Internet Supporter Group


    The Collingwood Football Club has created a new membership class to cater to Collingwood supporters with access to the internet, and particularly to those who are geographically remote from the Club.

    It was originally planned that this membership would cater to international Collingwood supporters only, but it is obvious that there are supporters in Australia who are just as isolated from the Club as any international supporter, so the concept has been expanded to include all internet supporters.

    A web site will be provided exclusively for the use of Internet Members. As well as providing members with their own meeting place, the site will contain Internet Members news and information and a forum area that will be monitored, and contributed to, by Club officials. On-line player forums will be conducted twice per season using live chat sessions and will be open to Internet Members only.

    The Membership includes:

    1. The opportunity to be actively involved with and contribute to the welfare of the Club.

    2. A 5 game season ticket in a special wallet and including pre-public access to finals tickets.

    3. A full subscription to 'In B&W' the classy new Club magazine.

    4. The opportunity to meet and chat with players on-line (twice per season)

    5. The ability to be able to interact directly with the Club using the permanent forum page on the web site.

    6. Enamelled Supporter Group key ring medallion.

    Membership Fees

      Annual fee

        Resident in Australia and outside 120km. radius of the Melbourne GPO. - $66

        Resident outside Australia. - $A70

    The issue of the season ticket is necessary to validate the membership. The ticket is being issued as part of the membership package, whether or not members will have the opportunity to use it. It is being issued at a much reduced price in recognition of the fact that a high proportion of Internet Members will be unable to take advantage of the benefits that it carries.

    Existing Social Club members can become internet members for $25.00, and will receive all except items 2 & 3 above. Existing season ticket holders can become internet members for $37.00, and will receive all except item 2. In both cases your current membership/ticket number must be provided, and distance from the Melbourne GPO becomes irrelevant.

    Advantages to the Club

      A means of involving supporters who would otherwise be out of reach.

      The opportunity to involve those in other countries who are interested in AFL, but do not yet support a particular team.

      A means of showing the football public in general that Collingwood is progressive and is prepared to continue being the leader in embracing technology as a part of its communications infrastructure. No other Club is using the internet in this way to include supporters who would otherwise have to rely on generally available web sites and publications.

      Assistance with the '40,000 members by the year 2000' membership campaign.

    Join up

    For information on being a part of this unique group please write to