or Very Mad) and in that time Presti beat him easily.

Next Week:
Justin Koschitzke or Nick Riewoldt???

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Dave The Man Scorpio

Joined: 01 Apr 2005
Location: Someville, Victoria, Australia

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:01 am
Post subject: Reply with quote

Presti for AA
I am Da Man
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:36 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote


Vs St. Kilda Saints

-As expected, Presti started on Nick Riewoldt.
-Early in the game things were going fine.
-Presti made a few spoils, Riewoldt took a few marks on the flanks.
-Riewoldt marked infront of Presti about 40 out on an angle. Presti must have fell on Riewoldt and jarred his knee or something. Lenny Hayes didnt seem to like this and started getting agressive with Presti.
-Presti has never been the aggitator type, so Hayes is just a fkn twat for reacting like he did.
-After this things went downhill for Presti. Presti made plenty of spoils, but when he was outmarked, Riewoldt's kicking for goal was supurb.
-I noticed Riewoldt getting out on leads as Presti seemed to struggle to catch him. Riewoldt led alot up the flanks and into the wings.
-Therefore Riewoldt was taking easy marks rather than having one on ones with Presti. When he was in the one on one, Presti more often then not got the spoil.
-How to stop the lead? Usually Maxwell or Fraser/Wood block the hole and Presti takes care of the one on ones. Unfortunatly St Kildas passing was almost perfect.
-Presti stayed on Riewoldt until the start of the last quarter where he played time on Kosi and Clarke. Presti easily held them but the damage had been done.
-Goals kicked against - 4.

Sorry i didnt take my usual notes at the game... and i wasnt really feeling like watching the replay.

Next Week:
Most likly Tippet.
(Give me the Birdman!)

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

Joined: 05 Oct 2001
Location: London, England

PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:21 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Vs Adelaide Crows

-Stared on Kurt Tippet as expected.
-Early in the game Trent Hentchel had a shot which bounced about 30cm from the goal line! Shocked Presti, against Tippet, got to the ball first and got a handpass out to Maxy!
-Tippet kicked his first goal after Maxy gave away a free for too high. (Presti didnt seem to be close to the tackle at all).
-Presti got a pack spoil. The spill went to Jason Porplyzia who's shot was smootherd by Presti followed by a tackle to force a ball-up. A big highlight for the night.
-Shaw put Presti under a bit of pressure from a kick in. Luckliy Presti got a handpass to Harry in time.
-When Tippet went to ruck, Presti covered Trent Hentschel. This didnt last too long as Tippet soon came back forward and ended the first quarter.
-In the second, Presti once again covered Tippet. Presti got a tackle on Tippet when the ball fell short. Presti took a mark in the backline and kicked to Cloke. The kick was very dangerous, but Cloke thankfuly took the mark.
-Presti took a very good mark as the man infront of a pack. Unusuall to see.
-Birdman took a hanger over Presti and Tippet's one on one.
-The third quarter was very quiet for Presti. Infact i dont think Presti touched the ball once.
-Tippet did come upfield and Presti covered Ivan Maric until he went to Patrick Dangerfield. Very late in the third Dangerfield actually got a mark infront of Presti for a behind.
-In the last Presti played on Tippet. Early in a one on one, the ball fell short and bounced into the contest. Presti punched, but unfortunatly to the advantage of a Crows player.
-Tippet kicked his second goal after Presti lost his footing in an earlier contest.Tippet got ahead as a handball came to him and he ran into an open goal. The first real goal against Presti.
-Presti made aother big pack spoil.
-Presti tackled Tippet to ground as Goldsack came in and gave away a free for a high tackle. Nice acting by Tippet who might be looking for a career in Home And Away. He goaled.
-Presti crashed into the Birdman in a running contest with Tippet. Nice one!
-Presti made a big tackle on Tippet forcing a turnover to Maxy. (It was a one arm tackle too).
-At the 28 minute mark, The biggest bullshit free ever was paid. Presti firstle had a fresh air shot at the ball Embarassed. Presti was infront as Tippet got possesion over the ball. Tippet kept the ball on ground and got a free for holding the man. Realisticly it was a free to Presti for holding the ball. Anyway from the free, Tippet kicked a ripper and goaled to put the Crows infront by a point. Thank God for Jack Anthony!

-Presti kept pressure on Tippet and gave him no space to move all night. A big win. (2 Goals againt).

Next Week:

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:26 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

Unfortunatly, Presti missed out on All-Australian selection.

Scarlett was named Full-Back dispite playing 4 less games than Presti. Lake was back pocket and Bolton was CHB.

Presti had the second least goals kicked against, but played all 22 games for the year. He played on and beat most of the big name forwards in the competition.

The only two losses he had for the year was against Buddy (4 Goals) and against Riewoult (3 Goals).

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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Presti35 Virgo

Dick Lee for Legend Status

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PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2010 9:04 pm
Post subject: Reply with quote

NAB Cup Round 1 Vs St. Kilda, Etihad Stadium.

-Started the game as a substitute. Therefore he came on to play only in the second half. Replacing Nathan Brown.

-Presti came on half way through the 3rd quarter when Collingwood were 43 points down.

-Presti went straight to Riewoldt who had been dominationg. However, Riewoldt had little or no influence once Presti came on and the Pies came back to lose by one single point.

Goals against: ZERO.

*Was a great signt to see Presti take on who is regarded as the best forward in the competition. And close him down. Presti had only played on Roo a couple of times. Twice last year where Riewoldt kicked some goals and St Kilda had big wins.
Some it was somewhat of a redemption for the #35.
However the bad sign was seeing N.Brown and Reid (considered Presti's replacement once he retires) struggle throughout the match.

NAB Challenge (Practice Match) Vs Adelaide Crows, Alice Springs.

-With the limited coverage of this game it was difficult to get an honest view of Presti's game.

-From what I saw he played mostly on Trent Hentschel and even played a few minutes in Collingwoods forward line.

-In the wet.... really wet, conditions, i read that he played his typical style and had no goals kicked on him all night.
Collingwood with a comfortable win.

Goals against: ZERO.

*Like i said it was hard to get alot of information about this match. Presti has had alot of expierience in the wet and Hentschel was beaten as you would expect in the heavy conditions.
Unsure if he played against anyone else throughout the game.

NAB Challenge (Practice Match) Vs Richmond, Princes Park.

-No coverage of this game. But going from mattys123's match day report, Presti wasnt beaten once all day.

-I am unsure who Presti played against in this match. All i know is that Presti didnt play on Morton, who kicked most of Richmonds goals.
Collingwood with a massive win over the Tigers.

-Goals Against: Unsure. (Assuming ZERO, as Richmond only kicked 8 goals).

NAB Challenge (Practice Match) Vs Port Adelaide, Mount Gambier.

-Presti was named in the squad of 29, however i am lead to believe that he did not play in this match.

Round 1 Vs Western Bulldogs, Etihad Stadium.

-Played most of the match on Barry Hall.

-Presti's first kick was a turnover. This was also Collingwoods first kick of the day.

-Early on Hall took a mark Shocked but kicked a behind. Was a bad miss.

-Presti got his first spoil of the season when he punched the ball away from Hall on the flank.

-Picked up Will Minson for a short while in the first. In this time, Hall kicked his first goal. After the goal, Presti went back to Hall.

-Hall's first goal against Presti came from a pack situation. The ball fell to ground as Hall snuck out to gather and kick the goal. Presti was just too far away to do anything.

-Near the end of the first, Hall had a good lead until Presti came from behind to spoil the ball out of bounds. Soon after Presti took a mark and kicked long to end his quarter.

-Started the second quarter on Hall, before spending a short time on Minson again.

-When back on Hall, Brad Johnson sent a low kick into the Dogs forward line. Hall, sliding along the ground, took the mark with Presti on his tail. Goal.

-Presti's next contest with Hall was when Wellingham got a heavy hit from Hall on the lead. A small brawl erupted with certain Pies players wanting to have words with Hall. Some dogs player knocked Presti to the ground, but Presti didnt really seem to get involved. It almost looked like Presti wanted to get Leigh Brown out of the scuffle. After this Hall went off as Presti seemed to pick up lose Bulldogs up front.

-Right at the halftime siren, Presti marked the ball in the backline. Brad Johnson the hero ran into Presti after the siren. Presti just brushed him off when Johnson was saying something to him.

-In the start of the second half Presti made three important spoils early. The second was swated out of bounds and the third was a bit high but Presti got away with it.

-Late in the third, Hall marked on the lead and kicked a poster. This would be Hall's last score.

-In the last quarter Hall was very quiet.

-In a few more contests with Hall, Presti won them all. The best one late when Presti tackled Hall with a little help from Maxwell.

-Presti had an interesting rushed behind, but noting came from it. (Thought he may have been penalised).

-Barry left the field with his tail between his legs as Presti played a few more minutes before sitting on the bench for the end of the game.

Goals against: Two.

*After three early scoring shots, Presti ruled Hall after quarter time. I was a little nervous after Halls form in the NAB Cup games, but still confident that Presti could do the job. And he didnt let me down. And i was happy to see Presti claim a big name scalp early in the year.

Round 2 Vs Melbourne, MCG.

Did Not Play. (Groin soreness).

*Would have played on Miller if both were on the park. With Miller out, I guess he would have gone to Brad Green? Would have been interesting to see the final scores if Presti had of played.

Round 3 Vs St Kilda, Etihad Stadium.

-Started the game on Nick Riewoldt.

-Was playing very well against Riewoldt who only had 5 disposals and one behind until he did his hamstring in the second quarter. Infact Presti was not giving Roo any space at all. Signs were good.

-Collingwood were in good form until this moment. Infact i dont think the Pies kicked a goal for the rest of the night after this.

-I believe that Presti spent some time on McQualter and King when they spent time up forward. Not 100% on that.

Goals against: ZERO.

*I really wanted to claim the Riewoldt scalp. And he was in the process of doing it. But since Roo didnt play the second half, i cannot say that Presti claimed it. He is one of the very few big names that Presti hasnt scalped. I think i am still in shock that Collingwood kicked 4.17. Shocked

Round 4 Vs Hawthorn, MCG.

-Spent 99% of the game on Jarryd Roughead. A completly new opponent for Presti. Exciting.

-In their first contest, Roughead marked, but his kick fell short for a point.

-Later, Roughead was WIDE open, Presti came bolting in for the spoil, but the umpire paid a free. Another behind.

-Presti was dominating Roughead in the first. "Roughead with 2 disposals in 25 minutes".

-In the second quarter there was nothing. Nothing! Pies were getting on top and Roughead was nowhere to be seen. Smile Mind you Presti was getting alot of help with the Hawks lack of delivery.

-In the final minutes of the half, Roughead finaly took a mark against Presti. 45 metres out, behind. Smile

-Early in the second half, Jarryd Morton marked in space and played on. Presti chose to leave Roughead to pressure Morton. Unfortunatly, Morton handballed to Roughead who kicked the open goal. Not much Presti could do.

-In the last quarter, Roughead had a running shot at goal. However i was unsure if Presti was still on Roughead who had snuck away, or against Campbell Brown who he was running with when this happened. It didnt matter anyway as Roughy missed everything as Heath tackled him down. Presti did take the free and kicked long to a contest in which Roughead got the ball to Cyril Rioli who goaled. Mad

-Presti dropped a chest mark, but made up for it when he won the free for tackling Roughead who threw the ball out.

-After a spell on the bench, Presti returned to face Roughy, who he tackled over the line for a behind.

-Presti closed out his night by winning another free for holding the ball against Morton.

Goals Against: One.

*Presti complety dominated Roughead. A new scalp to the collection. The job was made a little easier by the great teamwork of Collingwood and the lack of ball the Hawks were sending forward.

Round 5 Vs Essendon, MCG.

Did not play. (Groin).

*Was sad to hear that Presti was going to miss this clash. Last year was his 200th game when we all had our hearts broken by Zaharakis. I'm guessing that he would have gone up against Gumbleton or Hurley if he was playing up front. Which is a shame because i also want those scalps on the resume. Presti might not get the chance to play on these guys if he dosnt go around again next year.

Round 6 Vs Carlton, MCG.

Did not play. (Groin).

*Without Fev or a real forward, its hard to tell if Presti was that badly hurt or just being rested. If he had of played, im guessing he would have gone to Henderson. However, i think he may have gone to O'hAilpin when he was starting to fire. I would have liked to of seen that.


Will Presti be back for the North Melbourne game? Was he really that injured he had to miss two games in a row, and three of the past 5?

If he playes who will he line up on? I'm thinking he will get Hale when he is up front. McIntosh also plays stints up forward so, i think he will even play on the big ruck when he is up forward.

A Goal Saved Is 2 Goals Earned!
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