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copeland trophy night Unlisted players Ricky back from the dead??? Ressies game tonite. Prestigiacomo doubt? Pressure playing Pies Pick of the delistings. Monky joins the Gone list Hot "Dog" aka Saveloy. Hill Billies! cricket!! rule changes not needed. Carlton Penalty In 10 years .. Pies VS Lions. ARE YOU COMING??? Wakelin re-signs favourite thing about your favourite guys Latest Poll on black and white magazine! Collingwod Training and xmas party Footy groupies.... Do players value Money more than the Jumper? CARLTON JOKE THREAD Mick's Comments & 1st Training Run Chipper Adkins Thank to FTO for pointing this out. We Are the Aging Blues April 17th!!! Staying on Topic It is Official, We are Official Almost 100 already CHEERSQUAD TICKETING Our Draft Picks pre-season game vs carlton Matthew Lokan Value of the subscription?? Melbourne = Just Stupid Message from the president Centrebet AFL Summaries CHEERSQUAD 2003 ALL IDEAS WELCOMED Stick THAT right up your arse CARLTON and SIDEWAYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROOP thought sum might b interested scotland yet to re-sign training???? Can you believe this? What The.. Thought this was an interesting read The Derby! pop quiz (1st kick a goal) msn messenger Is No Premiership in 2003 Underperforming? When is our AGM likely be What is the advantage to delisting, then re-drafting the same player? eg. Alessio Collingwood 2002 DVD anyone having problem with msn messenger ? MICK MARTIN...A BLUE HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROOP A Call to Sydney Collingwood Supporters SCSC Meeting Sunday 1st December Carlton's sticking to the youth policy. Ben Affleck - Sexiest man alive? Draft Chat Now Open! Bye Bye Blues Draft Picks !!! LOL LOL April 17th who would have thought it would come to this does anyone have,..... 2003 Williamstown Draw Trying Hard to understand Anzac Day 2002 clash on DVD? 10.30am, November 24. G'day all Allan - Resigned yet? Did you miss... pre-season cup thingy! Eddie's Column Footy years left in Nathan Buckley? What a year for non Pie fans..... Does Anyone Remember... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!:( Women's Rights Draft Moorcroft to Carlton ( lol ) for the betterment in 2003 Moorcroft to Carlton ( lol ) Pictures wanted ... of ... AFL Ladder - wrong? question regarding melbourne vs magpie game next year! Happy Birthday, McGough's Gurl Melbourne paying for part of Woey's contract FIRST GAME! question :) player payments Eddie's Column wakelin yet to re-sign Port Adelaide Magpies Moorcroft delisted Collingwood: Leading the way financially Draft Time. Creating a BIG Molloy Noise - like Roooop! ? our msn groups WE ARE PLAYING CARLTON IN THE PRE SEASON CUP AND WERE GONNA KILL THEM Collingwood's Most Valuable 30, In order, please add your own Can you believe this??? Bendigo Bombers To All Liverpool Fans The spirit of football Is Tarkyn Lockyer overrated? Ablett NEW EMAIL ADDRESS Heath Scotland CHRISTMAS!!!!! Blues Officially Charged With Breaches of Cap ricky mott Are the AFL partly to Blame? IF we had won the grand final... MAGPIE RACING SYNDICATE Woey fuming at Dees Jason's Back! magmail I NEED HELP WITH HOTMAIL Our latest Recruit........well sort of Podsiadly????? A taste of Williams and Woey Pre-Season Training Liverpool 2002/2003 - The Year of the Reds Why I luv Collingwood!! Who is your top 5? Terry Daniher joins Collingwood - What will he bring to the club? Sing Along. Who is going to be the suprise packet next year? I thought this is a messageboard? Woey Woes I NEED DRESS HELP PPLES!! I NEED HELP WITH A DRESS PPLES!! MY ADVENTURE AT MYER Hi Im New man u's slide - beautiful Pearl Jam Rude with a capital R Just a Gimmick Real Estate! I'm checking my name too checkin name What Cars Do The Boys Drive??? More Dees Woes Real Estate! we are nobodies Collingwood Jim Beam Decanter 1978 The obligatory Derby Day racing thread The Cups Over Lets Talk footy and the Magpies! The Woewodin Deal.....Done??? Woewodin Woewodin Blackburn Rovers next yr Back in bussiness Melbourne Cup Tips Draft ? who are the assistant coaches now that Laidley has gone? Club X-Factors The Wheels are Well & Truly Off Now Does anyone know any good places to download AFL/Collingwood Video Clips Your Sweep Horses i am now also known as ....... warle omg guess what?! Inaugural Nick's Melbourne Cup Sweep Most Valuable Players Prior #23 or higher picks in the draft Another April 17th Post.... Collingwood. By Alyssa xoxo Intresting cheersquad footy match speaking of membership Our lil footy quiz!!!! A Champion Calls It Quits. bring on season 2003 we're ready to rumble Thanks Mike!! do we need more moderators? Membership options Nick Davis hot players from OTHER teams... NE one been out with one(or more) of da guyz? Line up after the trade period (What do you think?) clokes nickname Happy Birthday Tarkyn!! I spy!!! I know this is petty, but... Confirmed trades happy birthday Adkins=Gone ! Magpie hits the books- Mark McGough! ALESSIO THE FINAL STRAW FOR CES Delisting ?? WHAT THIS SPACE IN THE COMING MONTHS To Nicky Davis, Luv Alyssa xoxo Disgraceful Lets call a truce people... For Nick Davis. From Pat. We hate Nick Davis fan club Thi is for you BUCKS (The Bucks on Nicks!) Andrew Williams? WINKOJ.EXE OUCH!!! Welcoming Woewodin UGLIEST FOOTBALLER Happy Birthday Tarkyn! SALARY CAP QUERIES Essendon- Thank you Cloke - Davis Alan Didak Why do ya think........ What if ? KNOWLEDGE What Mick Said About Our Trades What is the deal with bigfooty?? How do you spend your Saturday nights? Pickett Woey and CFC Media Conference for paulie and other punters your most memerable footy moments! chipper & nicky :( Other reports 3 club deal for getting Woewodin to Magpies Blake Caracella deal Has Daylight Savings Started In Victoria?? Draft picks Shane Woewodin a Magpie????? eagles in corruption probe Footy Bloopers cox plate kilmore cup This Time of Year Collingwood's Proposed Recruiting Policy Trade Period - What is the latest? Your most hated TEAM AND PLAYER Who Will be Disappointed if we don't do something during trade period? its like collingwood vs the cranbourne under 12's for gods sake! Future Stars ? Schoolie Schoolie Schooloohool! There's a Spider at Glenferrie Blake Caracella Pies now keen on a Bomber sorry, just had to post this pic of Chris Dailight Savings departure carey deal confirmed - johnson to tigers what about Fletcher? TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR!!! Do you know ? Just a guess BORED BORED BORED Monash Clayton Shootings An Explanation flith salary cap investigation All quiet at Collingwood travis jonhston Keating magpie joffa Whats your favourite footy song of all time? $2 Million for Dogs ? Victoria Park - Help Wanted HORSE RACING GAME Caulfield Cup AUSSIES CLEAN UP IN SHARJAH my name change Music to Inspire the Masses The Pies will be ****ing back and ****in better than ever Aussies win International series by drawing second test Nick's People! BORED BORED BORED Cartoons :) Yaaay go our music! hahahaha! OMG theres a bored Board!!!!! See you guys next season im joining the cheersquad Trade Possibility Words! Words! Words! Procrastination astounds... Rach's Demented songs!!!!!! OFFICIAL.!! Nick Davis Tells Collingwood "I Want To Be A Swan" Miss Pat's Books For Little Kiddies where do you get ur pics? Movie Madness!! Who am I??? Belly-buttons!!! A way for Healand to the shockers that involves the Pies ? An article on my all time favourite John Greening Hateful comments Collingwood movie A question ( for Dads ) What the.....? This board looks interesting... Alyssa & Amber's Demented Stories Fletch named Seagulls best. Daniel Harford Rach & Alyssas demented poems!!!!hahaha bloody channel 9 31 days left- where to go??? Jude Bolton resigns with the Swans for 2 years Headland Quits Something Different The Definitive Collingwood Grand Final Record... Jason McCartney family day Tania's Shoes Who will win the wooden spoon in 2003? Swans reconsider Port Melb merger. AFL Hypocrites do you think eddie will go down in history as the greatest ever collingwood president COPELAND ON FOXTEL TONITE We are outa here???? First coach to get the axe in 2003 Does anyone know the age restrictions for a childs ticket to the footy?? MEMBERSHIP! Hotmail Users trade week ? OMG I missed the Copeland on FOX - I wont despair it's on Mon@6.30pm or Wed@3pm (Vic) Delists for 2002 Saints loss Bali Bombing Trouble with my password... Doggies, you are the weakest link....Goodbye!!! What do you want for christmas BALI Same Tara different Username!! INTERNATIONAL RULES same tara different name! collingwood horses "REAL" trades... KEVIN SHIRTY ! LOL Possible 2003 Draw Cameron Cloke Keep your eye on the Herald Sun tomorrow Where is Johnny in the Ponny ?? Pies v. PA tonight a question to all da chickadees SHEREE'S BIRTHDAY Aussie wide supporters club Passwords Admiral Collingwood in the News!!! THANK YOU JOFFA! Guineas Guesses WHERE WAS THE COPELAND TELECAST ON FOX FOOTY? Why I love Living in Queensland We are Official - Time to say THANKS!!! MTV Presents... MAL MICHEAL YOU ARE A DOG OF A BLOKE i want MY collingwood back mapiemail + webmail Clive Waterhouse ? ANY PICS FROM THE COPELAND? Kane Johnson. who went to 1990 grandfinal? Kane Kornes quits Adelaide Trent Croad Next Seasons Draw Blues cull Christou....will Kouta stay behind? What are the odds that Nick Davis re-signs with Collingwood was it just me?? lOKING FOR A BED GO THE MAGPIE GURLS !! Photos - Copeland 2002 FINALS 2002 Photos - Pt 2! channel 9s licence renewal HOT TRADE RUMOURS lets not get carried away Say no more Travis Johnstone version 2 Okay here are my plans Cheer Squad People.... It's Official, we are Official Photos - Grand Final Parade 2002 Jude Bolton for Nick Davis moderators? I Complained To Girlfriend Magazine! THE 1 YOU WANT MOST!!! Nick Davis to Sydney??? The Age Hypotheses Last Friday Not Even Once Some help please... Luke Toia and Andrew Shipp PAUL LICURIA - TOWER OF STRENGTH Peter Couples cd. Nick Told "No Copeland Night For You!" FINALS 2002 Photos can u kick a footy 'properly'? C'mon guyz give us a chance One for the Ladies. Swans players that would get a game for the Pies (Analysis of the swans list) official pies site Buckleys GF (as seen by the Copeland voters) official pies site Who is going to Caulfied Guineas Day this Saturday? SPRING RACING CARNIVAL Clement Should Say NO!!!!!! IMPORTANT NEWS RE: NICK DAVIS (dedic: to tara) More Good News! IT MIGHT BE EARLY BUT WHAT THE HAY! Another HUGE Rumor! DaicosMagic World's Best Joke Cricket season (anyone need a player?) I'm new here We will remember 'Pants' Congratulations Lica and Clokey Moneybags at it again! MCG & FRASER! Shane Crawford WTF! 2002 Best & fairest TAZZA'S DREADIES Guy Richards and Justin Crow SPIDER!!! Robert Walls is going to embarrass himself Mick Malthouse Rumour Should we keep Damien Adkins? Bloody Hell, welcome to "Days Of Our Lives" cops play at VIC PARK MY GRAND FINAL PICS Jason Cloke! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH Mr Cummiings stays a PIE.... burnsy and lica It's a bitter sweet symphony The boys are looking hot Congrats Licuria!!!!!!!!! Ashy and Elly's topic Thanks Mike From the Swan's BBoard. How was your week? Sorry to see you leave nicky d Questions about our list Congratulations Paul Licuria No Premiership, Nick's Off, Players suspended...Now For The Good News!!!!! licuria wins 2nd copeland Chris Tarrant Being Held. ( Just for a change) who will win the Copeland ? Tazza & Bucks MM interviews Brittain Veron's Goal When is Trade Week?? Copeland Live ?? No Pies at Draft camp i would like to join the cheersquad (joffa alf or any cheersquad member please read) MICK???????????? Re: 2003 fixture NO AFFAIRS NO PUCHUPS NO ILLNESS Stop the Tears ROY AND HG Re: LICA AND CWOOD IN TEARS The Plot To Kill Rocca's Goal & Other Conspiracies For The FTO'ers The Norm Smith Medal What a JOKE! smear campaign - another rumour about to hit The Draw Who Is The Hottest Collingwood Player ??? All Australian Lost Topics Please Nick Davis, Stay! Final Update Notice. Heath Scotland & Brodie Holland = Trade bait Ideal Trades? When do we play our first practise match ? That one hand Question about suspensions... Malthouse and Licuria GRAND FINAL !!!! What was the banner message? THE GF ! How Do You Start A New Squad? Our era has begun Dean Laidley new Roos coach. Thanx for a gr8 year in the Cheersquad Re: " Tazza " Tripple M speech available on casette akers refuses to shut up despite win pre-season Gaelic Football Final Bux on Music Max 10 Good things about Kane Cornes & Ackermanis attack on akers - day 3(even im getting bored with it) Im Back In The Bay What a Surprise!!!! What's worse ? Whats the Difference Between Akermanis & Sam Newman??? No cricketers next year! Ive never cried so much in my life! (PLEASE READ!) Interested to see.. farewell and many thanks If you were a fruit...... Tell me How Proud You Are. Just to prove a point! Leon It looks like we won The umpires and weather helped the Pies get close Arise Sir Paul Actions Speak Louder Than Words IFS AND BUTS! Get Spider Rups for brownlow Chris Tarrant Appreciation Society my attack on akers continues - day 2 Is there a Southern Tas equivalent??? Need Your Help Big Thanks Collingwood are the champions! Norm Smith medal a joke More Bias Reporting A SHOW OF RESPECT FOR CLOKEY !! CLOKE OUT RICHO IN What a Weekend ! Say What!!!!!! Cloke the difference???? What we need to win a premiership.. The Great Hug final match report for 2002,albeit a short one Important Read re: N.Davis. Norm Smith medal Tried to read about it but...... Goal umpires need GLASSES. WAR!!!! our trade target Finals Press 30th. The Last Time. suggestion on Davis - one more year Hey Dr Alf Andrews. one of the best i reckon! Footy Show biffo Do I? or Don't I? A Grand Final reflection Devastated and shocked...but proud Proud of our boys efforts this season! Now that the Grand Final is over..... Trade week start planning now Number 2 with a red bullet Finals Press Sun 29th. The Wash Up. Anyone need GF Tickets? Buckley, NORM SMITH MEDAL IN A LOSING SIDE!.......CHAMPION un-stoppable my arse! cool 10 minutes to game...NO CHANGES Oh the nerves Pies by 7 points. Time To Enjoy, Time to Barrack....It's TIME!!! Live Scoreboard & Chat. Finals Press 28th GRAND FINAL DAY! Is it Just Me??? Good Luck to Magpies everywhere! THE ****ING HOLY GRAIL! Weather What time at the Cricketers? Everybody's In- Outs, Score and Crowd Pies in London Message for mike. Grand Final Tickets Beware Calling all users of Magpie Mail Good Luck! My dog barracks for....... A great full feature interview with BUCKS The Great Hug Grand Final Parade ahhh...I'm looking out my window...... Carl's Banner Sketch Activities I have made the trip down here. Last training session pix at Victoria Park Should I go to Vic park to watch the granny? email pies a message of support Pies on a mission against terror omens Time To Enjoy, Time to Barrack....It's TIME!!! Live Scoreboard & Chat. Time To Enjoy, Time to Barrack....It's TIME!!! Live Scoreboard & Chat. Time To Enjoy, Time to Barrack....It's TIME!!! Live Scoreboard & Chat. Time To Enjoy, Time to Barrack....It's TIME!!! Live Scoreboard & Chat. Time To Enjoy, Time to Barrack....It's TIME!!! Live Scoreboard & Chat. Finals Press Fri 27th 30 great pics from today's GF training session those going to GF Parade - info Collingwood Autgraphed Footy for sale to all pies fans in adelaide September 26th Update! Official Venues for the Northern Army to Come and watch the Pies The Official Queensland Venues to Come and Watch the Pies CLOKEYS APPEAL We got grand final tickets GF TICKETS 4 sale - cost price Finals fever at Vic Park Just to Say THANKS!!!! Carl's Banner Sketch Grand Final Tickets TRAINING!! Im On My Way Too Help us if u can - NOT MOLLOY DESPERATE TO PLAY (& CRACK HEADS)... The Magic 8 Ball says a Pies victory Cummings Set To Retire Training Session Today! Reserves GF reports. Re:Appeal of clokes case grand final ticket for sale Good Article - Who the hell will be playing in this game? Training Do it for this guy! Does anybody know..... AFL is just laughing at us HERE COMES THE RAIN!!!! For Junkboy - Cuthbert Collingwood Finals Press Thurs 26th Tripple M to broadcast the grand final 'speech' I'm Off to QLD... The Recruiting for 2003 has begun. Chance for Bucks 2002 Grand Final Tickets Happy B/Day Gavin Brown.............Oh, and you to Nick!! Happy 18th! Will McGough come into the 22? September 25th Update! Collingwood Nokia Ringtones & Logos Anyone from Sydney going down? My brother wants to come down from Sydney A Message To Anthony Rocca 2002 Grand Final Tickets We will WIN this Saturday I hate Sheedy but...... Sunday footy show theme song help! Unsuccesfull Ballot Members....LOOK HERE!!! TARRANT LIKELY TO MISS GF!!! CLOKE FOUND GUILTY !!! Greg Nostradamus Hobbs from the Footy Record COLL V ADELAIDE FEW PICS FROM CRICKETERS Where do 2nd ballot winners sit? NATHAN BUCKLEY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! Richo for Cloke molloy, mcg in?? Walls gives us no chance !!! Are We Breeding Soft Footy Players!!! MORE BAD NEWS. UMPIRE FRAMING CLOKE, UMPIRING ON GF DAY More ballot tix Finals Press 25th Sept. 4 FAB!! (big problems!!) BRISBANE MORE TICKETS THAN COLLINGWOOD HIT THE CUBS FRICKEN HARD (PHYSICALLY & VERBALLY)...& THEN SOME!!! Matchups for Grand Final Reserves win GF. Congrat's and Good Luck Brownlow Chant For - Los Angeles Magpie Supporters. Goodbye to a member of the family..:( Update! clokey Season Ticket holders- Second ballot I'm going to the Granny:) Tarrant's Hyperextension The magpie army grand final march The cricketers grand finale SPEECH anyone complaining watch out!! GF Umpires Why is there only 34 BALLOT numbers? IT'S TIME Browlow count and PIES in the Media/Press bit 'a' laughs! Joffa on Sunrise!! Banners A VENUE FOR QUEENSLANDERS!!!!! Grand Final Footy Show GF Tickets being auctioned as we speak saturday at viccy park Grand Final Chat Open Now!!!! Finals Press Tues 24th (Happy B/Day Hawksfan!) RiNg ToNeS Joffa Goes Off! HAPPY BDAY STIK 35 Trivia Time Grand Final Function Update! WHAT MADE US' COLLINGWOOD PEOPLE'. BUCKLEY CHANT So my baby has no hair! Grand Final Tickets PETER COUPLES! Relive It! Live Scoreboard & Chat 21/09/02 saturday at victoria park People who got tix through the ballot, what time are you getting to the G? Idea For Grand Final Banner What I appreciate about Steve McKee Get Off Our Bandwagon General Public Can ANYONE help.......???? What Did They Say Today? obsessions!! Idea for the banner on Grand Final Day QUEENSLAND VENUE FOR ALL PIE SUPPORTERS Has it hit you yet? Help! Can someone explain. whos going where for the GF? Grand Final Tickets Cheek-poking Grand Final in Auckland Important! isnt this ironic Friday Night? GF Tickets Well done to all in cheer squad Prelim.....Live Scoreboard & Chat!! YOU BEAUTY - SENSATIONAL WIN BOYS!!! 'On our way to the MCG' How far did we travel? Finals Press Mon 23rd for the many who'll miss out - GF activities GRAND FINAL DAY AT BARLEY CORN HOTEL Ballot High Numbers Only? Collingwood 4 Life Hey Dr. Andrews! grand final day GF Tickets...How much and when do they becoem available for public? records? What Collingwood Mean To Me... Let's RIP EM APART - GO PIES!!! J.L.R.N.B (President Alyssa) HEHE Full Forward Dilemma victoria park HEEEELP!!! where are the you? Grand Final Ticket Allocation Ballot done for finals tickets The ballot GF tickets for sale - pricey but available YES!! The Press After our Win! Tickets I've Booked my ticket down - friday Our Captain Speaks ! Another winner. Scoreboard Chat !! Official Now. PIES vs bears. Grand Final 2002 ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!!! Great pics galore from today's game Well done everyone This one is for you, Bucks Time for new moccos !!!! we're in the farkin granny!!!!! 2nd last match report for 2002 Going over? PREDICTIONS Brisbane Magpies Totally footy is now on TenVic. This means the game is LIVE!!! Live telecast on 10??? Jarrod makes way Couragous Cloke I'm in shock Time to March, MCG here we come... One day (and a bit) to go Ummm plz explain??? Finals Press Preliminary Day! A Pie in Bundaberg Prelim.....Live Scoreboard & Chat!! LOUD!!!! I will pop in and say YOU THUCKEN Cobood our own radio star. Well done Frankie Who’s going to be the surprise packet in 2002? cant resist a carlton joke,sorry. worst umpires awards! Crow injuries Happy Birthday, Doska. PRELIMINARY FINAL Slogans please post here!! knocking down vic park? If? after match function? Nick Davis delete HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHY! I got a hug!!!!!!! See you all saturday..its going to be huge!! choke Rumour file - Carlton Unwoodenspooned? Pics - Williamstown v Murray Kangaroos People in the Ponsford Stand Post Four Gulls in top team. Hot Pies "The Finals Edition" is out PIES TRAINING UPDTE TODAY - 1000s TURN UP TO WATCH Where is the standing zone? WKB:We are........... Finals Press Friday 20th All the best GET ON WITH IT! Rumors live audio commentary Last time me played for a Grand Final.... Bux Named @ CHB? Is the standing area any good? GREAT NEWS INJURED CROWS PLAYERS Molloy makes way for Bux Prelim.....Live Scoreboard & Chat!! Prelim.....Live Scoreboard & Chat!! Prelim.....Live Scoreboard & Chat!! Prelim.....Live Scoreboard & Chat!! Hello! Just For Laugh's Brownlow Count PRMIERSHIP TEAM - The Only Team that Matters!!! I know who's going out for Bucks to come in...... wayne jackson is a genius isnt he! STONE the BLOODY CROWS!!! where is the chher squad Social Club Finals Press Thurs. 19th A couple of Pies stories.... Ticketmaster Saga Part Two! If we win ? EDDIE AND STAN Gaelic Football, ANYONE GOT SPARE TICKETS THEY WANNA SELL A Question about the AFL2003 Game. Canberra Collingwood supporters September 19th Update! September 19th Update! All Australian ignores the pies MAGPIE CHAT TONIGHT, ANYONE? The march to the 'G' will you join us!! JOFFA & THE SCARECROW!!! vs ADELAIDE at the 'G' - Stand Up and Be Counted!!! Bucks talks about MM from AFL site JOFFA in HERALD SUN - "One-Eyed and Proud" Channel 9's All Australian Coverage! 3 more sleeps Anyone around Gold Coast for the Prelim? How Rude ALL AUSTRALIAN "NUMBER 1" - Motivation from MANOWAR!!! Finals Press Wednesday 18th MILAN - AND I AINT TALKING ITALY Finals Press for O/S interstate fans. Collectible Footy THE RED FLAG...COLL...ING...WOOD September 18th Update! and now of Josh!!! Closed session Wednesday??? hey hey i'm new ticketmaster saga Club raffle Buckley In - Who's out ? MAGPIE PRESSURE: OVER-RATED MEDIA HYPE!!! Smug?! Write us off at your peril $3 million picture with name prelim ticket question PIES TRAINING AT MCG TODAY - UPDATE!!! The Cirlce Finals Press Tues 17th any injuries to crows ? CRICKETERS PRE MATCH URGENT READ LIFE OR DEATH! PIES TRAINING AT MCG TODAY - UPDATE!!! GF Tix A SIMPLE YES OR NO HELP Where is Ticketmaster???? HELP Another question Mick's Monday Mind Games Collingwood Ringtone... Cyaz all in a month :( betting!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!! yze how many possies will licca get Joffa's BBQ - How did it go??? One For The Presti Fans!! Reserves into prelim AND THEN THERE WERE 4 Nothing to Crow about So it's the COWS!!!!!! Bux Finals Diary Bye Bye Bombers! :) Crows or Dees.....who will it be? Bux mentions Nicks! Message to Alf Pride Rumour - Player walks. *Rach_Luvs_LONIE* Johnno stays! WHY DO WE HATE CARLTON SO MUCH FOR? Too many red herrings, Sheeds Collingwood from our perspective... The Scum are Gone!! 2002- A Flag for the taking ticket chances New Kangas theme song hey DID THIS HAPPEN ? The Nicky D rumors refuse to go away. Channel 10 you are a disgrace did port play bad or did we play well Will u be disapointed if we go down in the pre-lim?? Some ammunition for our boys We are aware of the UNSUBSTANTIATED rumours To FJD Msg to Joffa and Dr alf There is a god Yesterday at Collingwood Training - SHARP!!! Any idea when we play the prelim? Censorship Policy Training????? To all Syndey Pies fans New bus/motorhome neone know how to bulid Lethal deflects attention from the Lions. Daniel Chick GONE = Hawks Wooden Spooners Next Year Pics now online Williamstown's season is over. prelim final WHAT WAS THE DOC "ALF" DOING AT VICCY PARK? Club Song - 2nd Verse September 12th Update! Australian Rules Film Question to the Admin/Moderators of NBB Coaches play musical chairs How do I contact Sydney Magpies to join? Rallying Your Support The pics from Adelaide are ready - starring the Man in the Golden Jacket of course! what day? Collingwood football club address? September 10th Update! I dobbed Primus in! Who will win ? Where's RCT? BBQ NEXT SAT MY PLACE tickets What a weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!! Are We a Better Side than 1990???? Please someone tell me this isnt a dream!! Lloyd smashed!!!!!!!!!! AFL??? You are a heap of gutless jokers!! A supprise from the man in gold match report,betta late than neva. wow what a weekend scoreboard announcer??? Who will be dropped for Buckley? Chicken Train!!! What is the???????? How The Team Will Line Up.... 4 rach, aly and anybody else who's bored! Run thru on 6/9/02 Joffa Jacket A message from the Prez of the Rupe Group n e suggestions? MELBOURNE OR ADELAIDE??? Mad Monday for the Bombers - 16 Sep LIVE coverage stats ATTENTION: Prize Winners Magpie Mail Footy Tipping Rooboy shows us what he is made of ----nothing! Underdogs did it again.. the great man! Scoreboard Chat? SA Finals Footy??? GRAND FINAL Rockin' the Social Club SHANE O'BREE - TAKE YOUR CHANCE Our Best win SInce GF 1990- Match analysis Here we go here we go We Deserve It!!!!! more "up yours" from port WAHAY! Steve McKee and Ben Johnson Hearts MM keeping a lid on it and every b@stard laughed at me... Here we go here we go Interesting FINAL scenario WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! how does this make you feel ?? Well done guys Malcolm Blight Cheap theatrics to prove costly Why We Will Win and Grow a Foot Taller!!!! Good chance of playing Melbourne/Kangaroos Now to Brissy or Crows WE WILL WIN R E S U L T Onya Doc A night to remember! (Port Vs Collingwood) And now everything changes What a win - take that Cornes McKee Stop Tredrea IT'S TIME CARN THE PIES! KILL THEM PORT IDIOTS! The Team Happy birthday Jimmy Three Big recruits for the Pies Magpie Mail Footy Tipping - AND THE WINNERS ARE.... Nicky Davis Pics from Saturday's Beer Garden session Should Scott Cummings remain at Collingwood Next Year? INTO GLORY RIDE - Conno issues a Call to Arms! sick of this How many goals Pies vs. Port ELEVATION!!!! Illimination finals - And the Winner is....... SEPTEMBER!!!! tickets available for those who want to go WHERE IS EVERYBODY WATCHING THE COLL V PORT MATCH LIVE in SYDNEY No Cereal Port! Primus vs ? A CHANT FOR DIMMA Ruckman available for 2003. MIND GAMES! :confused FAV RADIO STATION!! Another Collingwood Website Correct me if I am wrong but...... good omen Lord Collingwood What time is the Port Function on? 2 questions needed answers to please help*s* Bux Ruled Out For Friday!! Movin to perth September 5th Update! meeting place at football park Friday! Cummings for Friday? The 'speech' in the carpark @football park Dipper, LD and the other the season has started let's get talking! MAGPIE PREMIERSHIP WHAT YEAR Social Club Memberships Best Wishes Whos going to Adelaide Port Monopoly.... licka talks of new attitude for finals Strategy v Port Chris Curran cometh to the Grand Final! Magpie Mail Footy Tipping - Standings after Round 22 dick reynolds So this board cannot take a reality check!! Lose this week - goodbye 2002 happy b'day dalz OFFICIAL RUN HOME!! I don't like Mike Nothing to lose,everything to gain. How To Book Tickets For Any Finals At Aami Stadium: game v port Forget the 2nd half An apology to Craig Slow web site? Apology To Magpiemad 1990 - Drawn AFL match helps Williamstown to premiership Well done and All the best MAGPIES! Power blackout Who's catching the train over? GLORY MONTH..YAAAAAAAAY! rocca and didak DONT BE DOWN! GO MICKEY!!! its off to adelaide match report Ticket prices & details for Port v Pies Final today's game richo Lot the ringtone, now for the logo? Copeland 2002 I wonder if.. I love Guntha Marconi and his band of rabble-rousers Ringtone for Nokia Alyssa is over the moon!~Team against Dogs Its time to celebrate our fantastic season............ what would you do??? Glenn Freeborn to join Collingwood Match preview - Williamstown v Murray Kangaroos On what days do they play finals games? Lee Walker - fit 1990 Grand Final DVD 6:08 30/08/02 tipping closed?? Carlton Official Draw 2003 - For Those Who Havent Seen It Yet.... Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! SNAP OUT OF IT!! Seagulls play first final at home. Most Improved Farewell Rhyce this saturday... Kane Johnson GREAT NEWS for Sydney Magpie Fans Major Help Needed!!! To the tune of "we wish you a merry christmas" (heard amongst the Outer last Sunday) Finals? When will Bucks be back? A couple of questions: Wallace quits as coach of Bulldogs??? The pre finals speech at the cricketers THIS saturday 1953 & 1958 Reunion Dinner Your thoughts ? Rnd 22 please post your suggestions here! Ryan Lonie gets the ball and.........goal!!! August 29th Update! Alyssa & Amber's mascot! Yo, Joffa, get your Mailbox under control...! 2002's best collingwood side Travis Johnson BURSTING WITH HAPPINESS question for BJ or others in kalgoorlie Read the letter from the CFC Bus Trips To The Finals ??? Molloy & O'Bree Thanks Guys, You're a Wonderful Bunch of People! Note to Umpire McLaren for the Finals: The Man From Magpie River Cricketers, speech, red flag, THE BIG FLAG..and september magpies.. CAREY chooses Crows - it's official There's nothing like September all australian ???? the maths of 4th spot The umpires are murdering TARRANT Williamstown v Springvale @ Moorabbin 2pm Saturday N.P & I need the Cheersquads help!!!! Stick that up your clacker, Milne. Tipping @ is there any chat for today's match?????????? Carey Poll what if the sainta's beat us??? :o( Match Report on the game that means 2 finals at least. Top 4 certain! CAREY MADNESS!!! pavlich gone THIS WOULD HAVE TO BE THE TOUGHEST MAGPIE LINE UP Tarrant to roos What a beautiful letter !! ENVY OF THE NATION Molloy won't play Vs saints JARROD'S BACK! YAY! Sunday's Squad Trimmed Feelings Where would u rather play 'Gabba' or 'AAMI'? Gee, Real Sorry Carlton The Possiblity Of 2 SUPERSTARS at Collingwood! THE TOUGHEST EVER COLLINGWOOD PLAYER Next Collingwood Captain - Steve McKee Team for Sunday's game against the 'aints & Molloy's back (Perhaps...) EVERYONE'S TOP 8!!! Delists next year bring on the saints and bulldogs and the double chance!!! August 20th Update! Function: Pies v Western Bulldogs 67% of Pies fans don't want Carey I Hope the King comes to Collingwood!!!! I hope this isnt a trend but.. WHO HAD A SHIT DAY ? 4pm - still no Carey news Rnd 21 v Aints Please post here!! According to TRIPLE M... stupid umpires! Three Cheers for Tazza Carey stressed out Poll Results That BULLSHIT Colliwobbles Pic! B MAG match report of that rubbish seen tonight Finals tickets???? Pics - Will v Nth Ball CLUB 42 MEMBERSHIP HOW TO SIGN UP? Boofhead Dermie says Umpires, Commentators, Tarrant and Bucks Fingers Crossed! TRADE BAIT??? A Hot Tip ! Can we hold 4th spot? It's a slump, not the end of the world neone know who: Every Tarrant Has His Day Player Incentives My Final word on Carey Williamstown v Essendon @ Windy Hill, 2pm Sunday a new topic to ease our anger MM Gameplan?? Collingwood Video...... Who was the captain...? Are we overrated, or did we peak to early? HOW THE MAGPIES WILL SECURE CAREY Poor Coaching!!!!!!!!! Bizarro Magpies Brownlow = Chrissy Tarrant Enough is enough! Bucks out for season BRING BACK OBREE How Devastating was that? Robbie Keane Carey Signature??? Shane Warne and Wayne Carey! Vital We Win...Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! Most Hated Footballer ever??? where are the pics gone? HULK HOGAN THANKS FOR NOTHING Finals Surge How old is everyone here? THE SPEECH TO LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS question for cheersquad Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! MM has "talks" with THAT man! Duck at the Pies Rumors on the King ?? The magpie army must stand together At Home With The Clokes DEVON REPRESENTING COLLINGWOOD Williamstown FC launches new website TXU Victorian Football League Finals Series 2002 Collingwood listed players eligible for VFL finals Hyde Park Hot Pies 11 hits the streets Sheehan on Taz....he's been here again Hahahahahahaha...Danny does it again! Fantastic Collingwood history Happy Birthday! What is wrong with brodie? Language? In : N.Davis, B.Holland Out : Adkins, Cole 2002 AFL Hot 50 It's a man, no it's a footballer, no its rupert, artist could u help???? Molloy and Davis Essendon the big match. TEAMS I HATE NOW Vital We Win...Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! Vital We Win...Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! Vital We Win...Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! Vital We Win...Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! Vital We Win...Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! Rollercoaster season could finish on a high. Hot Pies Finals Edition - stories wanted Pies Bombers match Fav Collingwood Items whats happening :o(???? I have free tickets for bulldogs match 31st august Inside sport and Joffa August 13th Update! Rupe Leon's Banner Did anyone here do the National IQ Test? RND 20 v Essenscum POST YOUR SUGGESTIONS HERE!! The Spoon This is big!! RINTOUL, MOLLY, CUMMINGS? Buckley didn't train? .... how come? anyone else get in on the act? Crows thump Dons PAVLICH A PIE ? Williamstown v Box Hill @ Williamstown - 1.10pm Saturday. Who is da WORST umpire?? Hawthorn Loss anyone know... finals I HEARD THE CHANT a plea for the president For the Cheer Squad. WE CAN WIN EVERY GAME NOW PRIOR TO FINALS Help with tonight's game??? match report another lost weekend Semi final payout The "DAKS' Man reigns supreme...... Top 4 finnish ? 9 LIVES! Pics The S word Molloy to play next week. Licuria Congrats !!! For the WWF fans. WOODEN SPOONERS 4 SURE!YAAY Confession: I Picked the Filth! if you want a laugh see what i found on geelongs board THE GREATEST STORY EVER...feel free to add to story line Snap the gold and poo in two 'pies! Team against Dawks! Please Do Me A Favour, If U Have Time No wooden spoon for Blues carro wilson Leon Davis 50 games this friday wanna make a footy cd Stress in the house...Live Scoreboard & Chat! Our New Project..... NewsFlash. Molloy: Magpies' enforcer awaits a comeback Carlton Jokes?? I really need help Shave yourselves men !!!! Our spoon to be imortalised forever! Brittian To Get The Sack Favourite player ???? Freeborn in __Who out? Hey Joffa what happened to....? Finals, if they want it Full forward Option Stress in the house....Live Scoreboard & Chat! Stress in the house....Live Scoreboard & Chat! Stress in the house....Live Scoreboard & Chat! Stress in the house....Live Scoreboard & Chat! Stress in the house...Live Scoreboard & Chat! August 8th Update! Pies Won't Make 8 Collingwood Car Number Plates for sale! Gday all Rnd19 v Hawthorn Please post your suggestions here!! 2 to 4 for molloy again Licuria and Johnson I Need Help (suprised) Bucks on Triple M pretty boys hawks scums DAMN!!!! 'WOW' What a night SPORTS BET ODDS I LOVE IT CHECK IT OUT Did anyone tape the game ESSENDON: HOW THE MOST OVERRATED TEAM HAS FALLEN RUPE CLEARED..... RUP RUP RUP RUP RUP RUP RUP RUP Congratulations! We are not there yet. Subiaco SCUM How smart are Richmond? The Mighty Hawks Yeah right Who Loves Joffa More??? Congratulations to Nathan Buckley The Road Home WOULD ADAM GOODES BE A GOOD RECRUIT ?? Williamstown v Carlton @ Optus Oval. CHANNEL 9 AT CRICKETERS FRIDAY NIGHT? Songs at Fridays great win As the surging magpies swoop once more! regain the mantle of best defence Never thought I'd say "Go Tiges"....... And the gold logie goes to.... great night for da southern magpies!! cops have a little chat to joffa Goal Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAS IT OUR MOST SATISFYING WIN? Behind Bars Finalist contenders.....according to Daily Telegraph Two games clear Magpie Mail Tipping Margin Thank you Nick's David Emerson is un-Collingwood match report pies v the spooners Does life get any better than this??? can we and will we rofl for carlton supporters When i appear i will appear with the MOTHER of all spoons!! Pies vs Spooners! Live scoreboard & Chat!!!! This will be the mother of all SPEECHES ! Carltons New theme Song How nice of Danny.... A label for your wooden spoon ... Johnathon Brown? Where is everyone ? BIG CARLTON SEND OFF - SPOONERS Just a reminder..Re red flag chant Who missed me? LOL Typical Media esp: Herald Sun SOUTHERN MAGPIES!! Umpires, Umpires, Umpire! Countdown to the finals. (TXU-FVL Record) VFL games @ the G Mike, there's a problem with the Magpies.Net Tipping Comp. Pies vs Spooners! Live scoreboard & Chat!!!! Pies vs Spooners! Live scoreboard & Chat!!!! Pies vs Spooners! Live scoreboard & Chat!!!! Pies vs Spooners! Live scoreboard & Chat!!!! Pies vs Spooners! Live scoreboard & Chat!!!! Cheersquad Outed At Subi v Carlton In the year 1875 team against Carlscum! Molloy about 1 week to go Pre-Game Drinks... To the carlton ( FILTH ) football club !! Sanity HAS prevailed. Cricketers Friday Night against the Filth Rooting Roo Boy becomes a Farking Crow. 'THE CIRCLE' Our new tradition continues WHERE IS? Williamstown v Nth Ballarat @ Williamstown Don't Let The Scum Off On Friday Night.... Virgin 'G' Williamstown v Coburg Tigers @ Coburg. Carlscum chase Richo! Lay of Danny Frawley July 31st Update! James Podsiadly (TXU-VFL Record) Bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush Update EX GEELONG COACHES S E P T E M B E R M A G P I E S Dimmatina baggers beware. Big News. Hirds Jaw Broken? Unconfirmed. Adkins the great what is it with wet toast? Banner Photos/pictures help! BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!! kouta out for surgery New Supporter Group - Black & White Wheelies my day at subi,match report Change to Father/son rule For heavens sake Mick keep your stupid opinions to yourself and just coach LATE CHANGE...DIMMA IN...PRESTI OUT... Next time we play Port Power CHIPPER!!!! The best things in life are free Can we win in Perth? Live Scoreboard & Chat! A Bit different This Week. jacko appeal? Magpie towel/wall hanging RE: Wacthing 2morows game Adkins named for this week's game yellow and crap V bummers ... battle of the also-rans Collingwood: Love 'em or hate 'em (from the Age website) Happy 30th bucks Breaking News Are the Pies good enough ? Still the same me!! ANYONE FOR A SPOON ?? ATSIC Chairman shows us he is a dickhead... Nicks gets a mention, though not by name! the soccer chants at the richmond game Live Scoreboard & Chat! A Bit different This Week. Live Scoreboard & Chat! A Bit different This Week. Live Scoreboard & Chat! A Bit different This Week. Live Scoreboard & Chat! A Bit different This Week. Live Scoreboard & Chat! A Bit different This Week. what did Mick say to the crowd? Tiger Walks out ALL STARS rupert?? Final 8 Did anyone tape the Richmond game? WHERE IS GUY RICHARDS? This time Malthouse gets it right on those bleating about taggers... Molloy out for the season? Libba July 25th Update! C. Cloke??? Adkins to finally get call up?? Raffle Alan Didak gets the Rising Star nomination!!! - Update 'THE RED FLAG CHANT...A big thanks to everyone a wooden spoon for carlton supporters FREZZA GETS RUBBED OUT FOR 2 WEEKS Fox footy channel UnShaw UnEnlightened Comments Colonial switch lines up Telstra Appeal Freeborn out, Buckley in. New Movie??? Raffle Don't Read This Lisey Re: Dids Round 17 Re: Filth game. An Idea! What are your true expectations for 2002 now? poor old wet toast wooden spoon pritty much set in stone for Carlscum. Didak justifies faith vs the budgies A great idea from Cairns Pie re The Rupe Group July 23rd Update! essendon vs collingwood 2002 SIDES THAT HAVE UNDER ACHIEVED Someone explain Zone Defence for me Tissues TRAINING TODAY What now for Bux? Will A.Rocca be better than SAV!!!! only a flag could make this better Problem with voting for player of round? Inside Sport - Collingwood Article Reward for all the "Faith" we have shown! Collingwood v Carlton Stick that up where the SUN don't ShiNe "RICHMOND"!!!! The best backman is the pies The scum in 10th :) Buckleys Sunday Column Umpire Sheean Jason Cloke a Magpie POSTERS The RUPE chant! A PRAYER FOR MY GRANDMERE Great thought. Well done Rowdy!!! anyone coming to perth next week? Ch9 and the AFL??????? The Club (TV show) Scotland the brave match report coll v the poodumpers GO PIES!!! Richmond down now West Coast at Subiaco WHAT A 2ND HALF!!! vs yellow and crap Late Change. Richo out...Steinfort in... KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS!! Live Scoreboard & Chat!! Uni Exam Results cricketer's Friday night The Pies aren't what they used to be Bring it on BITCHMOND you stinking FILTH Magpies on the Move: Re Olympic Park This weeks side AFL LIVE 2002 MOLLOY STINKS! Media beat up Red flag chant friday nite. When will Collingwood make the finals again? KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS!! Live Scoreboard & Chat!! KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS!! Live Scoreboard & Chat!! KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS!! Live Scoreboard & Chat!! KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS!! Live Scoreboard & Chat!! KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS, KILL TIGERS!! Live Scoreboard & Chat!! OUCH ! Williamstown v Geelong at Skilled mike munro - arsehole Ling gets one week People i have a new signature July 18th Update! July 18th Update! BUCKLEY 1 WEEK Ed in trouble? The chant didnt work! An open letter to 'Bucks' July 18th Update! Ratten, Whitnall out for season! What was Buckley thinkin???? Bazza gets 5! Dog act ... Barry Hall ... scumbag BUCKLEY 1 WEEK BUCKLEY 1 WEEK BUCKLEY 1 WEEK BUCKLEY 1 WEEK HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daily Telegraph in Sydney Leave BUCKS ALONE !!! non collingwood. mundine fight??? hahaha LING U DESERVE 2 GET REPORTED 2! Three reports in one season the blood rule FAR OUT!!!!! Rnd 16 Suggestions Here please (Bitchmond) Coming down for the Geelong game! Huge game this week Our last finals team...........where are they now? bucks $5000 fine MOLLOY is what we needed for that game!! OVER RATED SIDES Williamstown in the past. Geelong are a definite finals team Why? 'The Club' (CFC Movie)!!! WHY I HATE TAGGERS AND STOPPERS Collingwood Wallpapers Tarrant???????? Buckley Quotes Ch.9 14/07/02 How The Man In Gold came to be tarrant out for season? match report coll v cats Dr Alf.....You have some grass to cut! Nick and Taz are out LIVE Commentary - Pies V Pussies Saturday Arvo Footy? Live Scoreboard and Chat! bitchmond to lose premiership points Article in Herald Sun "Humble Pies" crowds Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid! The Red Flag CHANT The Gold Wig Helps the Pies Over the line! Saturday Arvo Footy? Live Scoreboard and Chat! Saturday Arvo Footy? Live Scoreboard and Chat! Saturday Arvo Footy? Live Scoreboard and Chat! Saturday Arvo Footy? Live Scoreboard and Chat! Saturday Arvo Footy? Live Scoreboard and Chat! BEST LIVE AUDIO COMMENTARY!!!!!!!!! A Huge Read, But Do Yourself A Favour..... Alone at the football Re: Taz is out JUST WANT A GOOD OLD FASHIONED THRASHING Cameron Cloke and Brayden Shaw THE CHANT...MCG .. when we play the pussies One out of the box for Molloy - Herald Sun anzac day - get farked afl This weeks line up cos we're from Tiger ... yellow and crap ... we're from Tigerland Enough of the crap, Collingwood by 78 points Lou Richard's number? "Bogey" teams Our cheersquad Your cheersquad Secret meetings? The speech The cricketers The beauty POOR SCOTTY!!!! Suggestions for a Buckley website! Time to make a stand beards off on footy show Dr Alf...the new Joffa??? July 9th Update! To Djweza - re: Nick Davis July 11th Update! PROUD TO BE A PIE Happy Birthday Joffa Carn the Tigers and Saints BUCKLEY! Rnd 15 suggestions please post here!! HAIR TODAY GONE TOMORROW!!! Heath Scotland rocks IS NICK DAVIS REALLY EVEN A GOOD PLAYER????? Mick Malthouse Rules! THE CIRCLE INVADES FOOTBALL PARK We need to start burying teams HAPPY DAYS! As I See It - The remainder of the season DONATO DeANGELIS: A hard pre-season has paid dividends. Williamstown v Tasmania 70 thousand i reckon!!!! How it should have been What a game! MATCH REPORT ...COLL V CROWS Not Happy Jan!!!! Big Match For our Beloved Pies....Live Scoreboard and Chat! A compliment to the pie fans N.Davis to stay The Gold Wig In Adelaide With Magpie Dan! At Adeliade Scum.... Congrats to Jimmy and Wakes!! A must Win The Gold Wig Arrives Safely In Adelaide.... Big Game For Our Beloved Pies....Live Scoreboard and Chat! Big Game For Our Beloved Pies....Live Scoreboard and Chat! Big Game For Our Beloved Pies....Live Scoreboard and Chat! Big Game For Our Beloved Pies....Live Scoreboard and Chat! Big Game For Our Beloved Pies....Live Scoreboard and Chat! Chipper and Lonie Carlscum get their second win!!! DAMN Television Rights TAZZA'S NOT PLAYING work cover payout?"?????? John Barnes You Stinkin' Turd! clement not in the 5 players maybe selected for all australian 2 doubtful for Sunday Cameron Cloke Who's going to Adelaide by bus?? Calling all Tippers Luch with a Legend in Sydney Nicky D named in 7-man interchange Tarrant???? This cracked me up A must read for all COLLINGWOOD PEOPLE The Chant. Williamstown lose close one good old channel eddie lets us down again.! Stone the Crow, Justin's on fire. Site has been down An Apology Your suggestions please July 4th Update! The Age: Buckley not fazed about form July 2nd Update! seeya around pauperoos TXU - VFL Record Rd 12 Hurry up and die St. Kilda (and North) Clemo cleared. Can ya smell finals?????!!!!!! WE ARE THE BEST SUPPORTERS! What is Nick Davis doing at the SCG? NEWS FLASH 9:27PM TUES CLEMENT CLEARED Didak...a match winner?? Re: Fight at colonial Any News on Clemo I WAS RIGHT WITH MY PREMIERSHIP YEAR ESTIMATE Hey-Presto the Magnificent! 2002/2003 fixtures Molloy may return in VFL. Seagulls upset Roos Holidays The battle of who has the best defence!!! the man in gold what bout that mark by Fraser! Clemo Reported!!!!! - LOL, This Round's Ladders Could Cole be our 3rd Rising Star winner for 2002 MATCH REPORT...COLL V ROOS Almost My Greatest Pleasure LOVE IT ! Coll v Adel pavlich my collingwood club England show Argentina how to play clean football Sir Bobby Robson "The Collingwood Chop" Lay of Bucks media Crunch Game This could be our last game at Colonial this year PIES RULE COLONIAL! Thank Bloody Christ! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! ! Tarrant & Rocca HOW THE MAGPIES WILL LOOK IN THE FINALS To ROSEALL WOMAN and Greg from black and white wheelies NORF SUGGESTIONS HERE TKU!! Thank Bloody Christ! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! ! Thank Bloody Christ! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! ! Thank Bloody Christ! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! ! Thank Bloody Christ! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! ! Thank Bloody Christ! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! ! ! FREE CD'S FOR ALL TRAVEL solution ? Pre-Game Drinks @ The Golden Age. This weeks side! Seating at Colonial Never Mind The Bullocks- Here's The MAGPIES wheres everyone meeting on saturday night Gabrial szondy is a loser and a pathetic disgrace for the Melbourne footy club. Rumour : Loewe to QUIT ! Pics - Williamstown v Bendigo MISSING PLAYERS? where are they? The WINNER'S circle. Likes Rats jumping off a sinking ship June 25th Update! 2002 End of home and way season ladder predictions Who gets delisted June 27th Update! I NEED CONFIRMATION! Collingwood vs Crows All First Year Team ALL RATS SINKING MID SEASON??????? Mckee one of our most important player Monthly meeting New Pics Pics - Willy reserves v Northern Bullants Pics - Williamstown v Sandringham UNRELATED TOPIC - GRINSPOON For Ppl in the Shepparton Area Calling all Roooboys Tarrant poised to face Roos - Herald Sun Deutschland! Suggested new AFL rule Plugger retires.......again. Internal Server Error? Collingwood Vs Kangaroos?????? - Round 12 Results and Current Leaderboard Can someone help me? Unimpressive victory Work cover case. Best possible result What a pity we couldn't sit with you photogallery is a joke!! For Victorian TV Viewers Go Diggers!!!!!!!!! Photo's of the boys up North essendon...piss weak ****en wankers Paul Dooley - VFL Record coll v skidnee,sorry its late,beta late than neva. Well done, Brazil 1000 hits - Split Round Reminder Williamstown Line-up v Bendigo Carlton and Italy double testing Finally got my cheersquad card Brodie for Windsor Smith model ITS ONE HANDY BREAK!!!!! Happy Birthday! Taz to miss 8??? eddie Our Boys are Tops in the Top End CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER!!! June 20th Update! June 18th Update! New Name- No Probz Yo, Joffa...! Who's going to win the World Cup? EXCELLENT NEWS! Chance blown Tribunal favours Esscumdon swans and demon games on video????? anyone tape them? VFL Squad finalised Carlscum lose again - woohoo Injured Tarrant to have scans Pies push AFL message in Top End - Herald Sun Dooley inspires Big V revival - Herald Sun Pies' good-luck charm - Herald Sun Yesterdays Game! Our trip to subiaco Who's the best/worst commentators and which is the best footy channel ?? Still the magpies play on..... The Myth that is Subiaco..... Collingwood vs The Media - Notice for Results Collingwood Stats Excel Spreadsheet Round 22: Carlton vs Essendon MATCH REPORT whats going on with the game, in melbourne today??? Uninteresting information Time To Give Freo The Heave Ho...Live Scoreboard and Chat Time To Give Freo The Heave Ho...Live Scoreboard and Chat Time To Give Freo The Heave Ho...Live Scoreboard and Chat Time To Give Freo The Heave Ho...Live Scoreboard and Chat! Time To Give Freo The Heave Ho...Live Scoreboard and Chat! Time To Give Freo The Heave Ho...Live Scoreboard and Chat Pies to win the Premiership....a Shaw thing Bucks busts his hand? The secret life of Mickey Malthouse Whatthe? COME JOIN US ON SUNDAY!! Roy Morgan Research - Tipping Reminder subi sunday WA supporters for the freo game 16th june 10 thousand at subi!!!! Stunning's 50th Web Graphics 1990 Premiership Season I'm off to W.A. Pies name Adkins, Scotland in side - The Age Adkins back from the brink - Herald Sun Freo Telecast When we SMASH Freo next week.... Who will replace Dutchie? June 12th Update! The Team Against Freo Collingwood Cheer Squad - How is it now? Everlasting Love Board performance problems subiaco here we come !! June 13th Update! Collingwood-Williamstown WHAT A SPEECH JOFFA!!!!!!! No-fuss Tarrant lets boot do talking - Herald Sun Training tomorrow? Fremantle Runthu Suggestions here please!! Magpies show a serious side - Herald Sun Home & Away games on DVD Didak nickname? - Round 11 Results and Leaderboard All hail KING TARRANT !!! PIES vs DEES! All comments in this thread please! What a game! CARN THE PIES How to log on to livve for live commentary today. Can stunnig STEVE do it???? Bux Sunday column. CELEBRATIONS UP THE BACK OF THE PONNY Long live king Eddie! Live Scoreboard and Chat! Malthouse fears Pies may become complacent - Herald Sun Richo IN???? Some Comments Live Commentary! Pies vs Dees! past players something is rotten in the state of denmark ay dale the filth officially handed wooden spoon an interesting point re the season so far magic - the age Scotty Cummings Pics Bitchmond Lose Again Long Live King Eddie! Live Scoreboard & Chat! Long Live King Eddie! Live Scoreboard & Chat! Long Live King Eddie! Live Scoreboard & Chat! Long live King Eddie! Live Scoreboard & Chat! Long live king Eddie! Live Scoreboard & Chat! the cricketers have banned the barby The Americans will never captura Osama Bin Laden. two more steps... HOLDING MY ASS O'bree's 50th The AFL's Robin Hood Plan (aka Robin Collingwood Plan) speech live on tripple M 12.30- 1pm N.Davis, Molloy Out Licuria Leave It For The Coach The speech The barby The victory The cricketers FOR JOFFY MM getting confident/molloy shitty O'bree's 50th Two forced changes for Pies - Remember your Tips Live commentary...Demons vs Pies!!! Click here!!! 31st May 2002 RIP DAD Williamstown v Sandringham - Sunday June 9 and how are the fools greg? What's going on with Adkins? magpie joffa dolls! For All You Collingwood Lovers!! Trivia Question Spot The Landrover.... bucks VFL Representatives Collingwood-AFL Website background and screen savers. Magpies face tough decision over injured Molloy - The Age Collingwood has right mix for finals - The Age CADBURY DOCKERS 3D June 4th Update! June 6th Update! Leon - pic Pies hope time and tide will heal all wounds - The Age The Rising Diplomat ! who is JLC? Stinky McGough gets the Nomination which club do "YOU" hate the most Remembering past players - Jason Wild Well Done McGough!!! A new tradition has began at colonial can we get this going?May need Mr president to help. Why is Ben Johnson playing seniors? Tarkyn injured magpie mascot arrested?? - Round 10 Results and Current Leaderboard The MAN ???? VFL Ladder - Round 9 STICK THAT UP YOUR ASS SYDNEY YOU COCKROACHES!!!! its good that bucks didnt do his best! Steve McKee Appreciation Society beta late than neva Joffa's lost his memory!! Improvers Function 10th June (Public Holiday Monday) -- Pies v Dees The man in gold needs help!! the CRACKERS versus DERMIE stoush LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carlton's own start to turn!! Month Of June Crucial!!!!! Plugger returns. Broken toe will not stop Molloy - The Age Ticket bloody master bloody 7 What was the result of the channel 10 Cybercoach Question??? No love lost between arch rivals - TXU VFL Record Pies throw off their demons - Herald Sun W'town drops another but remain in eight. England fall asleep ladder position Will Schauble be cited? Let's Go Presti, Let's Go!! Kangaroos Game at Colonial Bucks mentions the Rupe Group! Presti's 100th LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Queens B/Day Wekend! McG wins H/ball comp on ch 9 today. Where is Scotty Cummings? hansie dead at 32 voting Pies hot, coach stays cool - Sunday Age The Magpies swoop in finish - Sunday Herald Sun Cop that ya Sydney Proofs Children of the world thank the pies for those interested........ Good news, 2 key Swans out..... carey Who's ya numbr one player? Pics - Williamstown v Frankston sheeds is a wanker Ted-E-Bear stars for CFC Bucks and Daily Telegraph story What do you think about the new bucks? Lets stick it up sydney PART 2 Pound the Swannies! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! Pound the Swannies! Live Scoreboard & Chat ! Pound the Swannies! Live Scoreboard & Chat! Pound the Swannies! Live Scoreboard & Chat! Pound the Swannies! Live Scoreboard & Chat! Williamstown line-up v Port Melbourne PLUGGER SUCKS !!!!!!!!!! Plugger back, Pie in waiting - Herald Sun For those interested - Pre-Game Drinks Saturday night @ the Golden Age. Who'd be the future skipper after Bucks? Nick Davis? Why is everybody talking of BUCKLEY'S Retirement? GO THUCK YOURSELVES PORT ADELAIDE When Bucks Retires......... Hot Pies #10 out now Virtual Outer Logs? Archived Threads Ton up for Prestigiacomo McKee keeps life in perspective. Virtual Advertising great article: stone cold stunning stevie mckee Dale we should meet up. Nick Davis - Really good sign - Don't forget to tip The AFL is a closed shop. the fat prick gets three Ladies and gentleman........... May 28th Update! May 30th Update! Dermie backs Ed's call Good Omen for the PIES From (The Age) JLC SHOUTOUTS AFTER THE GAME AFL on Pavlich VFL Ladder - Round 8 Scott Burns Cometti & McGuire Runthru for the Freo Game.... Would you guys be interested? need a new wallpaper... Rintoul's career in jeopardy Buckley - No charge to answer. now we know where cornes jnr gets it from... cricket ticket for sale! Virus Hoax? Josh's ribbing Pies confirm interest in Pavlich pavlich Fraser cleared of broken ribs - DON'T GET COCKY - SYDNEY DANGER GAME! Williamstown smash Frankston Port Game on Sunday, at Port. next week SCOTT MCLAREN YOU ARE A DISGRACE back in melbourne finally &my report on 'over there' Custom avatar dont blame it on anthony Adrian Fletcher - Herald Sun - Round 9 Results and Current Leaderboard Fat Little Essenscum Turd SCSC June 1st Function A little early but where is the Cheersquad sittung for Demons Game Pledge your support for next week, your time is up 'HANDOUTS' ARE WE GETTING PAVLICH Change of jumpers for Pies? Don't think so Sydney Are Doomed! It would have been a different story..... The next 2 games are must wins! My 18th Birthday Party! Whos Coming? match report coll v port Happy 18th Magpie Dan My First Post, Regarding Last Night Raffle tickets...continue Rioli Poll Half way there? Williamstown match report 25/05/2002 History French the wanker Pavelich to become a Magpie? Anyone Going To Perth? hey JLC, joffa & everyone! Porca la ****en madonna Late change Nathan Buckley for Brownlow, Collingwood for Priemiship Black & White vs Black, Silver & Teal Bulletin Board Changes Live Audio Call of the PIES V POWER Match Not going to S.A.? Questions For a Quiz for school please help!!! lockett Williamstown Team v Frankston 25.05.02 Chris Tarrant Appreciation Society Leon In.......Lonie Out! Whos going to Adelaide? SENSATIONAL. ANZAC Day Reminder Upcoming Functions What a Weekend! question regarding club shop? Black & White vs Black, Silver & Teal Black & White vs Black, Silver & Teal Black & White vs Black, Silver & Teal Black & White vs Black, Silver & Teal Black & White vs Black, Silver & Teal Still no updated Photo Gallery on the CFC website! Sitting with Cheersquad??? Got the raffle tickets today Banner Competition Sponsorship Dropped!!! Rule Changes! match report A bit of uninteresting info Greatest Collingwood Hits - Round 8 Results and Current Leaderboard Picken wins his 2nd Copeland Trophy Realfooty: MCG and Neon will play this week questions Gary Lyon Article in HeraldSun Presti & Brodie Scott Cummings May 23rd Update! NORTHERN ARMY CHAT TONIGHT!!! The Loudest Cheer Ever! Where's everyone going to watch the Port match? I hope they havent come back! Banner Competition Sponsorship TAZZA FINALLY BACK IN FORM!!!!!! Liked The Pies vs Bears Match? Time To Buy The Video!!! re Bill Pickens retro Copeland Well done Buckley Surfers..... SUBMIT Rnd 8 & 9 RUNTHRU SUGGESTIONS HERE!! Rfta match info May 22nd Update! Herald Sun - Using this site for Quotes WE OWN COLONIAL!!!!! Welcome to the Ballarat Country Magpies Supporters' Group Most nerve racking game for ages! Williamstown v Northern Bullants - Result match report Last Team Standing! Bucks/Johnno's Charges Withdrawn?? Buckley Reported for Wrestling???? Dane Swan Bus timetable About Us Dane Swan Well that was a smash!! THE RECORD MCG & Rising Star We have arrived OUR BEST GAME SINCE ANZAC DAY 1995 live call of games Monday 13th May, 2002, a Sad day for me. NORTHERN ARMY CHAT TONIGHT!!! Reality check The Acid Test! Pies vs Lions. Live Scoreboard and Chat! Can we get the other Clokes before Richmond? Williamstown v Nth Bullants (Preston) BUCKLEY REPORTED AGAIN Chad Rintoul - The Age Blockbusters Dont get too carried away Guys/Gals Login / password problems Collingwood vs Brisbane The Saverio. Stay tuned to 10 news ITS time for the football world to take notice!! Whos the team to beat now? Hey? (The Pies) Magpie logo (again) Herald Sun Crap Cummings in - Didak out Molly? The Acid test! Pies vs lions. Live Scoreboard and Chat! The Acid Test! Pies vs lions. Live Scoreboard and Chat. The Acid Test! Pies vs Lions. Live Scoreboard and Chat May 16th and May 18th! Oops...missed it! Supporters Choice Voting - Bulldogs???? Pics - Will v Werribee Photos Williamstown v Northern Bullants (Preston) Where is the Richo? NOT HAPPY! How we can beat Brisbane!!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE Carlton or should I say carlscum are heading down the drain WWF AT COLONIAL STADUIM JUST A TEST!!!!!! Info regarding Melbourne Exciting news re triple M Richard Cole??? Pics - Will v Springvale Chris Johnson 2 weeks!! The Magpie logo May 15th Update! Shame Kangaross shame May 16th Update! Pre Game Drinks at the Yarra Hotel. JUST HAD A PEEK INTO MY DIARY..!! Matthew Richardson-tell me it's not true. Help DESPERATELY needed from anyone with knowledge of Alice Springs FLAGS OR SMALL BANNERS ANY SUGGESTIONS 1990 weg poster wanted rintoul BUGGER OFF CHELSEA, THE TOON ARE BACK Josh Frasers big Comments! (Please Read) Just a question concerning Rd 8 Josh Fraser vs Brisbane.....50th Game ! ! ! FRIDAY 7TH JUNE 2002 This is what I think!!! match reports vote tally 'THAT MARK' BETTER LATE THAN NEVER !! Anthony Rocca! (The Mark of the year) Dont touch the players during the game..... Vic Park Our best chance to beat the Lions for the first time!! 2002.....1990 LET'S GET LOUD!!! Dimma charge withdrawn! I WANNNNNNNNAAAAAA KNOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW Eddie to sue...Big time London Dave Makes A Good Point! (finally) Collingwoods Top 10 Players ??? Magpie Mail Banner Competition JASON CLOKE Footy Netcasts - Round 7 Results and Current Leaderboard Coll v Footascray Magpie Mail Banner Competition Congratulations Ian - Winner of the Round 7 Banner Comp. AGHHHHHHHH.............. Prestigiacomo's 100th in Adelaide match report is up Read This....Sensational! Can't get on live scoreboard WHAT AN EXCELLENT DAY! Live Scoreboard And Chat...........Pies vs doggies ! ! ! confirmed change. Leon out-Malloy in Daicos! HeraldSun 11/05/2002 Williamstown v Werribee - Final Score This Sundays game replayed where????? Live Scoreboard And Chat!..............Pies vs doggies! Live Scoreboard And Chat....Pies vs doggies! Live Scoreboard And Chat.....Pies vs doggies Live Scoreboard And Chat...Pies vs doggies Corey ... you star ! It's finally happened - ADVERTISING ON NICK'S Tomorrows game on radio?? Rising Star 1998 Grand Final - Sreet Ryan Report Finally - Round 6 Ladders for Williamstown v Werribee 2pm Saturday Scott Cummings A Rowe of shithouses ... OR ... the canary has sung. Shocking News! Sons of Guns SEEYA ON SUNDY!! The D9 is IN! Double Header Day for Struggling Clubs? Tyson Lane AFL Website - On 3aw Tonight Brad Lloyd Q&A Eddie to be honoured at Doggies match! Anybody know the history of our logo? 110 Years Ago Today Pagan says McMahon doesnt understand North spirit Molloy??? Hot tips for the 'bool Live telecasts so far.... Can Anyone help me pls Official match report BUCKLEY CLEARED!!! McKee? Jason Cloke's brother Aylett says chocolate crackle sale a success! May 8th Update! May 9th Update! - Round 6 Results and Current Leaderboard SUBMIT Rnd 6 & 7 BANNER SUGGESTIONS HERE!! TRANSFER: COLLINGWOOD V brisbane Good boy Nicky - that's what we wanted to hear Joffa's Anzac Day Speech more richmond jokes BUCKLEY'S BROWNLOW 2002 Wayne Carey jokes What has happened to the FOOTY TIPS HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLOKEY!! Congratulations Pixii Congratulations Rosewall Woman 2 Williamstown downed. Jason Cloke - This week's Rising Star Drop the pre season Why we can cause major damage this year! Fair weather supporters Dogs and Swans...Bring on the flooding!!!!! ATTENTION CHIKS!! oops, there goes the movie career Bucks reported for striking. And this weeks Most Dramatic Hairstlye Change goes to ... Carlscum On Bottom Of ladder? THE AFTER MATCH CELEBRATIONS THREE QUARTER TIME ACTIVITIES Now I know why some call them the Aints ... Where is Nick Davis's signature?? Message for channel 9 A question for the man in gold.... SAT 1ST JUNE...'IT'S BIRD DAY' U Know What I LOVED the MOST? The Flood Inside Football (the mag) can get stuffed!!!!!!!!!! NRL/AFL on line?????? case for Motorola P7689 Tommorrow's Champions Collingwood v Saints MILLWALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats alan shearer Cheer Squads View of Bucks Goal or not goal? Match Report Coll v Aints Bob Millane Slick SSB ALL AUSTRALIAN 2002 New York Magpies Filandia on ABC radio Now.... Well done pies ladder Record? Quiet Reflection WELCOME BACK SSB suk kilda Springvale has what????? Live Scoreboard Chat!!!!!! The conspiracy lives on !! Good Luck Boys Tonite!!! it's time to unleash Richard Cole DAMIEN ADKINS = PHANTOM This weeks team changes Williamstown v Springy see you all tonight Williamstown lineup v Springvale - 1.10pm. Friday: Pre-Game Drinks. Buckley's Chances for the Brownlow! (I Like them now) Williamstown smash Essendon May 2nd Update! Adrian Fletcher O'Bree should replace who? those clokes grow big and strong early HI.......Im Back May 1st Update! - Round 5 Results and Current Leaderboard MM got a delayed fine Pics - Williamstown v Essendon petition for AFL McGough misses out again Theme Song How can the AFL justify ... BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO KRISTIN Willy V Box Hill Dawks I'ts off to the' locker room' friday night! An evening with Clokey and Lones Go the Hawkers !! Mick calls shots on star. Pics - Williamstown v Essendon What did our Banner say & what did it originally say? Pics - Williamstown v Carlton Magpie Mail Tipping - Round 5 Results - and a boost to the prize pool. Stamping Authority From the Outer Same shit - different year....Winning margin thread Magpie Mail Tipping - Prize Distribution. Just for a laugh!! What If..? Please Please PLEASE JOIN!!! Untouchable and out of touch Magpie Girl Fantastic job on Anzac Day Christi M. match reports Mick Malthouse Fined $10,000 To Greg J The Match Reports are UP!! email pies THE ICEMAN COMETH... Joffa Can U Please Help Me Out? CHAT CHAT CHAT..NOW NOW NOW Well that was a shitload of fun!! Once where a Football town Flooding to the Max - St Kilda "fan-flood-tastic" Could this be..................Depth? You were beaten at your own dirty stinken game SWANS!! Anzac Day You bloody beauty!!!!!!!!! im so ashamed 29th the next Replay of the game on Foxtel? Problems Run through against Essendon Next week huge win over essendon for willy lions in deep shit It's Over for me ryan lonie and jason cloke in tassie Essendon flogged again They are re-naming Arden St Oval ANZAC Day Function Report MY PRE SEASON PREDICTION Hammy fixer Collingwood v Essendon - Part 2 The NorthernArmy PROUD TO BE COLLINGWOOD Our Biggest Win Yet! PROUD TO BE A PIE! Sticking it up the Scum & Memberships What happened to ....... And The Band Played Good Old Collingwood Forever Match report .Coll v Ess . Lest we forget,,you bet we wont! ANZAC DAY! Live Scoreboard And Chat! Good Vs Evil. Supporters Choice Award is open for voting didak Lloyd struck Wakelin McGough - Rising Star Nomination?(this time) I bet his best mate was watching too... ANZAC DAY PREDICTIONS good article on Osteitis Pubis More than a football team - more like a way of life Let's remember Collingwood v Essendon - by Nathan Buckley The Best Williamstown lineup v Essendon Power, Passion, and Excitement! WHO KICKED 4 GOALS IN THE 2002 ANZAC DAY MATCH???? I luv Collingwould - do U ? the magnificance appearance of GOLD! The best day of my Collingwood Life!!! THE GOLD WIG!!!!! Magpie Mail Tipping - Round 5 is still open you never go unnoticed!!! Match Report is done..100%team effort. i GOTTA GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS ONE rain=no essendon Them bandwagoners wont like this rain!! good do a rain dance welcome back Mr Cummings I NEED YOUR HELP Live Ch.9 2:10pm President Eddie - Please read We can wake the league up tommorow The Evil Forces Gather. Join Us For ANZAC DAY Live Scoreboard And Chat! ANZAC DAY! Live Scoreboard And Chat! Fight The Dark Side! ANZAC DAY! Live Scoreboard And Chat! April 24th Update! Flooding - What's the answer? ATTN: Mike April 25th Update! Collingwood Club (please read) Eddie: time to take it to the next level TAZ GETS 2 WEEKS Tarrant got what he deserved NEW FORUM THE SPEECH THAT WILL STOP A NATION TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPEECH!!! The corporate doctors pronounce the Kangaroos dead! Congratulations BJ - Inaugural Winner of the Magpie Mail Banner Competition Any news on Chris Tarrants tribunal appeal? Taz appeal thrown out THE STINKING AFL TRIBUNAL CAN GET THUCKED !! Sign for the Tribunal re: Tarrant Bucks on Talking Footy this week ANZAC HEROES BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE CHEER SQUAD England look to have fixed the left side SUBMIT Rnd 4 & 5 BANNER SUGGESTIONS HERE Chant suggestion matera going down.... Why bother playing Collingwood? AFL and 3AW about Tarrant Good news - Nick Davis Tarrant Support Book Rising Star CFC to Appeal AFL Ph. No. (03) 9643 1999 what do ya think? Who taught you Collingwood was the best? Job well done You all sounded pretty good today Any Tarrent news yet? GO STICK THAT ONE RIGHT UP YA CLACKER HAWTHORN ! Who could do with a run in the Magoos? Will do beat the filth by a point Magpie Mail Footy Tipping - Results Round 4 - Round 4 Results and Current Leaderboard Don't forget to vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! ANZAC DAY game ANZAC DAY FUNCTION FOR ALL SYDNEY SUPPORTERS how bloody good are we!!! Lica proves himself Tarrant getting reported We Need Members Telstra FONTS Freo Freo way to go Freo To the FILTH football club My Day At The Footy. Come Join the Northern Army Chat at 9:30PM onwards Match report...thank God for fox footy.! YOU MUST HAVE FAITH IN THE 'MAN IN GOLD' WeLL DoNe U MiGhTy BLaCK & WhItE CheErSquaD!! O'Bree Anyone for a chat now id just like to say.. WHERE ARE ALL THE KNOCKERS NOW?? davis Live Scoreboard and Chat! More Davis Hype 1300 WINS! We are Collingwood people! Rintoul out, Mark McGough in Today! Live Scoreboard and Chat! Today! Live Scoreboard and Chat! Today! live Scoreboard and Chat Chris Tarrant Ticketing Hawthorn's toilet colours. Well done Micky daics35 and Magpie Gal 19 - Email Problems Reminder - Magpie Mail Tiiping v hawks Kinnear And Klangers PeterWH's email to the AFL and their response EDDIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! Reply to a NRL D'head D Day for Davis Hawthorn home Game? followers of PIES ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME!!!!! Team for Dorks game - Round 3 Results and Current Leaderboard Tarkyn's "deliberate out of bounds" free kick HELP ME IF YOU CAN reply to rugby fan Magpie Mail Tipping - Results after Round 3 BIG PIMPIN' AT THE FOOTY April 17th Update! CHat is Now ON!!!!! meet us there at April 18th Update! Shawry's comments on 3AW BBQ this saturday at cricketers A huge dissapointment ! Photos of the infamous Denis Banks Facing The Music Blinkers My final say on the matter BLACK AND WHITE WHEELIES Tarrant? Jason Cloke KEEP DIMMA AT WILLY ?? Sydney Collingwood Supporters Club Update RE: Collingwood Cheersquad!! I for One Am Pretty Bloody Proud!!! Match reports up This time last year - Brisbane 2 losses, 1 win Im disapointed In you guys Footy is turning into a rugby scrum So who reckons the premiership race is over? security and policing at MCG tarrant Black and White Ball Supporting Collingwood is a privilege.. Remember the Titans COLLINGWOOD FOREVER Carlton's Banner match report match report Live Radio broadcasts Need Help!!!!! Will there be an article? Regarding Nick Davis, some people just totally bewilder me... There are 19 rounds left in the season! Positions unchanged in the tipping after last night It's time for number 1300, Live chat and Scoreboard v carlscum disgraceful shoulder strapping Tis with heavy heart i write... THE why we hate carlton THREAD Work cover/court Carlton Jokes Attention All Sydney Collingwood Spporters - Dont Forget Round 3 Tips the swans response send emails to swans AFL investigates Lockyer case Collingwood & Renault driving ahead AFL talks held after public outcry over broadcasting ONE POINT OR A HUNDRED POINTS A SPEECH TO STOP THE NATION OR AT LEAST CRICKETERS Make a banner suggestion and WIN!! Your kidding me For i am the man in gold, i am your friend. TV breakthrough for the northern states Carl Steinfort Mike may be Shite but..... Matera cleared Is it Reserve Seats this Friday at the Gee? Willo first match 100 years of football down the drain because of your greed Carlton sold their jumper - now their club song UNRELATED TOPIC _ GRINSPOON Collingwood membership ads. AFL and footy to US in Syd/Bris and regional Anzac Day seating JASON LEWIS APPEAL!!!!!!PLEASE HELP JASON LEWIS APPEAL!!!!!!PLEASE HELP WKB where are ya? Magpie Mail Footy Tipping - don't forget NEVER PLAY DIMATTINA AGAIN MAGPIE MAIL NEEDS YOU!!! do we have an injury list Round 2 Pics @ the G Where are you guys watching the Carlton game? friday night's banner at MCG April 11th Update! Stand firm on N Davis!!!!! Nick Davis - Absolute Tragedy Four Corners Now!! Does anyone know?? GUTLESS!!! MEMO TO JOHN WORSFOLD - Round 2 Results and Current Ladder Forum users? Premiers 2002 SUBMIT BANNER SUGGESTIONS HERE pull up ya socks! April 10th Update! Alex Jesaulenko Televising of Coll v Carl The sinister truth behind Scott Cummings's hamstring injury. the filth What does this number mean? 13 REMEMBER THAT DAY AT OPTARSE OVAL, ITS PAYBACK TIME !! Check it out - Round 1 Pics 2002 Secret article on Pauperoos and Waynkery from Sep 2001..... Rex Hunt... 4 Corners Peter McFarline dies... PHEW we needed that win!! Cummings, o'bree, molloy,how much worse can it get!!! YOUR A STINKING DISGRACE 'FILTH' SUPPORTERS ! carlton thrashed Match Report.coll v Wet toast.subtitled....TFFT. apology Paulie On Fire!!!! pictures?? One for you Black_White shit and piss pack of whingers matera the weasel Magpie Mail Footy Tipping Molloy & O'bree Jason Cloke... A few thoughts on todays game.... Family Day Photos It was nice meeting you all again !! Supporters' Choice Award is open for voting. On a Personal Note... Thank God for that! BACKMEN Carlton Next Week!! Well it's 4 points CAPITALS Chat Log Tonight's game is bigger than you may think Prematch Video - Everlasting Love Tim Watsons Nephew? The Scotty Cummings FAN CLUB! Go to the scoreboard damn!!!!!! Cheer the Team to a BIG Win ! ! ! Pie Merchandise - what do people think? HIGH NOON BE THERE If Your on line join us in chat, Very Special SWEARING AT THE FOOTBALL (G RATED TOPIC) i wanna join Match report Help! Re:Colonial How sweet it is!!! Austar price HIKE= oh SHITE match reports Anyone see B&W TV Next week court????? You're Collingwood's new backline coach - wattaya gonna do this week? Tom Hafey on Foxtel last night. vs west coast Our team for this week, including Cloke to debut Richards or McKee?? Favourite non-footy moment Magpie Mail Footy Tipping - Submit your tips Magpie Mail Tipping - Results after Round 1 Alf and Joffa in the Herald Sun Peter Wh in Telegraph What can the moderators do about a co-moderator that they believe isn't living within chit chat with northern army and others NORTHERN TERRITORY?? April 4th Update! Support your Cheer Squad Magpie Greg - Re Bigfooty Boycott April 3rd Update! Banner Suggestions in the Cheer Squad Forum download onto cell phone. Where is ROOBOY vs west coast West Coast Complacency For those who missed the speech at cricketers hotel. Hey remember me ? WHY ? My meesage to Magpie fans and my thoughts on match reports match reports St.Kilda to kick off the anual "BlockBuster bleetfest" NOTICE - PRIVATE MESSAGES - Round 1 Results Nothing to do with FOOTY What the hells going on at the AFL? coll v rich review Coll v Rich match report Tim Lane MCG Rash Black & White Website NO MORE Collingwood on the Big Steal Hi 5! not happy NEEDED BY THURSDAY!! Mckee??? CHEER SQUAD PEOPLE AND OUTER SQUAD Being Negative is not all bad!! Top show from Ch9/10 JLC then who wrote this? more tickets? Cricketers Who said anything about fighting? Re mike again HAPPY EASTER EVERONE !!!!!!!! tough to beat the budgies Amazing!!! It's easy collingwood That banner was aweful! These troublemakers are an embarassment to Collingwood ATT mike RICHO! What a game!!!!! I finally worked out how the Joffa man became a Pies Man its just ignorance Hot Pies - the fanzine Joseph Stalin put me up to post this article about Collingwood Rupert Rocks, was that you I saw with Rupert at the Jumper Presentation? This should gladden the hearts of all true pies Go Kangas, Suffer Port!! disappointed > 2002 photo's........ Pies looking the goods! Jumper Presentation 7 to come in is a must Now before we take that too hard...... New Alf & Joffa chant To the best Cheersquad in the AFL The next best thing to being there Who saw the intro to tonights game on 9??? Well done Eddie training Phone logo's for Nokia phones Did anyone hear the game on ABC radio? The pies will deliver in 2002 WHATS UP WITH BLACK N WHITE TV? No More Club Corner Shaw at it again. Sorry Tonight!!! Scoreboard and Chat!! Late Changes Lack of Footy in Sydney/Brisi - Last Tip Reminder Tonights Game Lilydale International tonight? Tipstar March 28th Update! Urgent read!! Pre-Game Drinks. Here is our team for Round 1 ROUND ONE SPEECH AT CRICKETERS Ticketing ... Round 1 WELL DONE JARROD MOLLOY Floreat Pica 2002 The sad story of Denis Banks Magpie Mail Footy Tipping now open to every one NEW FOOTY TIPPING COMP - SUPPORT THIS SITE Bucks and Tania No.1 ticket holder???? Carey on Fox Footy channel Footy Tipping Comp details I know there are alot of tipping comps, but why not join this one as is free EDDIE AND THE BOYS Nath's off the market!!! March 27th Update! Is Thursday Night Ticketed? ONYA TARKYN My updated lineup vrs Richmond Rintoul ... Yo, Joffa, Foxy... Who is this Goose Mike Sheahan Icons??? PRE FOOTY SHOW PICS 3 more sleeps Didak on sbs Northernarmy Chat, is now on......... Today's game at Vic park THE GOLD JACKET IN ALL ITS GLORY Miracle attributed to the Blessing of the Scarves When Are QLD'ers and NSW's gonna get a fair go Footy tips for PIES is no longer??? telecast s according to TV week Rest In Peace We apparently suffered one injury today.... Williamstown vs Essendon NEWS! Joffa Watch Tarrant Rumor. Magpie lineup without Tyson Lane Lane Drug Slur JLC's dedication... Northern Pies Recovery Tyson Lane - Has he retired or not? Great "quote" about Collingwood... bwphantom Bucks and Wayne!! next thursday night..!!!! Bucks, Josh to play for Willi tomorrow? time of willy game???? How many Rooster outfits can we rustle up for the ... A REVISED KANGA'S THEME SONG!! FAQ....cant find answer Ch 14 Foxtel gone.....unless you have paid for it. - Remember to put your tips in!! Birthday Greetings Stay tuned for exciting Venue Collingwood vrs Richmond match-ups TV times??? Has a pie gone AWOL? March 21st Update! Aussie rules is subsidising Rugby League (and Union) TV coverage. Scotty Cummings on Fox ch 14 Northern Army's Chat THE CLUB March 20th Update! fraser ready to play Wheres the star of the show??? Magpie Gal 19 celebrates her 21st Birthday Should Joffa be the No.1 Season Ticket holder in 2003? HAVE YOUR SAY! PENS AT THE READY!! A MESSAGE TO ALL THE FAITHFUL Family Day Report? Joffa you are on Notice Mickey Martyn you bumbling dickhead! NEW NORTHERN ARMY WEBSITE NEW WEBSITE NEW WEBSITE Family Day complete coverage on FTO This is good THE BLESSING OF THE SCARVES. Mr Cummings kicks 5 goals Jamie Tape Write up in todays newspaper Thorold Merrett Important notice re-family day. Logs from today's Match - 16/3/02 Carey at Collingwood? No thank you! Carey is like my 8 year old brothers! LOL! Carey Who's going to Ballarat next weekend. COLLINGWOOD V st.kilda Sat 16 March, 2:30pm who is this man? Hot Pies 2002 launch at Family Day I wonder if Ricky Nixon is married? How I think will lineup against St Kilda North Melbourne Now Thanx for the memories TYS! farewell Tubby.... Wayne Carey forced to Retire? Thanks Mike last "old forum" post forwarded Live Scoreboard and chat this Saturday 16/3 A VERY HAPPY 21ST TO MAGPIE GAL 19 Doesn't take long for the jokes to start! Carey/Confirmation Age Story Inside Footy: Pies to replace skipper? March 14th Update! March 13th Update! Im No RACIST! The i love scott cummings thread!! Carey Vs North Admiral Collingwood. Our Number One Ruckman is ? This post is truly one of the greats. Brisbane VS Freo @ VICTORIA PARK??? From the Archives MM media conference Thursday evening 21st march Footy Tipping Help I will not be silenced Footy Tipping Comp -Join Up!! What the h*ll is going on down there? Thank you to Mike. 3Reasons Why Richscum Can Win The Wizard Cup. Rocca the Ruckman Please Round 1.(lose the rest I dont care) LEUKAEMIA FOUNDATION FUNDRAISER FREO DISASTER sort of match report 2hrs east of freo. Age Sunday 10/03/02 Pavlich LEUKAEMIA FOUNDATION FUNDRAISER LAUNCESTON FUNCTION AND CLINIC LAUNCESTON FUNCTION AND CLINIC PRESTI OR WAKES? Ruckman, my kingdom for a Ruckman Im changing my race (IF THATS HOW YOU SPELL IT) The cheer squad on family day Monday march 11th at vicky park Freo Game Webcast - Buckley Surfers 7PM WE LUV YA HEAPS LONES Time for a footy debate - Round 1 line up LIve Webcast of tomorrow's match - with lots of giveaways Human clones for Melbourne Footy Tipping 2002 LINE UP AGAINST THE DOCKERS A loss to a premiership rival, AT HOME ... Last night's schemozzle We make and break banners Forget Top 8 Review of 2002 Grand Final Ch 10 and the Wizard Cup Anyone here ever had a shoulder operation? March 7th Update! Foxtel?Optus getting into bed freo game is now at 4pm WA time at freo oval Live Scoreboard and chat this Saturday 9/3 Why are they so secretive? What a farce footy is becoming!! March 6th Update! West Coast Conspiracy ATTENTION MICK Tarkyn? Chad is no racist!!! Anthony Hudson Match Reports In Match Forum Bucks Sure it was dissapointing but ? To everyone who is sh*tting themselves... Live broadcasts (radio) AFL not interested Listening to the internet....costs money Match Report or Ok lets try plan B. Match Report or Ok lets try plan B. Review Match Chat , Live scores and more!! Foxy will you clear your hotmail please? Austar has switched Foxfooty on Schizinhouzin Foxtel/Ch10 Ch9 live footy....PIES who's going tonight? Can we play finals without a Ruckman? "The Club" movie Taz, you embarrassed the Jumper tonight! Who is our best rookie? Info for The Club movie. Sorry ..Way off topic....Spike Milligan Dead Lockett gets off! Carey won't be playing Olympic Park here we come Line Up February 28th Update! February 27th Update! Good Luck Membership Cap Hey another Ian Nothing Changes MATCH REPORT..subtitled..can anyone lend us a ruckman? Premier league season... Thanks to all of you LOCKER ROOM THIS SUNDAY regarding afl site.. You dont peak in february!!! Att: NICK THE PIEMAN Pretty Boy Crawford has been reported Chat Now, includes Pies Vs Hawks game! Lilydale International Function Meet Your Moderators Who is going ? New site Don't forget the "Virtual" Outer What you think of Umpiring And TV coverage so far? Worthington cup Ratten???? Anyone interested in coming along to the Caulfield Races this Saturday ... The Matty Campbell thread continued... UNITED WE STAND !! Tony burrows and sunny/brotherhood of man. cheer squad re family day Other Team Supporters? Matty Campbell thread...closed Matthew Cambell- A disgrace February 20th Update! Nick's Collingwood Page - The Future Matchday chat question regarding tickets we need your help February 21st Update! What happened to Magpies Platinum? Lets not panic...... Your still a fat lard heap of shit Lockett !! Tuckey playing for the Egrils Umpiring Disgrace!!!! Thanks to Magic35 and Nick_The_Pie_Man_2 Rodney Eade and his pathetic Memory the afl site Hello people!! anyone helpme here? ring tones/icons and sms gear HELP Game against the Swans What can I as a 'poster' do if I believe I'm being unfairly treated? Match Report.I can do one weekly if you want them. Hand Over THE BLUE DIAMOND LIVE IN CHAT NOW!! Anyone with foxtel please join!! testing Fox and PIES collingwood v swans preview Foxy, Mags, Magpie Gal 19 - your hotmail is bouncing. Team VS Swans Happy Valentines Day Magpies Unlimited GONE Volunteer/Nominate Moderators Live Scoreboard / Chat Administration / Moderation Sorry nothing's happened yet Kingo Pub Is Footy a Fad? New Official Site Pre-Season Jumper Black & White Website up and running again Book Title - Help Please! w/e footy on the box Steve Waugh Au revoir Second Week Back & Kicking Strong - February 14th Update! Hey, where's a good Pub to watch the game on Sunday? 3LO TAC! For those who missed our Special Offer - Magspam Lite... Will the Swans game be on tv A REMINDER ,sat feb 9th from 2pm February 13th Update! ANGERED BY SNUBBING CARLTON, ESSENDON AND RICHMOND FORM AXIS Today's practice match - who were some of those kids? From The Outer Tipping comp 2002 TV coverage Didak !!!! Scotty Burns on 1278 re Frazer!! MEET UP BEFORE MANUKA GAME ON SUNDAY DOES'NT LOOK GOOD This year's players numbers Bad News can someone tell me the date club corner returns plz! Osteitis Pubis Lica's Embarrasment. Why West Coast Delisted Cummings OK - let's make it happen. Intraclub videos online at FTO There's never been a better time ! Who's going to the intraclub game on Friday? Crystal Ball--Magpie Awards Injuries Foxtel and the 2002 season BANNER FOR FIRST GAME 2002 PLEASE MIKE Another win for the pies...we got TAC No membership yet? Optus--Footy (Manuka game) Leon Davis Fan Site An interview with scott cummings February 7th Grand Reopening! Josh to miss pre season??? I'm Excited!!!! Its starting already Foxtel and the Swans game Apology By the fans for the fans? February 6th Update! AFL Wine Selection........ quite amusing PLAYERS UPDATE! Staight from training! Our cheersquad Your cheersquad #1 SwansV Bombers live What's the best alternative to Nick's? Please Read Eddie Article in Sunady Telegraph Family day family day What Collingwood means to me 1/02/02 we are still here A Notice Who has the Fifa world cup coverage? Here come's Chipper Happy Birthday Cobood! The Filth beaten by The Pool come in2 the chat room Ciao??????? new pre-season cup sponsor So Long, Farewell, Goodbye Goodbye and ... The Chat is currently On Some one come up with a new BULLETIN BOARD HEY EVERYONE! WATCH ME ON TELEL OK?!! Swan's match 17/2 Final Chat - 31st January, 2002 -- 7.30pm You call that a sledge, this is a real sledge. January 31st Update! My last post on Nick's A BIG THANK YOU TO MIKE AND NICK A Suggestion A couple for the collectors I'M GONNA BE ON TELE - PLEASE WATCH!!! Life Membership I'm bakkk Memories pressed between the pages of my mind!! It's not FOXTEL it's JOFFTELL! new chants 2002 Conversation starter - Olympic Park Banner for Second Game 2002 CHEERSQUAD NEWS Virus Hoaxes An ODE' to the great man DAICOS Daicos retirement poem,worth a read. January 24th Update! 64 days to go Trial Matches? A banner idea from a hawk fan... Just thought I would say...hello!! The 'wowsers' are slowly taking over!! Broadie on a flyer - from Sunday's Herald Sun long time..... MM is getting a bit wearysome! End the Season Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 A Quick Question for the Joffa man! A BETTER TOPIC-ODDS FLAG/FINALS 2002 Leather cases in B&W for mobile phones. So... Telegraph betting detail 2002....AFL hey ladies Collingwood membership Download of Collingwood FC Emblem Im otta here Sydney Magpies Important Message Syd Pies Planning a Trip to Canberra **IMPORTANT** January 17th Update! Is training on tomorrow Wednesday 16th Jan at 9:00am? BACK ON TOP GO THE TOON ..hahaha 2002 Runthrus Wanted - Good, juicy nicknames for other teams Is training on tomorrow Wednesday 16th Jan at 9:00am? Daicos retirement poem,worth a read. Today's training channel 7v AFL Dimmies?? hi i'm new Buckley has a virus ! Quote of the year????? Bigfooty prices for 2002 season,ha,ha,ha Pool and Sunderland to merge Nathan Bucks on GMA Players' Nicknames Updated! Vote for the 2002 Collingwood Horsemen! da 1 da only da Paulies Bday! Why are we bored Bring Back The Footy Non-Footy internet site of the year January 10th Update! AN INVITATION TO ONE AND ALL... "SHAWRY II" TAC Sponsorship - Early season trade to the Pies? MASSIVIVE MUSCULAR MAGPIES AT TRAINING "SHAWRY" Article in Sunday (todays paper) RAIN.and aint it welcome. NEWCASTLE BELT THE ARSE OUT OF ARSE_NAL fox footy channel Ouch millwall should be in the PL not sunderland 1990 replica premiership medal Tony Shaw news.... Fox Footy Channel on AUSTAR training - ??? COLL VS SYD IN CANBERRA Bush fires 2002 line up Still on top! January 3rd Update! has anyone received their season ticket yet? Happy New Year! Up to our eyeballs in soot PRE SEASON GRAND FINAL: OUR OPPONENTS The Silk Manifesto: Quatrain I. nominations for top 5 aust sport star of 2001 open now... Another year over A great season so far Are You listening...... HAPPY NEW YEAR The Truth about Plugger's Comeback. The Truth about the Bushfires. Welcome My God its QUIET West Cosast Handbags Cummings - Worth a risk in the forward line? Merry Christmas everyone!! A Tarranty Question: Part II. My signed black and white T.W Sherrin of the 1977 Grand Final side! merry xmas Decembr 27th Update! FROM CRANBOURNE TO COBURG Wet?Hot what a mix NEWCASTLE STORM AWAY...hahahahaha Leeds 3-4 Newcastle i need a bit of help please. Mike & Nick...deserve a REAL Pat????? Players' Nicknames Updated! Sydney V Collingwood Pre-season match @ Canberra Where are you Sunderland? Melbourne FC Supporters Should Be Ashamed Of Yaself! A Tarranty Question. missing you.... 10 hottest players 2001-->Collingwood F.C The Forward-line... its gonna be tough to get a game! Current Line Up Media Ban dipper eat your HAT DAY NUMBER 2 AT THE TOP !! Wait Over.... Cummings a Pie December 20th Update! Richard Cole London here we come !!! People People People BREAKING NEWS !!! Molly a backman Neighbours!!!! (id ya c them) members BBQ? Arsenal v Newcastle I NEED YOUR HELP !!! Chelsea thrash Liverpool! The (ahem) Boys Did Me Proud To Beat The Yids-WKB please read! double messages. Friday meeting Training Pics Congratulations to Michael Christian Our dratf pick according to todays WA paper. Francis? Happy B'day to MILLANE 42 Can we move Shaw to the Rookie list? Lockett extending his record as a magpie Bankstown Oval looks the goods for first Pre season Game The Draft who are we going to pick-up?? Computer Technician Roach Delisted You have to absolutely love this one !! some are lucky some are not. December 13th Update! regularity of discussions New supporter group about to start - help needed to spread the word Sydney Magpies Meeting - 14th December Hello I'm back I need help! Josh Quotes Proposed changes to the Bulletin Board and Magpies Net Greg Swann on Josh Fraser Club Elections Oooh Ah Josh Frasaaaaa!!! Interstate/International Memberships. The Tasmanian Devils Fowler to Dirty Leeds The Road to Victory footys Future? Bennie Gayle A message to all Qld Pie supporters Locketts mountain to high to climb Sponsorship question???? KEVIN SHEEDY'S COACH 2002 - PC Game ALL TASSIE MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS December 6th Update! Swans to waste draft pick All might not be lost for the Sydney Pre Season game Exclusive News..... We Now Have A Sister Club AFL bored? Cheap CDMA cell phone. Sponsorship Message to Mike Sydney v Collingwood ??? Time marches on My day at the cheersquad BBQ with Joffa and Alf To ash L George Harrison message from the president. Check out Foxtel ch14 AFL channel Fox Footy Channel Logo Is Too Big Yet another certainty in life Millwall, you beauty!!!! Desert Storm if you open the gob,someone will shut it.. To President Eddie McGuire - re great marks The Cheersqad BBQ! Who's Coming? ABIDE WITH ME ???? YYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOOO training Glass Ball Job - Who will be our next coach? Danny Roach retires Eastern Magpies??- Eddie, Help me out Channel 31 ... proposed Collingwood show Social Club Membership Eddie let Brad Cooper know about the Sydney Magpies Sick of it already News??? oh newcastle we love you ( WHO CAN BEAT US) Harsh words haunt Junkboy Guess where I'm Off Too Today? (WKB) Draft selections GREAT BIRTHDAYS!!! Malthouse re-signed VIRUS....Thanks for email mike November 28th Update! Tassie Team Will Roach be the last to go? Possible song for Cheersquad??? Go You Gooners Black n White Yearbook!!! Uh oh! Concerning Rocca Does anyone know when and what times the boys are training? I finish Uni Today! GO THE SOCCEROOS :D Some amusing Soccer Quotes I got in email... Chelsea should sack Ranieri Draft Choices Sachin Tendulkar does this mean that...? Draft write up in Sydney Daily Telegraph Phantom draft - Thanks for the wishes Have a good weekend everyone HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rups and Russ!!!! Taller Players!!! New Sponsors Email Subscribers Paul Salmon Osama Bin Laden an Arsenal supporter. Turning a year older. models?? Collingwood make over a million dollar profit Moorcroft stays a Bomber Bligh signed up bu FOXTEL Drafting FYI-Membership discounts Magpies Swoop In November 22nd Update! Important Message 2002 Membership.... Pires the dirty Pig! Timely Warning The Joffa Channel 31 show see you all next year. membership for non attendees. Who's going on Tuesday? What zee?? Who wants to be a millionaire?????? Eddie worth a million Bucks!! New Players at Training rough guess on 2002 line up Becoming a member sunday 18th 7.30pm into chat joffa rose storms home $6.60 Big Magpie poster training Williamstown 2002 Season Draw Released Congratulations, Rohan ... SYD THE LEGEND Nick Davis a Sydney Swan in 2003 Kevin Phillips and England Nick Davis....goodbye pie, hello swans Election over,nothing to complain about Magpies set to swoop on Moorcroft - NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Draft NOT being telecast this year Graeme Reichman passes away....... PiesPremiers The Super Coach A KIWI TEAM ..... age We dont need Cummings If John Howard was a footballer,who would he be? November 15th Update! UNCERTAIN PIE PONDERS FUTURE - By Nick The Pieman Round 9 @ Football Park Long....GONE round 16 HODDLE!!!! Millwall's going up....... CS are these any help for a banner maybe? Round 9 2002 @ Football Park Sydney Magpies Meeting - a HUGE success! Just a guesstament of COLLINGWOODS 2002 line up When is the draft anyone got any rumours on smokies being drafted? I do! JASON CLOKES YOUNGER BROTHER I think my son's a cross-dresser Sydney Meeting Friday Night Oaks Day BIG BREAKING NEWS Melb.cup sweep. Sydney Magpies Update -- Our First Meeting -- It was HUGE! Yay i won...again... buckley I'm totally confused...please help Sav V Cummings On reflection Melbourne Cup preview. MY BEST TEN COLLINGWOOD PLAYERS! Center Half Back Remember when 21.6.1986,Pies supporters run riot at Vicky park! Daks n Hill cummings and goings November 8th Update! Copeland What should I be? lol Update! (Steven Rode) Melb. Cup in the wet No TV coverage Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane This is scary!!! 2002 team Football Fan's Guide to the Melbourne Cup BELLAMY RUNS RAMPANT Glenn Hoddle's Blue and White Army! Forget the cup ,joff will bring home the bacon Here we come, here we come, here we come How the war relates to AFL YOU LITTLE RIPPER!!!!! BELLAMY STARS IN NEWCASTLE WIN AFL war with 3AW etc. Carlton picked up Jarrad Waite Ch9/Ch 10 next year ....2002 Mike Sheahans article A typical Saturday Night..... Collingwood are hoping for... SYDNEY MAGPIES MEETING 2002 Draw is out Steven Rode HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Would Collingwood look at Simon Cox? new australian flag? It must be the off-season Sydney v Collingwood - Pre Season At the barrier all standing well.......nicks gold cup Questionnaire Le draw 2002 Critical on early draft Selections… Wasted! November 1st Update! Late scratchings clean out more dead wood WoO HoO...Rodey and Hilly r stayin!!!! Melbourne Cup Tips Jason Cloke ASTON VILLA NUMBER #1 CRAIG BELLAMY..WELSH whos laughing now !! I wanted England in the World Cup but ... NEWCASTLE DESTROY EVERTON Chris Grant signs a new 4 yr deal Phantom Draw Pies set to draft Adrian Fletcher! Who would you select for Collingwood? DERBY DAY Magpie Platinum on Official Site Cox Plate wrap up 2002 draw tuckey gone will this bite us later on??????? Current Line Up. Bad blood between Scotland & Malthouse? Brett O'Farrell Victoria Park Confirm anyone? Where to play Mark Richardson does anyone know who this is? Who wants to be a millionaire?? We do!! Nicks Bulletin Board Gold cup 3200 meters delistings official Le seaux Chelsea Classified AFL Document - Exclusive! Flogged in the Smog Misiti stays at Essendon F#$%^&G FIFA!!!!!!! Am I the only one in shock? How we can get Misiti Delistings confirmed De-Listings Grant Thomas does, why doesn't Mick October 26th Update! I passed ... you bloody beauty ! Best player in the long run? LINE UP Just a thought..... Ph.D. thesis ... Football: the People's Game? Do players in collingwood jumpers need motivation ? COLLINGWOOD PREMIERS IN 2002 COLLINGWOODS RECRIUTMENT DEPARTMENT? Who kicked the best ever goal for CFC Anything on Misiti yet? the november draft williamstown coach Draft paddy steinfort,tim elliot,paul dooley hopefully available for the draft SYDNEY MAGPIES IS BORN THE PRINCE Quote of the Week Woo Hoo! Ethereal you gun! MEMORIES OF THE COLLINGWOOD WARROIRS Collingwoods new AFL Delegate BAD NEWS Big Big news from London....... Best Team since 1970 seth New players 2002 players and an emblem Aaron James got the boot! Misiti meets with Collingwood today! One Back on Mal Michael For Sale another Richmond Ruckman! Danny Roach? WANNA BE A T.V. STAR? SYDNEY MAGPIES ARE BORN The Problem With International Rules DRAFT thank god we didn't get croad!! Is Wasley Gone? Channel 9 continues channel 7's form Manure beaten in europe October 18th Update! A Dedication to A Great Man Bowen Lockwood Is Adrian Fletcher out of the Question? fabian francis ?? Joffa, I love your new sig COME ON OVER NOW AND CHAT AT NORTHERNARMY Your best collingwood team ever Whats the deal with Nick Davis? Fabian Francis October 17th Update - the Return of Trollwoman! To Small in the midfield? chicken balti pie..... FATHER AND SON RULE Hey sunderland fans KEWELL&VIDUKA TO BEAT LIVERPOOL AGAIN Bound for Glory! Oh we're......... Eddie McGuire promises you the world and gives you an Atlas Weakest Link Saw a guy on the tram today with a Linfield FC strip on. Misiti, when could/will this happen? Caufield Tips Newcastle storm to 4th spot. Priceless - with thanks to Sly Remember when...Round 14 1972 Best Mark for CFC End Of Season Trip My Comments to Danaher the Dick! Ponsford Stand demolished Laughing my Ass off...literally! What club has produced the best recruits in the country. HEY JOFFA LIVERPOOL 2 NEWCASTLE 0 HA HA Dillo you are the weakest ????????? Darren Millane on the AFL website Should they have kept Vic Park? Saints and Collingwood. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME V.F.L GAMES AT VIC PARK? I'll be cheering on Joffa Rose tomorrow ... Essendon Jokes Pathetic R.E.M must have sang 'Your gonna be a star' to Paul Licuria! Copeland Photos Great Response for the Sydney supporters group Team for 2003 / 2004 Are we forgetting Bucks? Williamstown VFL/ My Best Line up 2002 A message to everyone who's p*ssed off.. northern knights players to be drafted ?? Dillo...was that you? Linsey Dawn McKenzie Stuart Anderson 1990's Sheehans PPENSION DAY! + The baggin of The Pies! Liverpool v Grimsby HA HA HA Open Letter on Trading ...... Mike Sheahan does it again... The Future after trade week Just to lighten the situation.... R.E.M must have sang 'Your gonna be a star' to Paul Licuria! COME CHAT NOW AT NORTHERN ARMY October 11th Update! Common Sense Trading Our camping night at Vic Park! What happened to Eddie's promise? Cranbourne Cup Complete list of trades Down at The Joffa Mans House! Who comin Friday night? New Asssitant Coach on the Horizon I found my 1990 grand final ticket. so now its thanks for coming to? Milwall October 10th Update! ANY PIES SUPPORTER GROUPS IN SYDNEY Ron Josephs & Heath Black My favourite person. All over Soon! Our list A Day At The Races (for Nicks BB)! Everitt to become a pie tommorow trades paul Licuria, We solute you! TRADES....NONE..ZERO. OFFICIALLY NO CHANGES Bucks stops sheehan WHERE WERE WE ALL ON THIS DAY 11YRS AGO? Moorecroft? what do u think of danny roach WILLOOOOOOOOOOOOO Buckley on player in top 50! Everitts worth to the team LICURIA WAS A WORTHY WINNER SO CONGRATULATIONS Happy birthday Joffa HAVE WE GOT ANYONE YET ?? We will do a trade? BigFooty mc kee looks like tarzan plays like jane OOOH AAAH JOSH FRASER SAY OOH AAH JOSH FRASER beer Here Bloody Here!!! What do AFL Players get up to when they are under the influece of Alchohol? sheahan..lica..pants..molly Boycott BigFooty Come on over to Magpie chat at NORTHERNARMY nick daffy to the swans why dont we get rhett biglands since we missed out on all the other ruckman ?? ben holland scott burns staying or going ?? Colonial in BIG trouble!!! Trade Talk And the winner of the Darren Millane best clubman is.... copeland trophy..please explain! Nick Davis stafford is a richmond player Trading period ends 2pm Tuesday 9th October and the winna is.. Misiti And the winner of the EW Copeland trophy is.... Darren "Pants" Millane do we really need misiti ?? Mr Chithead Sheahan Let's go Kinnear please dont go nick davis I just got warned by BigFooty When does trade week finish? WAITING Paul Licuria You Legend Joe Misiti who's your fav. player? Any other news on Copeland? Oh Christ! Recruit of 2002 Oh Nicky..... OH SHIT NO!! To Mr. Eddie Mcguire!!!! PRESTI TO BE BARKING ?? which is better, KFC, McDonalds, or Hungry Jacks? SUCK ON THAT ESSENDON SUPPORTERS Heath Black a Saint for sure ben holland a crow mark alvey other than moorcroft have u heard who we might get ?? No.24 versus No. 24....long post, but passionate BEN HOLLAND WTF is going on To member What is Noel up to? I'm handing back my membership i'm sorry to buckley! moorcroft would be handy we need black but he is to expensive To Get Croad U Need to Please Melbourne dont get rid of presti unless it is for a quality ruckman eg porter everitt The Room Service Guy'z Trip To Melbourne! does anyone honestly think reece shaw can play ?? Pies Keep Mouth Shut while Trading Confused Who's going to Australia v Ireland Team of Possible tradees Bucks Not doing anything at draft time member Magpie Greg Please Read RE QPR Stick to the AFL ....Eddie!!! Lockyer or Licuria may go! who should the pies get rid of ?? eddie and corey mcgernan having coffee we need to get blake caracella!!! How do u rate Didak? Trade Options Please we must get corey Mckernan Not happy possible trades October 4th Update! you can decide who will be in the MEN FOR ALL SEASONS CALENDER!! TRADES FROM CHANNEL 7 Ben Holland? we should get croad who the pies should trade Are we active? buckley broke up with girlfreind! Players Review Poor Old Tottenham-My Deepest Sympathy WKB Latest Trading News Damn Mal Micheal October 3rd Update! Brace Yourself......Pain Coming My Day At The Grand Final and Mal Michael! Jeff Farmer and Freo I am gone as play on Would they even know who Essendon are, BigFooty Admin? some trade talk this week in perth. John Greenings Mark Dammit it to hell ! Havin a Beer with Richo at the Cliffy! Oh what a Feeling! Trent Croad trade update Sheedy loses his rocker the sook...just read this news story! Essenscum V essenscum who should be traded or delisted ?? trent..trent croad will play for collingwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! olympic park instead of vic park todays trade talk Thriller in Manila... You have to be kidding Croad away guernsey dicthed adrian fletcher Mike Sheahan - tall poppie syndrome? A Message for Richo Rules! Grand Final Footy Show - Sound Problems should essendon change their name? Nancy-boy Hird Heard it from the horses mouth Cheers To Mike For The New Feature bloody scousers Thank you brisbane Go Knights! Ben Kinnear Signs New 2 year Deal!!!!!! Happy Birthday Nick and Rowdy Football tragedy......... GF....PIES Beat LIONS.............Must be true I've just seen it on TV!! Is my new icon working yet The "CLUB"....NOW!!! I now announce the 2002 Football Season Officially Open tHERE IS AN ESSENDON SUPPORTER ON MY FRONT LAWN i need help. Watching the Bummmers get theirs.... London davo visits joffa Nicks/FTO/Hotrods Vs BigFooty - Footy Game Idea WHY? Fitzroy Song Black Not Lost Yet PLEASE READ OUR PRESIDENT EDDIE AFL sham-This could be us soon hawthorn rd 1 brownlow votes Brownlow, it's finally here HEATH BLACK player contracts CAUFIELD, MELBOURNE AND COX PLATE Good on ya Obie! Dirty Don keeps Magpie's London record alive DO YOU OR DON'T YOU ?? THAT IS THE QUESTION Mal in a grand final trade period Referee David Pugh - idiot Who agrees with Leigh Matthews? my bookie must read this board. ALF....... September 27th Update! September 27th Update! Didak Heath Scotland Pies supporter snaps up tickets as Dons supporters moan! Trent Croad & Chad Morrison could be traded How do you submit a Personal icon? May the St Kevin's Old Boys FAIL Buckley's Girl No.1 By far at the Brownlow! MM on talking footy last night. Desperate call fo help..Joffa or anyone Sydney Magpies? Eastern Magpies HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!!! Hi, Does anyone know nick??? need help please,cant find it. Joke..............or is it the sick truth? coach Legends game optus oval tuesday evening WHO'S GOING? Ha'way the Lads! which of the 2 ruckman mckernon or everitt,which of the 2 would be better 4 the pies Chat at northern army now in the trade or national draft period,what players do you all think that are required The Club is now not on tonight Collingwood screwed by afl?? Thank God we are Collingwood! Nick the Pieman-You are Kidding Future bright for the Pies I'm new, MrPresident! Are we in on this deal? footy show awards Yo, Joffa... HELP! GUYZ I NEED U! Not being in the fnals really hurts!! newcastle u THUCKEN BEAUTY Testing, testing......1,2,3. Saturday Night ABC 9:30 p.m............."THE CLUB" Everitt Not Joining Pies HULLOOOOO FEVOLA WHAT A GOOSE Recruitment Help make a pie fan happy on his birthday. Craig Ellis for Brent Tuckey Hi!!! Are any former Collingwood players going to play in the legends match? WE ARE CHATTING RIGHT NOW AT NORTHEN ARMY September 20th Update! How do we know that Ryan Lonie ... September 19th Update! rumours from lastnights talking footy..!! afl site,foxtel finals fact question Kevin Sheedy Coach 2002 Wake me up when it's over Tarrant WHAT TIME IS THE COLLINGWOOD TALK BACK SHOW ON SPORTS 927? BURN YOUR HERALD SUN! 2002 RUNNING MACHINE (LOOK AT THIS LIST) Re neil balme todays herald sun Why do we always get screwed? Any tickets left for the Copeland? Corey McKernan Worst image ever seen... Footy grog ban - The Bayside Advertiser A joke for Eddie VFL ressies & liston trophy Port Douglas Heath Black EXAMINING THE LIST (JUST AN OPINION) Nostradamus and Collingwood A bit of info on WA rookies to look at,recruiting staff plese read For God's sake - stop talking about trades!! nick daffy Way 2 Go DiMMa Man!!!! "We are the Navy Blues..." That pseudo Nostradamus quatrain deciphered... GO FOR HEATH BLACK COLLINGWOOD, BUT! Joffa - Jock McHale Medal - Today's Herald Sun MARK PORTER HEY HEY HEY HEY - I WANNA BE A TARKO FAN Nostradamus and the Sydney Swans Am I the ony new recruit without a welcom message? LINE UP AFTER THE DELISTINGS Forgive me father for I have sinned! Northern Army Chat is on @ 9:30 tonight Nostradamus & New York. hahahahahahahaha MAN UNITED WHO ???? Sunday 16th sept American consulate apology A World of Terror-Indescribable Collingwood Players. Hi i'm Azza Everitt the coach VERY FREAKY - Check this out EDDIE PLEASE TELL THEM TARRANT IS STAYING! delisted!! What about a BBQ and a match at Vic Park! Anyone in? Copeland coverage via the net..... My day at the' jock mchale medal' press confernce the delistings of stone and baynes,who agrees with them being delisted Donations A Joke For all yall! September 12th Update! September 14th Update! Pictures from Round 22 at Manuka Oval, Canberra Rintoul and Burns Tucks to stay on?? congrats Hewitt the Champ GRRH who is the Tubby bagger on club corner... the delisting has started sad day sandover medal results Eddies house on fire! Who's this Brad idiot on the radio? Lloyds 100 Goals??? Recruiting Back Chris Tarrant is going to kick his hundred next year Joining the Cheer Squad MANY THANKS Play on here In 2005 we'll be devastating... REALISTIC TRADE PEOPLE! west ham The real truth about trades..Am i wrong? tell me why? CHRIS TARRANT IS GOING NOWHERE Power on Eddie... Goodbye to the Joffa man and Emz! Who would you like to recruit? Big Footy is down these are the possible players i think could be traded in the trade period who agrees Channel 9 Next Year Players that Collingwood need to trade Aston Villa Reign Supreme!!! I WANT A TOP FOUR FINISH NEXT YEAR 2002 EDDIE'S HOUSE ON FIRE Re jock Mchale 'Herald sun' What has happened to our cartoon Canberoo heroes? Rawlings to Collingwood Joffa makes his mark - The Jock McHale Medal LINE UP PLAYERS TO TRADE and keep BEWARE OF THE PIES IN 2002 Hawks in a Quandary over Final with Swans! Players that Collingwood need to pick up in 2002 *** TIPPING COMP WINNER *** Please read.... Joffa's idea accepted by ScumFL Goodbye Copeland prices - yeah I know we discussed it but... Thanks, Nick & Mike. who was @ P J O'Reilys Canberra sat nite Draft Rumours MAL MICHAEL IS A DISGRACE Ah Richscum! ......Finals Pretenders CAN WE PLEASE SHOW A LITTLE RESPECT ! ANYONE FOR HORSE RACING ?? AHH END OF SEASON! player report cards for 2001 who will win the copeland this year? PLAYERS GOING Which team had its lowest ever finish in its AFL/VFL history this year? WASLEYS BEEN DELISTED END OF SEASON TOP 10 SSB Player Payments SHOUTOUTS Retired!! Rohan's ban has been lifted That canberra trip EDDIE McGUIRE-YOU ARE ON NOTICE PART II Collingwood, good neighbors Top 3 moments of the magpies season Warning..this is a sad tale.!sob sob ! Off topic - JOFFA at Pro Light and Sound?? September 5th Update! The Canberra Trip (What A Trip) September 6th Update! If Tarrent was a Bomber he would have won the mark of the year! MANY MANY THANKS TO ALL..What a year it was ! Our Perfect Interstate Record! Copeland Shock England 5 Germany 1 Shock at Arden Street! A Tale for Anybody Interested... Scotty Burns Mark Richardson i went through the 2001 player profile here i named possible trades or delistings DON'T FORGET - Vote for Tarrant's mark. A win win situation for.... Well done Pies Scotland The Season Sir Buckley , All Australian Magpies Still Most Hated My Greatest Sprint Ever! my match report,how did i go? Who's better than Darren Milburn? - Glenn Freeborn! AFL website rumour file Archer is a WANKER I HATE GEELONG!!!! R.I.P. Kangaroos F.C. now the season is finished for us,who can we either trade or delist?? SURELY PLAY THE YOUTH THIS WEEK A season to remember (and be thankful for!) Pies Interstate Rohan sinks to new depths Kingo Pub KANGAROOS ON FIRE I HAVE JUST HAD DISCUSSIONS WITH OUR GOLD WIG Silvangi Manuka Oval (Picture) WE WON IT!!!!! Don't forget to vote in the Supporters Choice Award to decide the inaugural Winner! Vale "Shirley" Strachan Don't Forget! Shannon Grant & Corey Jones OUT!!! An interesting list Final Plead for HELP!!! Pies Vs Kangas ...............for non-game attendees! D-Day Looms @ McHale Stadium. Who will be told they are no longer needed? SPEECH AT THE KINGSTON PUB..11.30 AM SUNDAY Hey everyone!!! LAST ROUND - Put ya tips in!!!! This Saturday Night in Canberra ..warning, long read. Copeland Trophy Update At training today Canberra game Dear AlfAndrews Brad The Coach QPR August 31st Update! Tarks A night at the footy - Part Four ATTENTION ADELAIDE-BASED FANS... Bad news for Spidergirl ASH LICURIA ON MAGPIE RADIO The draw NOT RESPECTED stop bagging lica The Canberra Trip! Whos Comin Whos Stayin? Toods Wayne *waves* Iv Changed Its not all gloom! after the darkness comes the light. Lets beat the Doggies Trades Help Please. Information needed from Eddie, Mike, Nick or anyone else in the know Bunch of wimps August 29th Update! Thank You Nathan ABC to Reconsider its Coverage of the VFL Grand Final The Michael and Molloy trade. HUMILIATION The fights near me. makems going down! ATTENTION ... WE HAVE A DICKWIPE ON THE BB If only I could be like Joffa! VALE JACK CARR Jarrod Molloy on GMA Terrible!! Jess we want the back seats 4 once! Culture Canberra chant......manuka oval Nick and Mike's trip to Vic! (Good to meet yas!) B&F Comparison's New chant for the weekend Chat at Northern Army NOW!! Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. A night at the footy - Part Three Copeland Trophy Boycott LAST GAME IN MELB come and say hi ok I WANT MAGPIE FEAR Todays Training Session CONGRATULATIONS manicures, oh my god. Look at Those Gooners Go Pay-TV Well look whos on the foxtel cover for September! (Warning: Small Adult Content) What ferels Question For Eddie :re Marketing A night at the footy - Part Two EVERYWHERE WE GO.........THE PEOPLE WANNA KNOW ONE FINAL SPEECH FROM JOFFA......KICK THE BLOODY DOOR DOWN WELL SAID MIKE SHEAHAN Scotland and Malthouse ON THE ROAD TO SEPTEMBER who are the possible players to be traded by the pies in the trade period?? "You'll Never Walk Alone" How to explain AFL teams to overseas Soccer fans" Hey all! The Hot 50 AFL Players My Protest agaist Umpires and Essendon V Bomber An apology... Let's fire up! I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT carlscum next!!!and best 5 pies of all time? WHERE ARE ALL THE ANTHONY ROCCA CRITICS ?? Copeland Trophy Boycott August 23rd Update! MAGPIES TO KICK ARSE (THE OTHER CLUBS) IN 2002 SCOTLAND AND I AINT TALKING ABOUT THE COUNTRY Tips - Only 2 rounds to go Lica - spanish or Italian Unleash the Didak BRING ON THE FILTH!! Copeland Trophy Boycott Gee, hasn't Dermott changed his stance!! Disgraceful!!!!!!! C'MON PIES NOW OR NEVER Our Nathan Buckley August 22nd Update! My name is James Hird, give me a free kick 50th Goal from a FREE KICK!! DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!! You'll never walk alone Hardwicke assaults Collingwood supporter You can only wonder Cheer Squad questions need and answer A night at the footy - Part One Round 20 (part 1) What Happened Millwall? Change of name Willy v ess results. And the tippers of the weeks are.........Leaderboard included COLL v ESS Free Kick Analysis You know why I love Collingwood? we can move past sydney! GRUDGE MATCH: WILL THE ARMY RETURN JLC GOES SHOPPING Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. essendon tomorrow My Night Accountability live scoreboard for tonights game TO THE ADELAIDE FOOTBALL CLUB AH MY GOD...PIES ON NEIGHBOURS Where did Molloy's AFL Membership magpies...lets deliver!! FARKIN KANGAPOOS "Tarrant Returns Serve" New Kangaroos CEO Spot the Alf ... Stingers HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICK!! Hird says he will play HAHAHAHAHA Leon on Club Corner wot a pissa! pre-purchased ticket prices Team selection against Essendon late team change Australian Cricket Team JUST A HOTBODS REMINDER TO MY FELLOW CHICKAPIES! JAMES HIRD TO PULL OUT........XXX RATED Mike The Footy Show See you at the Cricketers M.C.G coll vs ess. is it completely reserved? Leon "Magic" Davis and that hair!! Coburg game LIVE SCOREBOARD - Collingwood v. Essendon Coll v Ess Tv Coverage??? Canberra Tickets???? It's Round 20 - Remember to put your tips in ESSENDON BANNER 10/10... MELSA 5 and all canberra maggies ATTN: EDDIE AND CHANNEL 7 COVERAGE Nick makes the news (again) Photos of Banner Wanted August 16th Update! TUCKMANDO Black and white magazine August 15th Update! Northern Army Page Updated and Chat tonight at 9:30pm Buttifant is a gun Round 19 Pictures at the "G" Jarrod Molloy Chat? Collingwood thanks all football supporters..... A joke. Long but worth the punch line sooky sooky la la Man Utd. Will the Army be out in force ?? Runthru Aknowledgements WALK ON WALK OFF Cook that Delia DIDAK In the rooms after match? The Magpie Din is gonna get pretty Nasty... Woeful quote of the day neon leon lights it up Eddie and Co Ess Vs Swans Anthony Rocca WHY DROP SCOTT BURNS ?? Williamstown Vs Essendon MATTHEW PAVLICH WHAT A GUN Black & White Website - Updated Collingwoods Finals chances Who was the tipper of the week? It's going to be a close finish! What happened to the after match function this week? DIMMA our unsung hero current match ATTN: PIES PREMIERS AND JOFFA Spider WALK ON WALK ON hird to be back GO YOU GOOD THINGS - 42 point winners!! BIG NEWS!!! WHO DO WE HATE THE MOST CARLTON OR ESSENDON Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. HELLO EVERYONE Malthouse article in Australian Good luck pies ,go get the doggies!!! The Task(s) Ahead YOU MUST we believe!! Essendon game time change ESSENDON AND CARLTON ARE JEALOUS OF COLLINGWOOD Olympic Park FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ASSURANCE Canberra Trip Why do Collingwood fans support Newcastle United? NE REMEDIES FOR THE FLU? Pics from Round 18 with the Cheersquad OMG - I NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT THING AGAIN To the President - Re: Captain's membership page on the CFC internet site EDDIE IS IN THE GOLD...hahaha you beauty !! the footy show any one selling a computer ??or know of a cheap one ? looking for Amy!! MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THIS SEASON As usual - Remember to put your tips in Runthru Slogans The Green Datsun!!! Grand Opening and Inaugural Update! Security is out of control ... Joffa evicted. Shopping!--->for Jess! Can We Sneak In? Everitt... Ant rocca Even Bigger News I was proudly there when COLLINGWOOD was down August 9th Update! Well It is that time of Night again - Chat at the Northern Army @ 9:30pm! THE MISSING PIECES IN THE COLLINGWOOD LINE UP night lights Milwall Molloy! Kicking with the Dogs. stephen patterson Lloyd reported possible trade??? Things Look Good for COLLINGWOOD Emma check your PM's SHOCK - Essendon Lose CRAIG BELLAMY NOW A MAGPIE Nice meeting you, Joffa. My favourite player!!!!!! FREEBORN!!!! HUMILIATING AND EMBARASSING Old Firm in Premier League? Whats happening to the average pie supporter? Finish the season with Pride Tipper Of the Week (Brad Trimmer) and Current Leaderboard DiMmA I LuV Ya SeXeE LiTtLe DrEaDiEs !!!! Black & White Web Poll FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT Freo JOFFA'S EVICTION! Chat is on tonight at 9:30 pm onwards over at the Northern Army Site Recovery Sessions Put ya tips in!! HEATH SCOTLAND - ANDREW DIMMATINA Finals - How we can still make them! dont give up on collingwood just yet recovery sessions questions must be asked 3 out of 10 ... Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! WHEN WERE THE GOALS AT THE MCG MOVED ?? WHO TAKES BRAD OTTENS ?? Game against Richmond! My Collingwood 2002 side SIDE BY SIDE WE STICK TOGETHER More Trade rumors!!!! Cloke Willi Willi Willi! OI OI OI! The great midi /schooner debate. W.A MAGPIES TAKE A BOW CRAIG BELLAMY NOW A MAGPIE CRAIG BELLAMY NOW A MAGPIE seating PREDICTIONS McKee Dropped-Good St Kilda & Blight - the mail. do i need tix tommorow night? Internet Jimmy's Ton ATTENTION NICK DAVIS VOTER - Supporters' Choice Award after goal celebrations Turn on ya radios...927 BRODIE HOLLAND The Ticketing System All Pies fans plz show up this week! nick leaving Come on over and have a chat at the Northern Army Website - 9:30pm tonight Collingwood 11.13 - 79 d. Richmond 7.8 - 50 Forgive me Football God for I have sinned! lol! August 1st Update! Richo The Weapon@ Pie_Land!!!!! National Draft Question for the Londoners More Trade Rumors. ch 7 commentary THE 'GOLD WIG' RICHMOND dirty rotten bandwagon pieces of shit !! remember when? BLACK & WHITE Website Moved Location Post for Match day Chat room attendies Only! Bendigo Bound GROG SQUAD : OUT OF CONTROL AND LOVING IT Wakelin!! YIIPPPEEEEEE!i am the happiest gurl in the world PERTH GIRL SIGNING IN piespremiers check private messages Essendon players out of contact why are we playing the tigers before the bulldogs? my day at subi oval if youre interested. Well Done Tarrant!!! Re: Carlton - Results & Standings Adjusted for Purity Control. Canberra Game Lets Beat This Bitchmond Bandwagoing Scum Great game plan MM Tipping Comp Reminder - Round 17 BURNS & BETHERAS BACK! END OF SEASON TRADES, DELISTINGS AND PICK UPS The rest of the season what are going to be the key match-ups on friday nights game Come on over and Chat now at the Northern Army 2.1 (13) Where's Presti???? Straight "Yes" or "Gone": will Collingwood still make the Finals? Here's a Question, Mr. President. DITCH DAVEY - HOT GUY ON HEELERS! COLLINGWOOD LINE UP 2002 only a rough estimate 'Hard at it' Side Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! DANGER GAME Have your say at the Black & White Web Poll Where Is Benny Johnson?? Good luck to our collingwood..sat night are the pies going to make changes for this wks game,if yes whos in and out THE ERAS AND WHOS NEXT IN LINE Does anyone know?? The Run Home Ziege signs with Tottenham Where to watch the game... I missed the footy show. What news is here to do with collingwood? This your life ? does anyone know whats happened to jason heatly from st kilda?? A good article by Gary Lyon Judkins Rocca clear to play THE GREAT NUMBER 15 Virus Alert BRYAN SHEEHAN YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK Jason Johnson ben kinnear ben kinnear ben kinear ben kinnear Picture of Essendon's coach and there Fans Rocca, Trial by video? Rohan SICK OF essenSCUM supporters !! New Ruckman Rumours Nick the Pieman Tipster 90 hit outs to 28 Northern army chat I NEED ADVICE. July 26th Update! the last 3 weeks... whos going 2 tackle our forward line this wk,and also whos going 2 play on who?? We are tired, give the ressies a go Why did it seem Hawthorn had 5 extra players on the ground?? why are the players tiring? Put Betheras back in the side damn it! TRIBUNERAL Nice to meet you Joffa... Where is Scott Burns!!!!! FREEBORN IS SOOOOOO SOFT!!!!!! To Joffa... a way out of this mess. Tippers of the Week - Round 16 and Leaderboard Tipping Comp?? Well done Cheersquad! Flooding WHO THE HELL IS KRIS BARLOW Patience is still heartbreaking Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! How bad AHHHHHHHHH the Pies? Dermott-New Saints Coach? Well Done Mike fjd loins fan forum Have your say... Black & White Web Poll Silkwork Productions Presents a Sly LeKoupa Production: "One of Us." Costs of Squads how are the geordis coming along? Did the fat lady sing? remember last time Joffa, how about one of your great speeches? apology Blight Gone What was Richo thinking????? ins and outs BROWNLOW MEDAL NOTICE to people using Magpie Mail and Hotmail alan didak?? Demons Website Bounce or throw the ball up? Tony Modra - gone!!! The Northern Army July 19th Update! I AM SO SAD! we were awesome re cheer squad adelaide game Collingwood v Shockers Tony Shaw (as a commentator) is an idiot Nike25 also known as Nike23 ........ Wouldn't it be good if ...... Just a little ironic famous names Thanks but no thanks collingwood lost and i hair ,hahaha JLC - Tell everyone what you mean!!! THE ARRIVAL OF SIR SCOTT BURNS CONRATULATIONS BRODZ! IS IT TRUE?? DID YOU GUYS PUT US UP ON THE BANNER?? Anthony Rocca Joffa - you're famous!!! Mark of the Year poll its all up to the players now. TO THE COACH AND PLAYERS That Was The season That Was? RAYS OF SUNSHINE FOR THE MAGPIES And they break their hoodoo........AGAINST US!!! WHICH C/WOOD BOYZ MADE THE TOP 50 HOTBODS??? B & W BALL Golden Wig Betheras out of the side. I know everyone will chuck a spaz @ me but... gee... Melissa is a TARRANT LOVER!!!!!! VERY URGENT READ AND PASS IT ON TO EVERY OTHER MAGPIE FAN!! WELL DONE WILLY Finals....mmm... The Hills are alive ! I know this has nothing to do with footy but... Good Ol' Eddie MCG Bad News - Collingwood-Brisbane Game to Be Moved! Malthouse Press Conference: what innovation can we come up with? New recruit from the Rookie List 2001 Fitness Tests coll v freo info needed.... elvira....woo hooo 24 Crt Gold.... Geelong Officials........ De-listings MM wants us to rock the G,off the AFL site. Pies lodge appeal against BJ's suspension My Cheer Squad Experience Collingwood v Brisbane A Metaphor I have a question OVERALL PICTURE AND KEEP PERSECTIVE EDDIE Please read!!! Run Thru Slogan vs. Brisbane HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOFFA! come on LETS FIRE UP!!!!! The form of Anthony Rocca July 12th Update! What happened to .....?? JOHNO GETS 2 WEEKS..its f*cked Josh and Bucks Collingwood v Essendon how stiff was langer BRERETON GOT IT WRONG.. Collingwood and Geelong game, quick review Collingwood Dud Sides! Last game---what really happened? Herald Sun Why is it so? Cricket Arsenal......Spurs WELL THAT WAS A KICK IN THE ARSE!! What happened???? To Reserve or Not to Reserve Stand by our Pies Cats game almost sold out STOP BAGGING CANBERRA Don't forget to vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. Today the Canberra game Todays game Buckley-where should he play? 200 Milestone HOW MANY WINS TO MAKE THE FINALS? My Stress-free Saturday Night in the online outer!!! 1990 Grand Final Memorabilia - Just interested in its Value Suggestion for the Brisbane Banner from Northern Pie Poor Scotto How Cocky is too cocky?? Premiership 2004!?! HEY KNIGHTRIDER!!!!! The Collingwood Supporter -- A Users Guide Weighing into the Club Debate. THE AFL DOESNT GIVE A STUFF ABOUT US the orient lives ATTENTION EDDIE!-re Roos game Whoa that was good!!! Congratulations Willy's match at Tassie.A report on the Magpie boys..... Ideal Collingwood side! Its hard! Banner V Geelong MCG redevelopment July 5th Wrap-up! GUESS WHAT RICHMOND SUPPORTERS AND THEIR I.Q LEVEL URGENT READ !!! QUESTION ohhh chikkies........men4allseasonscal Pull your finger out of your arse Tarrant! Van Morrison Come on Over to the Northern Army Website tonight at 9:30pm for a chat!! July 5th Update! Damien Adkins CAN U HELP ME JOFFA?? Congrats Rupert and Tarks Victoria versus SA WOOHOO! GO THE PIEBOYS!!!!!! Buckley and Tarrant Rumour whos going to match up on buckley and the others hi JUNKBOY AND SHAUN can anyone tell me what the banner was against the crows??? Just wanna say well done Stevie McKee.... WHERE IS??????????? Collingwood vs Geelong JLC HOW MANY TICKETS U WANT TO CANBERRA whos playing on who on the weekend the geelong fans dreamworld Seriously Impressed #? and *We Won***! Report on Williamstown. Brodie is such a hottie!!!! Training Collingwood v Adelaide Match Review BIG CARL STEINFORT how good are the pies We are Chatting Now at the Northern Army Website..COME ON OVER!!! Interesting stats, you decide.... I STILL CALL VIC PARK HOME Solomon to Collingwood? Magpie Racing BAYNES TUCKEY WASLEY ROACH Nick's.....Official Forum? GERI HALLIWELL ON THE FOOTY SHOW cheer squad in adelaide.. Cheersquad expenses for interstate games Loss of ABC netcast Adelaide v Collingwood Davis named in the side... Win, Lose or Draw - don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! A perfect example of what a wonderful thing Magpie Mail is. Gotta go BUT I'll be back The kids at willamstown? Adkins to play. Would the police rather Scotland and Kinnear drink and drive? Obree and richo rumour Black & White Web Poll any collingwood people in AELAIDE Round 20 Bombers match shifted. Adelaide game Magpie Joffa in RALPH! Sorry about that Scotland, Kinnear arrested new to the board Gary Ayres is insane! I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Saints in financial trouble - Suprise Suprise ! saturday night game COLLINGWOODS MOST IMPROVED PLAYERS Crows Vs Magpise No Live telecast Still Chating over at the Northern Army..anyone hear me on Sport927?? Pies V Crows Neon Leon chant WHERE CAN WE WATCH IT LIVE ?? June 28th Update! Talk about bad luck JLC ARE U COMING TO CANBERRA chants and banner ideas for adelaide Another Snippet from last weeks meeting. Josh team of the century ADELAIDE GAME RUPERT YOU COMING TO ALL STAR SAT NIGHT Andrew Demetriou on Talking Footy who are our 3 most important players? Tipping Reminder for next few rounds how do i get a pic to come up whos playing and not playing in rd13 Who are our top 3 players? Nick Davis Can Collingwood hang on to its stars? Live Telecast of Adeliade vs Collingwood nickdavis if we make the 8 predictions ladder after home and away Site Updated and Come along and chat Wed 9:30pm @ The Northern Army Site! scotto & bolts ADELAIDE TRIP BLACK & WHITE BALL headgear today's result Collingwood vs West Coast Match Review how good was the 2nd quarter? Grand Overview of the 16 Teams. replacement for nick davis McAvaney and Cousins Chat's on at the Northern Army A few Questions regarding the Cheer Squad BOURKE BETTER THAN TARRANT?? Brereton..= Moron round 22 transfer PORNO STAR HAS ARRIVED FANTASTIC! MARVELOUS! WONDERFUL!... Finally..."Fabio" has arrived!!! Great pics from Round 12 - the Maggies vs West Toast Lazy Cummings old farts eh message for all govts ATTENTION: Bulletin Board Junkies Pies vs Weagles Buckley may not play Pre-Game Drinks. Don't forget to vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. POLLY FARMER U LEGEND !! Why we might lose the next match! STICK IT THEM WEAKLES..for MM From the president FOOTBALL PARK WHAT A RIP OFF June 21st Update! FuNnY......... Good Interview, Joffa! The futures so bright we all gotta wear shades! TO ALL U COCKY ROOS SUPPORTERS Photos from Round 11 with the Cheer Squad God help me! The nerve of some ppl. Missed members meeting but? video clip of tarrants mark WAS IT OR WASNT IT Don't push it Collingwood!! GRRH thats ***t... To Mr McGuire THIS ONES FOR MICH Just wanted to say thanks to all those who dropped by the Army Chat Tonight.. Food at the footy Chat TOnight at the Northern Army Website, just click on Army Chat..SEE YOU THERE Round 12 Good news people! Who's going to Adelaide for match on 30th June? a little gem Black & White Website Updated Read this article - Jack Niall Tony Shaw FRANKIE.......Guess what??? Richo's shopping spree!!!!!!!!! Foxtel Coverage Next Year The War is on - (FJD) Could some please ask this at the meeting? No Buckley, No Worries Ralph is garbage TO SPEECH OR NOT TO SPEECH THAT IS THE QUESTION Another question for Nick/Mike Thanks, Joffa! For all you guys that think Napster now sucks - Try this!! AFL Record is garbage Speed and Quickness ATTN: Nick WHERE'S STONEY GONE?? To Eddie Poor Kicking for Goal Does anybody know where I can get the Club Song for a Mobile Phone? If I may ask... If I may ask... A Heartfelt Plea... THAT MARK - from the other side Half-Way News Review! question for joffa and or cheer squad He's a disgrace! Arsenal £££££ Chrissy babe Sam Newman Web Poll Bored THE HERALD SUN CELEBRATES THE MARK OF THE CENTURY Wakelin West Coast Supporters Discussion: Re Malthouse "Am I going to be sacked on national television?" ATTN: Eddie (Re: AFL TV Coverage Next Year) Runthru ideas.... Rnd 11, 12 & 13 Todays Herald? CheerSquad Finals Tickets availability Attention Joffa THE PONSFORD WAS ROCKING TALENTED TARRANT THE GREATEST EVER MARK Yahoo its fun giving the Melbourne cheer sqaud crap. **Tips Reminder AND Current Leaderboard** I'm not one to brag but I did get 5 out 5 on Magpie Radio trivia quiz last night!.... Please Look At Your Video Tape Again. Am I Cruel? Mental Hoodoo Overcome fromtheouter great web site Hello to Everyone! June 14th Update! Bring on Wet Toast! HAS ANYONE GOT ANY SPARE TICKETS FOR THE ADELAIDE GAME Another Bandwagon article by Sheahan HaPpY BiRThDaY To.............. That is a cracker! The luck of the draw... or just bad kicking?? Seriously Impressed #4 Does it get any better....hahahahahahaha Melbourne Forum - Teeny Bopper Central Black & White Website Updated Northern Army Website has been updated - join us Wednesday 9:30pm for Army Chat.. WHEN COLLINGWOOD EYES ARE SMILING How Good Too Good....... Suffering Demons Fans! WHEN THE BABY MAGPIES TURN INTO MEN What time at the Cricketers-and what do you all look like? Thanks Chrissy T. KNOW WHERE SIMON HAWKING WENT TO? Live Chat Again @ a bit sombre in Toorak today... OBREE FOR THE BROWNLOW Blood Presssure OK! THANKS MR TARRANT Pebbles Apology Time FOOTY LIVE....................................on Prime ;) Crunch game Are They Serious?? To the cheersquad-great banner! THE 1990 GRAND FINAL IS ON DVD Collingwood in England Who needs Bucks?! Baby Magpies CRUSH Patheic Demons!! Who's in charge of the stationery cabinet at the Club? Don't forget to vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. YOU BLOODY RIPPER - Collingwood V Melbourne Read 2 Great Match Previews From Ur Very Own! Would love to contact someone in charge of doing the banners up Re cheer squad and that savage rumor. Anyone wanna write a little review of the Sandy Game? ANYONE SEE JLC ON FOOTY FEEDBACK LAST NIGHT? WHERES STEVE PATTERSON Mike Sheahans article? Lets Give It To Farmer Monday! Visit My New Website Please Stay Faithful PIES SOCIETY VALUES AND COLLINGWOOD Game to be televised? The Truth About the Sydney Swans. Northern Armyt Website - have you checked it out? A question for ed on memberships Sorry Forgot to Mention.....If you are in Brisbane or heading up this way....... Pornolise a website The Last of the Mohicans Scores a Beauty Big Footy is on the nose Joffa on the radio last night MEMBERSHIP PASSES 31,000 rrrr...mean ppl at tha footy ***1000th POST*** Bucks is having a rest Monday Monday! WKB. Happy about signing an old man? Aboriginal forwards whoz comin to Sandy??? Flooding Baaa..Baaaa oops sorry HEY MIKE U THERE. JOFFA YOU ARE A STAR! REPORTING ON THE PRESIDENT'S REPORT June 7th Update! mid season report?Any comments? Open the damn roof Please think before you post The Last Ten Posts And The Overall Picture Molloy is a Champ Info Night COLONIAL STADIUM BLACK AND WHITE BALL... OK...OK..I GIVE UP can't agree with you more sTeViE rOdE..... Well done collingwood..i could see you were trying. Ok stop the bitching and lets regroup. PATHETIC PIES WILL MISS FINALS YET AGAIN Photo's from Round 9 Crowd for monday Dont Forgot To Drop By Collingwood Forever Tonight For Chat just to say hi i'm new! Here We Go... FunNy Jokes AGaiN Why? June? Or Shit Football? Attention "so called supporters" lol! What's going on Alf? Paul Williams v Nathan Buckley ADKINS - Plays a blinder!!!!! I have an itch... HOT PIES, PLAYER OF THE MONTH.. bucks Anthony Rocca On Chat Tonight! Crowd for monday How pathetic was that game I THOUGHT WE WERE ALL ONE IN HERE Lets have some positivity. okayyyyyyyy thats IT!!!!!! Front runners....... Locker Room Sunday Heavy Reading This Week vs dees Congratulations, Cheer Squad ... 9 out of 10 Pictures under names Tony Shaw !!! -= GOOD NEWS =- !!! PATIENCE. PATIENT FOR WHAT? COLLINGWOOD THROUGH THICK AND THIN new chant ideas Umpire's???? our very own JLC in todays newspaper sunday herald sun june 3rd 7 goals what the F*CK is that shit ???? Milwall Holy Adkins Batman Where is everyone sitting? FOOTY SHOW IN LONDON Good news from the president Conflict of Interest Its June Again !!! Good Old Collingwood Forever - Geordie Version sheahan thinks that collingwood are the genuine challenger for essendon winters are starting to become warmer for COLLINGWOOD now Must win by Ten Dear Mrs. Rocca R u all in the cheer sqd? AFL Metcards & other collectables AFL Metcards & other collectables Bigfooty Ugly Poll.....they think we r the ugliest! ELVIRA ADELAIDE BOUND ?????? FAMILY GATHER AROUND PART 4..LOL Round 10 lineup changes MSN MESSENGER Bucks v Willo? Steinford out... May 31st Wrap-Up! TARRANT THE NEXT CAREY? The AFL would be loving it. EXPRESSIONS OF APOLOGY BANNER FOR SUNDAY GAME Who is the 39th Man? Tipping Riminder (nt) Finals chances.....??? The adelaide advertiser..THE DAILY NEWSPAPER..loved us. St Kilda Banner DID ANYONE PICK UP MY CASHMERE COAT Runthru Ideas......Rnd 11, 12 & 13 Vs Springvale May 30th Update! always at Josh... POOR OLD BITCHMOND People! come in and chat now at I APOLOGISE Chat: 9.30pm As Normal Tonight! Take a bow Ben Johnson and Glenn Freeborn... Thanks from Hot Pies WAYNE JACKSON north v Collingwood Friday On My Mind? Sick of clubs using injuries an excuse ANOTHER DAY...ANOTHER WIN. Seriously Impressed [3] AFTER MATCH CELEBRATIONS Buckley's last chance at a Brownlow... Finally.... is Bucks carrying an injury? Need help with merchandise shop! Tippers of the Week - Round 9 and Leaderboard UH OH! Getting flash backs of the Roos game! Collingwood's Banner ARE WE GOOD? Death of a Collingwood Supporter Clement is showing the goods Which one of you clowns gave McKee 3 votes? Leaving Early? NICK THEODOSSI GO AWAY Now that's passion! Magpies v swannies Hot Pies is Back I APOLOGISE Crowd Estimate for Collingwood v Stkilhopeless Josh Frasers point??? JLC AFL Metcards & other collectables Re: Eddie in Saturday's Herald Comic. I DID NOT MEAN TO HAVE A GO AT ESSENDON AND CARLTON Gehrig, $500,000 man! ELVIRA UNCOVERED My Lovley Boys! Don't forget to vote in The Supporters' Choice Award: Round #9! Top Ten players at Magpie land What A Great Week! Have You Seen 'Crackers' Keenan on Victoria Park... Lets win for my birthday magpies =] A new look and Joffa's Match Preview Congralations To Shane O'Bree ... TYSON LANE ....50 YOU BLOODY RIPPER AFL Draw 2002 ADELAIDE TRIP LEAVING FRIDAY 29TH JUNE LeTs TaLk CoLLiNgWoOd.... Kit Clash needs to be fixed!!!!!!! (so does the umpiring but we all know that) OUR MERCHANDISE SHOP..good bad or WHAT. Eddie McGuire-You are on notice. LETS CHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alternate strips **REMINDER** Tipping Comp - Get your tips in!! Anyone got a copy of the port game? MARCUS PICKEN i hope we don't regret the close losses May 24th Update! Anth Rocca That Port match-a word from Sydney... i just wanna say thanks Shite Mike on 3AW tonight??? A COLLINGWOOD EXPLOSION OF STARS Banner Vs Saints Come Back Damien GETTING TIED OF ESSENDON BEEN LOOK UPON AS THE BENCHMARK OF THE LEAGUE Rex *unt HAS ANYBODY SEEN THE NEW ANSETT AD Tattoo You The Voice in doubt for Saturday Rocca!!! Round 8 and all recruits firing. WHAT IS THE STORY WITH DAMIEN ADKINS "CHIPPER" Collingwood Forever Chat Tonight LIVERPOOL : MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Tippers of the Week - Round 8 and Leaderboard An omen to cheer about... Eddie CARLTON SUPPORTERS HAVE AN INFERITORTY COMPLEX Cheersquad Eddie and Trevor FREE UP BUCKS OH WHAT A TRIPPPPPPPPP Mrs Rooboy WHEN IS DAMIEN ADKINS DUE BACK? How do u say it BE LOUDER!!!!! players at the cross roads or that need to reach the next level THE AFL SHOULD GET A LIFE NICK DAVIS AND TARKS ARE ALL CLASS elvira...............?????? The Truth About Hawthorn. 2001 IS REMINISENT TO 1987 GOD BLESS YOU LEON DAVIS AND ROGAN JOSH! Tickets for Adelaide game - 30th June MAGPIE CURSE? 1990 CAN YOU FEEL IT COLLINGWOOD -THE ENVY OF THE NATION I WaS WoNDeRiN.... FUTURE PREDITIONS 2001- 2011 Joffa HAVE WE GOT STARS ON OUR HANDS ALLREADY Apology Its important we don't lose our head!!!! THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT Don't forget to vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. YOU GOT TO HAND IT TO COLLINGWOOD IN PARTICLUAR THE PLAYERS WHO LET THE REDS OUT ?? HOULLIER!!!!! RICKY Thank you Collingwood..... Presti's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem!!......clears throat.......begins.... ExTrA ExTra ReAd All AbOuT iT........ We're On The Road Again! The Future is bright... Vs Port Adelaide Can Collingwood make the finals in 2001? THIS PATIENCE IS KILLING ME Newcastle in with a Shout of UEFA Cup Place How sweet it is TIME TO EXPERIMENT ON PRESTI Time to stick a rocket up Anthony Rocca. Collingwood v Port AFL PLAYS ROBIN HOOD ROB FROM THE RICH AND GIVE TO THE POOR We are The Real "MAGPIES"... A serious question Future Captain Attention Fletch, JLC and Alf LADIES GOIN TO ADELAIDE YOU MUST READ THIS FIRST..LOL COLLINGWOOD RE-BUILDING - IT TAKES TIME Umpires getting in the way Whats this Black and White game from Ea sports? Our forward line structure EVERY CLUBS NEEDS AN EDDIE AS PREZ Tippers of the Week - Round 7 and Leaderboard SHEEDY WAS RIGHT THE PIES ARE A FORCE AGAIN Prestigiacomo Gather around family part 3....LOL Mike or anyone May 17th Wrap-up! What do we lack? presti MAGPIEMON - Pokemon Take-off THIS IS WHAT I CAN SEE IN THE CRYSTAL BALL Collingwood's Best Possible Team 9.30pm Collingwood Forever Weekly Chat! May 16th Update! what do we take form that My impressions of my first game for a while!!! Do We Know The Feelin Of Winning? Did WaNkEr CaReY GeT Looked AFTER? Anyone out there? A MESSAGE TO JARROD MALLOY Cloke A lesson that needs to be learnt! Get them posts going Dipper lets chat tonite 9pm..last one in is a rotten egg The football gods can get STUFFED. Does anyone know... Disappearing Posts Scared Of Winning Alf's the Top Tipper for Round 7 Don't forget to vote in The Supporters' Choice Award. Didak WELCOME TO THE FAMILY WHY ?? What can we do? Merry Christmas, Liverpool Willy boys Cheersquad Seating for Sunday is Buckley injured? FAMILY GATHER AROUND....PART 2 Danger Game Bucks 150th Game as a Magpie! Get Ur Magpie Collingwood Name... Brad Lloyd Danny Roach / Dale Baynes $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Champs League re: North Match this week LOCKER ROOM ON MOTHERS DAY Joffa, Chook Raffle Rocks Joffa's speech at the cricketeers..... Fingers Crossed Reserves Team against North Melbourne Presty and Malthouse REMINDER - Tipping Round 7 Magpie Premiership WOO HOO! Nick the Pie Man joins the Army! Kernaghans a pig hello! WHY????????????? Rumor File..... WHERE IS RUMOR FILE???? Who was the photographer? May 10th Update! round 8 coll vs port footscray gone, bring on the tigers Small Men vs Big Men Why was Molloy moved when he was on Fire?? the carlscum game Damien DUM A Highlight in Sundays Game *~*~gO AnThOnY*~*~ Whats New GO LEEDS!!! What a win!!!!!!!!!!! May 9th Update! It's a big week in football. Australian Most Wanted .... Apology MM goes to next step in rebuilding....... The Supporters' Choice Award - Please Read! LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN....... WE CAN FINALLY BRAG!!!! BANNER V CARLTON What's happened to BigFooty? Scoreboard Chat - who will be there? Does anybody else want us to help 'em? Pre-Match Vs Carlton Don't forget to vote in the Supporters' Choice Award! Patrick Smith at Collingwood Team vs Carlton turn up the noise on sunday Will we get in tomorrow? Hey Joffa F U K U TICKETMASTER...... An absolute joke! Collingwood Official Cheersquad Question Millwall's going up.......... GATHER AROUND FAMILY. re carlscum R.I.P To One Of My Good Friends That was a one eyed magpie supporter On Paper **REMINDER** Tipping Comp - Get your tips in!! May 3rd Update! Collingwood Crowds admission deats plz.... Williamstown fc homepage? Mark Williams - future coach? Ed, Stolen Collingwood hates - Your thoughts? IS IT TRUE ABOUT TARRANT?!?! Caroline on ABC Radio Chipper playing tomorrow Eddie/Melb situation My sincere apologies ok Bucks? New fantasy Footy Games! Come to chat room Elliot tals about McGuire's "conflict" GRHHHHHH CARLTON.... Oh Oh Oh Ricky Oh! Underrated: Tarks Chris Tarrant BAR DERMIE FROM CHANNEL 9 New Jumper! Mark Of The Year Does this team want finals... Grand Final '90 God you guys can make some noise Wayne Carey interview from the Bladder. Reply Blast From The Past #2 Rotation Cost Us Home Grown Are we going to stick with the forums? Rintoul Essendon have all the luck...........=[ BUCKS' FAV. WEB SITE Woohoo! Footy Jumpers Dermie & Sam LICURIA I though I would get more of Reaction! Seriously Impressed --- Again! Long Running Lonie I have fallen in love with greg baum Herald Scum today... Race for Champion's League Places Blast from the Past Chanters Rintoul out until mid-year Who The Hell Is On O'Bree? April 26th Update! Wakelin Banner v Carlton Nothing to be ashamed of Pies....... Lonie vs Lucas! Josh Which Players Played Best Yesterday @ MCG ... Threw everything at 'em Selection News Alf at least you picked a winner. I hate traffic LICURIA'S 50TH PROUD BUT DISSAPOINTED Let's remember Collingwood v Essendon Leon Davis Spectacular Shane O'Bree #11 & Ryan Lonie #37 Ryan Lonie wins rising star nomination TIME TO STAND UP COLLINGWOOD PEOPLE !! Hard Game - Essendon Vs Collingwood MAGPIE MAIL Pre Anzac Day Chat @ Collingwood Forever molloy.........what a player! Pre-Game Drinks: 12:00 p.m. at the MCG Hotel. April 24th Update! Footy Tips - Get them in early I'm Happy To Be 100% WRONG!!!!!!! Guess who won't be playing Anzac Day? Tippers of the Week - Round 4 and Leaderboard nicks hot Test Guess who WILL be playing Anzac Day?? Cheersquad Praise WOO HOO FOR MALLOY! Crowds at Pies Games Cheersquad Debate Neon Boo Hoo Hoo Malloy OFF!!!!!!!!!!! Molloy not guilty! Collingwood Forever - Update who let the poodles out Cheer Squad at the Doggies game. What can u do to make the pie supporters stand out? IM COMING DOWN FOR THE ROOS GAME BUT NEED HELP! To Alf,Joffa,SS11,Mags and the rest of the squad. Joffa Don't Worry About the Anzac Day Tickets Tipping Competition name change - Now CollingwoodBB Finally watched the Replay Skill errors? Reality Check AFL Footy Record Courageous in defeat. Camperaole Don't forget to Vote in the Supporters' Choice Award... Mckee Tippers of the Week - Round 3 (Sorry been away) Pics From Tonights Game! Newsflash: Teamchanges UPDATE Liverpool Vs Barcelona LETS GO AND KICK SOME TIGER ASS !!! Sheedy says we have recruited best over last 2 years Richardson (Tigers) - Will he play? MILLWALL!!! MILLWALL!!!!! Ordering seats with ticketmaster 7 PLEASE I need a copy of the game againt the Bulldogs Newsflash: Team Changes Magpie Racing - New Initiative not much Hello Ryan Lonie RISING STAR NOMINEES: Where are they? GOOD NEWS!!re Tarrant Blockbuster @ The G - Match Preview URGENT MUST READ, seats for sat night at colonial Who has got there tickets for ANZAC Day? The new Chris Tarrant larry and rooboy you losers....... Bloody Essendon Message to Mr T. Liberatore $500,000??? NICK SPREADS HIS WINGS... WHERE IS' HOT PIES' MAGAZINE April 19th Update! The Wanker Jumps On The Bandwagon Why are we always out-numbered? "You'llnever walk alone" Missing Players CONGRATULATIONS - PLUS AN IDEA Liverpool 3 Everton 2 Pies Rock Mansfield! April 18th Update! just an idea TONITE lets get it off in magpie chat..LOL...TUESDAY 9PM TONITE. 17TH One thing Pies have to work on........ Cheer Squad Seating for Friday Night SPEECH SPEECH SPEECH................. HOLY TORNADO BATMAN!!!!!!! Congrats to the Cheersquad Wher's the BANG?? How we won. Let's put some BANG in the Bucks Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! Pies Run Riot Match Report - Collingwood Forever Site guess who i saw 2nite........ What A Mauling. OH what a night... Saturday nights game re:reserved seats Tippers of the Week (Round 2) and Progress Board LOST..I HOPE SOMEBODY FOUND Note About Saturday's Game @ Stuipd Colonial Ricky Oh Oh - thank god we got rid of him! April 12th Update! Liberatore out for five Rocca is dropped-Confirmed Scott Burns Hamstring Injury out for 2-3 Weeks Collingwood Forever - Update Shaw Sheehan You wanker Liverpool 2 - Wycombe 1 April 11th Update! WELL DONE Posting problems - please read Joffa, cool smilie Newsflash Tippers of the Week Bye bye larry and pooboy SLMFAO.85.and.101 Thanks Tony Shaw stretcher scare Coll vs freo Videotape of Match - Anyone tape it? CHEER SQUAD Complaint YOU'LL BE SORRY DRUM Votes Round 2 : 3 2 1 Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! It Begins cOnGrAtS sExEe BrOaDiE!!!!!!!!!!! Collingwood Forever - New Website THE LOCKER ROOM.......... Where should A Rocca play? Shaw tips the shockers Collingwood-Fremantle Pre-Game Drinks. Onya Liverpool What's Happened toMillwall April 6th Update! - Starting to become really BORING!!! Newsflash: axing shock It's a Shame When Nobody Loves You April 5th Update! Tipping Reminder!! Just testing something! Pies vs Hawks Pies vs Freo WE'LL BE THERE FOR YOU Family Day!!! Collingwood V Hawthorn wot u doin alf Entry fee for away game with membership?? Eddie Interviewed on Grandstand - recommended listening "Excuse me-Have you seen Magpie Joffa?" Good luck to our pies in 2001 Netcasting this season Don't forget to Vote in The Supporters' Choice Award! The TV Ad Off Topic - Stuff for Sale!!! NicksBB Footy Tipping Competition - Join up!! Rupert Betheras not picked! what do you think? Thanks beverly Boring bits Born is the King of White Hart Lane Tips Reminder Footy Talk community TV Tazza the teeny 'boy' hahahahahaha Off Topic - Stuff for Sale!! March 29th Update! GRRH WOT THE corner!!! A Message Grimandi Sayonara George McGuire - Age Poll re conflicts on interest lets play weakest link The new home ground Pie Meeting @ Cricketers and Meet Some Shit And Piss Fans From Bigfooty! who wants to chat tonite say around 9pm sunday please come in ok Cheer Squad at Crown Cottee Any more special guests? CHEER SQUAD MONDAY NIGHT AT CROWN CASINO re player jumper presentation whos been to a game with a carlton supporter? Memberships - Re toll free number Hey All!!! Interstate/International Membership Mike, Tipping Comp??? NICKY Jumper Night for FREE Joffa @ Family Day - Video of Joffa Singing BANNER MAKING SESSIONS URGENT RE BANNER MAKING THIS THURSDAY March 22nd Update. What's the story with the new jumpers? Membership Numbers what was the year 79-80? guess who we saw 2day.... WHO IS THE WORST MEDIA PERSONALITY ?? To nick the pieman coll vs melb ELLANESS Chat - today? Another Semi-Final WKB it had to happen Not Happy Pies! Live Score updates on Saturday from North Hobart Oval - at Buckley Surfers hey mike! ELVIRA YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED...... NAH ELVIRA IS MINE BY POPULAR DEMAND....WHO IS ELVIRA ?? March 15th Update! Kanga financial crisis woes continue Collingwood Family Day PURE GOLD : ELVIRA WOMAN OF DARKNESS JOIN THE ELVIRA FAN CLUB SPOT ELVIRA,,AND WIN A CASHMERE COAT Who is a Collingwood memeber ????????? ELVIRA IS ALL MINE FINALS FOOTY Buckley is God move aside here come the bandwagoners pies at heat who's goin to colonial, Beware of front-running tossers Game Against Norff Joffa and the thin blue line I Took Your Advice, Joffa thanks elvira....hun GLADIATOR 2- revealed! who was that person March 8th Update! Hi losers. million $ qu's Herald Sun Dribble Ten for the Doctor, four for the trainer Kangapoos hit jackpot! OH NO DONT BOO SAV.............LOL WKB You Lucky B@st@rd whats your decision ?????? ok everyone into chat 8pm tuesday please Formula 1 I'm ready to rock. startling new video evidence Thanks driver and yes we will get better!! CHEERING IN THE OFFICIAL CHEERSQUAD Booing Sav #2 We out-barracked the KangaFrontRunners Internet Memberships on the Collingwood site! The (Rich) Peoples Club Rintoul happy birthday emma good luck pies for tonite No booing our Sav What a frightening sight?? A dumb question but... Make sure you check out our Buckley Surfers website Rule Britannia! The Golden Age. who's goin sat night? We all tip Collingwood...don't we? Ive been robbed! Lets go for finals The Banner March 1st Update! Support Your Mighty Magpies! nick davis Hot Pies is back Our new boyz at pieland!!!! Was that Joffa I saw? Gutsy win Who did this???? THE DON I've got a scanner by the way so if anyone wants some pictures scanned let me know =] Not Fit To Wear the Shirt Dermott Brereton...You are the BIGGEST wanker! Didak for rising star Tarrant - Out this week winning margin and best players I broke my duck at last We're Unstoppable rookies look good ESSENDON EXCUSES Good Luck Brodie Holland!!!! Live Scoreboard and Chat Tonight The WCE Site What to expect in perth Copy of Malcolm Blights email This weeks "squad" VS Eagles Get a look at this site! February 22nd Update! If Collingwood Were To Do A Partnership Deal With A Soccer Side? Happy hour at colonial Eddie, Sam and Trev Unplugged It's a Physical Year MUNDINE-on his way up!!! YOU'VE WON ME JARROD MOLLOY Dale Earnhardt nascar legend RIP Williamstown Football Club ??????? Jealousy is a curse when we got the great Buckley Queing at Colonial Roma 0 Liverpool 2 re last nites cheer squad at colonial Cheer Squad Chants! Chelsea - Hasselbaink Getting into the stupid ground essendon - hahaha! news on lica! re last nites cheer squad at colonial Cheersquad 2001 Sav kicks a few spidergirl- how r our 2 rooboyz doin??? Spidey's votes........ to nick the pieman Collingwood Cheer Squad has turned the corner. Millwall Latest Jarrod Molloy Any win will do Wanna see the new jumpers?? Where Are U Spidez? Cheersquad 2001 SucKilda Game! Friday Night Pre-game Drinks! Heath Scotland played well 1-0 To the Arsenal BRING IT ON My Worst Nightmare! we're on our way come into the chat room now if ur online!!! chants chat room 9pm tonite thursday Joffa's mug shot February 15th Update! Reserved Cheersquad seats for Friday night Pies racing ahead!!! New jumpers for home and away. say hi to bert the' beanie' Hey dipper please read!!!from joffa MUSCULAR MAGPIES AFL Injury Video...Anybody? Here come Charlton im a little worried Season Ticket Holders Pommies think Collingwood are Useless Intra Club Match Buckley speaks February 8th Update. Pre-Game Get Together. Back! Money problems at Arden St CHARLTON ATHLETIC New chat room and contact facility I think it's time to look at ourselves! Intra-club game on Friday Warning to all Newcastle Supporters Tottenham Still a Big Club You Must Be Joking 9pm sunday for chat room Fantasy Football Today's Training! joffa#brutus part company Ron Richards AFL Life Member Another of the "army" passes into the great stadium in the sky [b]NEW CHAT IS EXCELLENT...[/b] Magpie Desktop ha ha ha man-ure united 1000 FU@KING POSTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 1st Update. Charming! umm ok try this one AFL to aim at Grassroots!? lets do this'game reviews' hi this is me...LOL whos gunna play ruck?? AFL TV rights Reds into Worthless Cup final HAHAHAHA CQ how was the big day out.... Copeland trophy for 2001 Emile Heskey is the MAN well its 3.15 am open tis door at own risk Some Players I Think (Hope) Will Will Do Well Next Year Intra Club pratice match Chippers had a haircut. Answers needed. Very quiet here lately... Geordies Out of the Cup January 25th Update! favourite moment of 2000 hahahah Essendon "little girls" Pies sluts beat the pants off youz.... Pre Season Update! BomberTalk in trouble where will it end? What's Been Going On... whos on the right track Am i the only one whos been down pre-season trainings??? Take two on the new name awwww poor Joshy..... If u were AFL Chairman. The Shaw Legacy SHITE,SHITE,SHITE Forgive my ignorance, but what does floreat pica mean? lol Mick the spy.... It's me PieGirl#41 Player Numbers Have been Allocated Emma: I saw Sav 2day... Geordies Out of the Cup I'm Back!!! January 18th Addendum! bring on tha footy Pm's Help! A PROMISE January 18th Update. Usual time for training is it? its so quiet in here!!! Nude Year's Eve Happy new year Alf you are the man!!! On the march we are on fire......... MM interviewed on radio today in perth for you guys in pommy land Memberships. is nicks bb closing down?? best ever we captured him and flogged him'be warned' Training Today 10/1/2001 January 11th Update! do you know this person!! Man-ure shit...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haI Joffa ... the international rap star rintouls a pie FA Cup - Round 3 need a hand here! Pies Fans Website! Alf on 3CR ... Wed. 9-10am with mystery guest What's the score Toons, Toons what's the score Toons? WHAT WE ALL SUSPECTED.... I Love You Spidy! January 4th Update! history of recruiting duds. Milwall These are the champions This BB - 2nd Birthday Stick it up your Arsen-hole oh wouldnt it be...... wot's wrong CQ..... Brutus t shirts for sale...enquire within December 28th Update. boro beats liverpool...SHITE!!! Wher's Kent Butcher Tell Me The Score lets go JOFFA ROSE....shite........ BIRTHDAY WISHES HERE COME THE NEWCASTLE MAGPIES...newcastle 2 the wankers from leeds 1 Hawks Training At McHale Stadium! Our Home! Confident? 2 Buckleys Virus alert Merry Xmas All Aw whinge whinge whinge why cant our club have that.... Mr McGuire - Something Else! reason to be confident Brownie Gav Crossisca The Number 1 Jumper will be worn By............... Congrats Eddie and Karla......... BB Changes TV Rights Collingwood site nick and mike December 21st Update. Is that it then???? To Joffa Collingwood desktop theme anyone. Merry Christmas For Spidey! How do you put those gif files in? Mackem Joke! So chicks rate our new "talent"..... Hey im blaming you Alf Miss magpie and cute!!! please be upstandind and acknowledge the great newcastle united With Sav gone how will Anthony go next season. Did I miss something?? System Status please update me Annual General Meeting Just Gimme Some Truth Sorry Spidey Xmas party and AGM Collingwood to leave Vic Park Voting Chad Rintoul delisted. Joffa Tell Me The Score Talk to you all next year Been quiet in here..... Steve McKee can play December 14th Update! No Training At Vic Park For 2 Weeks! Who Remembers My Grand Final Story? its all ahead for the pies BB Gathering! Take #3! Nick's Collingwood Page - The Future Members Christmas Party! December 7th Update! Ay Pies players ->read this....... To all you low life pathetic scumbag collingwood haters how did eddie get his own photo in his column? where are the ruckmen Ay Eddie tell me this....... Milwall Do Cheer Squads have an off-season? guernsey numbers... MM Interview HEY CHICKIE BABES HELP NEEDED/WANTED FoOtY sLuTs!!! i saw ANTHONY!!!!!!! I wanna prove alot of ppl wrong next year! the calendar Pies Tipped for the Big Wooden Stirrer Hey we are number 16 Draft rumours Collingwood jokes??? In B & W, Annual Report edition Nightly email im behind you micky boy hahaha lets see Chelsea go down to the 1st Divison :) Board challenge Newcastle beaten by 1st division side! Bomber rivalry haha suffer chicks we swam with the Dees today at the best training ever!!!!!! ay chicks guess who i just happened to 'run into' 2nite???? Solo's hair! BrETt LeE iS hOtTnEsS!!! Enjoy Watto Essendon! HA Hey Dickheads! (Roo Fans) For those who are interested.... huh that was the annual report? be afraid be very afraid here come the geordis November 30th Update! Wot is this bulldust..... Buckley rumours etc Arsenal in Crisis Collingwood United! For Those Who Dont Look At The Offical Site! Fletch and joffa and brutus-bring it on!! have a mad ass Birthday CQ! Are we all that stupid collingwood!!! NEWCASTLE 2-LIVERPOOL 1 Get serious, says Pies board candidate Josh Fraser - Gained 5 kilos.... Young Guns at the Fore... Alan Shearer Ok slight change of plans (2001 ladder).... Who can stop Millwall now???? This is nothing to do with footy but....... lol lol lol the Pies new teeny bopper icon...... Matty LLoyd chants My ladder for 2001. Whats yours? MAGZ pre christmas get together Hey Alf give it your best shot liverpool Clint and Fiona ahhhhh Happy Birthday Rupert Sav speaks out... Ahhhh my god --->Craig J's training with..... Happy Birthday Rupert Happy Birthday Russell November 23rd Update! Today is SAV'S birthday!!!!! Um, hello! - Guess what.... Hey pommie davo More shit from the AFL... Lee Walker @ Freo Even though his gone-->HAPPY B'DAY SAV!!! JOFFA meets JOFFA Stephan Carey Delisted Social Club Training today!!! Mags Site Is Finally Done! YAY Tarkschick! Paul Lynch training with the Maggies ! what u think? Geordie Magpies betray Aussie Cousins! heres a chant for the dog jack coppers Choking on their haggis Collingwood-Your Olympic Heroes? Pies make profit We're no Essendon, but... So Chicks it's down to Arden Street.... Easy come, Easy Go What is the current list? The Goal For This Summer! and there goes the siren in the 1990grand final..... November 16th Update! sorry to sound rude but... Sav Rocca Wins! please pop in and say hi to BRUTUS 200 POSTS!!!!! FINALLLY SAV A ROO-BOY grrrrrrrrr Team 2001....Any Comments Plz!!! RESERVED SEATING BEHIND GOALS songs English Football in Mourning Didak knows who's king!!!! OaKs DaY-BrEtT pReBbLe Joffa - Icon! MAGPIE recruiting rumours !!!!!!!!! number 36 BRUTUS FOLLOWS........ Purely Belter We are Millwall!!!! SAM AND FATMAN how could u forget!! broadie your a legend Personal Icons gUeSs WhO i SaW yEsTeRdAy.................... Can anybody tell me what happened with Brad Oborne? BIG FOOTY BOARDS I do not know whether to be happy about this... Bloody Hell, Savrocca wins again. preseason draft How dare they spread stuff about MY Brodie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! newcastle again....... Footy to kick off festivities ! A game we are sure to lose! 200 metres to go in the cup of 2000................ Now Known As Mags! ok everyone--->start complaining Lets vote the captain!!! November 9th Update! Johnny Who? Reds' defence crumbles Here comes the Cricket my updated best side for year 2001 whats yours? Nathan Buckley When, where, who wants to come? oh my god chicks---> check out Didak.... If two Collingwood barrackers get together we talk about ... What The Club Told Mags On The Fone Today! Welcome Sav Rocca Heskey again ! Malthouse watches Newcastle United Mal "Punch" Michael. Is Everyone Happy Bout the Draft?? BREAKING NEWS......BREAKING NEWS..... November 2nd Update! The Real JUBJUB Shane Wakelin? lica signs !!!! for thoses who don't get to see the draft!! Long live the Queen of the Turf! Didak - who is he? Collingwood stuffs around training times! Harlem Gospel Choir OMIGOD!!!!!!! today i saw............ The end of an era - Nick's Collingwood Page October 26th Update! Carlton Series (Australia-West Indies-Zimbabwe) A response for when you get called ... THE HAND OF JOCK TOUCHED ME.....joffa Footy Tipping Here comes ........... Last day of school woo hoo! member do you have any insider trading on the upcoming draft? who are we targeting? Bradman ... Phar Lap ... Cathy Freeman STILL on top of the ladder!! i hate that sandie from bigfooty!!!!! players at the races... WHY DONT YOUS ALL A Chant For You All! Enjoy Your Fav Pie Memory's Happy Birthday Rhyce collingwood spirit lives on for ever Mysteries of the Bulletin Board October 19th Update! On the march with the toon army OH OUR BELOVED TOON AFL roumours site----->Absolutely ridiculous.... Progress Report Censorship tremble you hoons Re: "Ashes & Envy." Just had a laugh... Bucks, Sav and Willo - More than a Game book.... Brains at the AFL Magpie Biddiscombe? kick ass Aussies... Who are we getting in the draft? Monkey --->new ruck coach at Sainterland... Craig Biddiscombe WELCOME BACK PETER MOORE Is it worth looking at Tingay??? collingwood spirit lives for ever A Collingwood BB on Big Footy! Everyone Is Invited To The Club For JUBJUB's 1st Gig What a *%&$ing JOKE! I PREDICT WITHIN 5YRS WILL WIN A PREIMERSHIP WHAT DO YOU THINK? Hmmm, Globalfreeway.....ARGHHH Home made Beer!!!!!! :) HI Post-Olympic Code of Conduct Rowdy Will Be Staying On With The Piez In 2001! Less than 50 dayz till pre-season training (4 Pies NE way)... what does ADIDAS stand for???? Supporter Of The Week! October 12th Update! Let's try to keep it going - Magpies Email Service is Up and Running England 0, Liverpool 1 Tarrant h/f or c/h/f Ha Ha and Who Has NO CASH TARKS!!! premiership team Go Dees --->Same old sh!t from the Crows... Exactly 10 years from 2day --->Our 1990 premiership Can we consider this to raise funds ? best side for 2001 What has happened to the Liverpool web-site? Magz Needs Ya Help Badly! Monkey's Has Retired mike-the adress for sending payment!!! Justin Peckett to Pies is the latest one from the Saints forum... A rough outline of this site Other sporting HONEYS!!!!!!!! Revolving door at Vic Park To Mike And Nick! Magpiera and Doug REALLY do WANT to help NOT ON MY LIFE IS THIS TOPIC CLOSED !!!! Andrew McLeod Rumour That Is Going Round Piez & Suckilda Forums SEXY OLYMPIANS pAt RaFtEr!!!!! Changes To The Ansett Cup Fixture 2001! Week 2 In two years, Pies' discards equal a team! Are we expecting a big name draft? Sorry about the multiple emails what kind of recruit do colliingwood need to pick up?? QPR Latest Rumours On Sav! spidergirl is a sexy beast Do you think the services of Presti at f/b & Richo at f/b r uderated Millwall roll on....Alex Ferguson panics at thought Which of thw current de-listed players should we look at picking up & why Essendon or Carlton? Matthew Allen 2 players left to get the cut! They Have Sacked The Following Player Yesterday One more for the Black & White army Do the Players like Buckley ??? Bloody primadonnas... why the f#$k did we get rid of Orchard SavRocca the horse Club Delistings So Far! Veteran's - why did we not use it (right)? Trading Warp! All Teams Do the Players really Like Buckley? I'm still here Happy Birthday Nick! Rigth U Tell Me Is Suckilda Over The Salary Cup! As Of Yet Shity Rumours! From the shity afl site GEHRIG....WHY NOT? September 28th Update! Should we look at re-drafting Chad Liddell YOU GUYS ARE ALL PATHETIC Newcastle vs Leyton Orient HOME ansett cup This NOT I repeat NOT to be changed to Collingwood ok!? Why Mal Michael really left Pies Magpie's E-mail! The Cricketers before the soccer match ... i stole the 200th post... Sav the Bluebagger Liverpool 1, Sunderland 1 Bagga eyes Roo coaching position Excellent result for Man U lovers!!!! Bucks No Collingwood games in Brissy barbecue anyone and 'cricket' Incase u wanted to know---> cool smilies!!!!!! OH MY GOD RICKY!!!!!!!! I am now a North supporter!!!!! Liverpool Reserves win 8-0, fowler scores 5... A question for London D Milwall 2 Ipswich 0 September 21st Update! ok hello where the fu@k has our chicks channel gone again??? Ay Rooboy u gonna welcome me 2 North or wot? for the uneducated read tis man-ure supporters I wish....... Thorpedo-Is there any better? Our Draw For Next Year! I reckon we should get that Freo dude... Speaking to the Guru........208 Days without a win! only one beautiful bobby oh no london davo !!! What has Owen been up to? The 2001 AFL Draw (AFL Lies again I think???) ...and the Red Army marches into Europe I feel like a bickie This is too f**king easy for the uneducated Australia blows it again What's happened to chick's channel Gehrig signs - but not for us..... Jason Cloke De-listed Players Far Canal COME ON YOU SPURS! Once again we have stuffed up... Simon's free September 14th Update! Carl`s up, up and away !!! The Orange boys r perhaps a bit lacking in the sexiness department... i want one million dollars too !! new boys Daffy to us perhaps? Results of CFC Trading Clubs Getting A Freaking Phone Call Now!!!!!!!!! KEEP Tyson Lane SAYONARA LUCA!!!! mal wants to play finals footy Trading Post Damien Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiverpool 3, City 2 annabelle was right - sadly Brodie H is one for chicks channel... ANy draft news??????? To - "the old posters" Well finally we know - Gherig Signs with Saints JACA IS A BABE!!!!! Ex-Pie wins B&F CoPeLaNd... Hamill? Trading with Carlton? Spidergirl said: Sydney And Willo! 65000 reasons why we are battlers gehrig What can I say but, Man Utd To bloody good! and a Newcastle DRAW! So what is happening with Sav? im sorry Why rooboy is a gay faget Fremantle trade :) new trade Southampton: nationwide material When Will We Ever Learn Bucks Does it again!!!! The Irish day Copeland Why Pay 143 bucks when u can watch it free on the net! WHOS THE TEAM WE ALL ADORE we drink EX we drink brown you gotta read this thanks davo chel-scum hahahahahaha the magpies have arrived BEWARE The latest draft news! The Big Red Machine rolls on....Liverpool 3 def Aston Villa 1 My Rups wins COLLINGWOOD CANT TRADE TO SAVE ITSELF I guess He Won't, But I hope I am wrong Tony Shaw - St.Kilda Coaching Position Trading With Carlscum ? We Will Now Get Gehrig For Sure! gehrig its easy to be losers!!! Is Mal Michael tradebait??? MY TARKS WINS Collingwood veteran joins Sydney! The Full Story From The Age :( I Say Carn Juventus!!!!!!!!!! Man Utd kick ass!!!!!!!! (6-0) this is my secret Gherig and Geelong ALAN SHEARER WE LOVE YOU Trades newcastle on top of ladder uh oh one thing we r forgetting bout the Copeland... seeya later bell Mal Important - plagiarism forgive me St Kilda Thougth They Had Gehrig! September 7th Update! Gehrig and Mitchell White ? read and weep hahahahahahaha london davo ban man-ure supporters $1m Mal on market ! It's easy to get Grand Final tickets.... Email from 'Melbourne Times' Lucas or Alessio 4 Number 3 draft pick! :) The BIG 400! New trade on..... serious stuff How cool were the Pies dancers??? how hot does Shane wanna be??? Craig Callaghan 4 a draft pick or Michael Gardiner COPELAND COUNT DOWN Comeback Frase! All is forgiven!! Rehn 4 Sav Sorry what I said about Sav the big 300 poster Fraser Gehrig Crap Tottenham 3 Everton 2 If you love collingwood, look at this... Mike Shitheads Email Addy! Fraser Gherig - Certainty! Soul searching Sorry Jess :( Jason Ball 4 low pick or a young player Nick's Collingwood Page - A Brief History Michael to Brisbane, McCrae to Adelaide and Eccles to Collingwood plus something else Porter maybe SAV is now in the U.S.A!! how good is DAVID BECKHAM!!!!!!!!! larry and the other dickhead newcastle v lol.coventry The 2 Gavs Continued AHHHHHHHHHH (Footy Show) WAVERLEY SAVED!!!! Essendon - how shit? final Bell sounds for North Sydney Kangaroos The gaelic day at vic park Get ready for the annual ticket outrage Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers What the heck is wrong with everyone? LOCAL FOOTY Help needed how r we doin it Presti most underated player of the year Nicky Davis @ Epping, Grand Final and Copeland!!! A reminder.... Williams - Out of there! Buckley should have won three Brownlows.... i tipped it !!!! David King!:) Melbourne finished 14th and last year. i tipped it !!!! That leaves 33 players on the list. Bigsoccer! Lets Hope 9 Get The Tv Rigths!!! Ah my god Leoncelli... NE 1 else goin 2 the Footy Show 2night? Some interesting info newcastle united fans Mike, thanks for the Forum! Red Devils!! I got my Grand Final ticket aaahhhhh!!!!! Hey All! Ressies GF... not very happy about that SHEARER - ENGLANDS NO 1 Players we saw 2day... August 31st Update! can we have a premier league soccer forum A riddle for Larry and Rooboy 5 reasons why North are so pathetic Is this a Footy BB or what...let's get real ! brownlow bucks BUCKS when are hero comes along what did everyone think of the footy show awards... Wishful Thinking Roo Fans! rest in peace' kangas'or whatever u r . The black and white show has just bagan folks Saw Nick 2day... The List Of Ppl That Can Access The Teen Pies Forum! GO BUCKS!!!! WARNING, very teeny LOL!!! oh my god i saw clive What happened to the Roos? Grand final mass WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT CARLLLLLLON? Magpies attracted to new MCG nest !!!!!! Posted In The Austrailain I can't hear you!! New Poll! Bombers aiming to become most successful team ever ! Lets See 125 points Rooboy And Larry! BYE BYE CARLLLLLLLLLON!! -Rumours about players coming- Eccles 4 Rocca! A Teen Footy Chat Forum??? Blah, Blah, Blah jUsT WaNnA sAy ---> GO DEES!!! Make your own Collingwood Logo idea For Boomer Hey CJ, whats your problem? RUPE The Mcg Survey About The New Northern Stand! Happy Birthday Pebbles It's gonna hit the fan Incase u didnt know ----> RUPE Autograph Hunting? Lica needs to drop his chick Spunks alert well we got the sexiest how bout the ugliest... Andrew Eccles May Be Heading Collingwood's Way SEXY JOSH!!!!! Collingwood fined for salary cap breaches Pebbles turns 23!!! NIKKI, r we goin city??!!!! Single or not? Dear Stupid Collingwood Fans eye What Is This I See On Big Footy All? From Rooboy The New Teen Pie Forum Talent up for Grabs Yippee... A few new contracts for some Pies!!! Rumours and Gossip August 24th Update! Yes we can.... Teenie Forum Bloopers 1 3 words for carlton thanks for the laughs london dave Can someone post a post season op list? Carlton Song 1970 Grand Final A New Name. go our england magpies Latest Rumours Now what? Woo hoo Sandy kicked Carlton's arse right outta the VFL finals... Forget answering... FAREWELL TO A LEGEND!!!!!....SAV ROCCA all the spunks r on TV 2night... I miss SAV already!!!!! Brownlow - Who will win it? Danny Roach Brad Oborne Kingy Collingwood Web site is down Lets Play A Game Shall We? Rehn - What does everyone think? Jason Cloke LOST THE PLOT Can All The Chicks On Here Please Do Me A BIG Favour???? for chris's babe Chris Tarrant who else??? Music to my Ears Post your best Collingwaood team here! a serious question Happy b'day 2 our sexy coach... Lica!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P North Melbourne!!! 3 way trade Norwich Union Afl Rising Star Award! Big Nose Pickings August 17th: Season 2000 Overview! They r dropping like flies (now its McKee and Patto) Our Ansett Cup Draw For 2001 Pre Season Training? Sorry bout this girls but I had to ask?? i am seeing THE ROCCAS tonight!!!(and more) oh tarky New Social Club Tarkyn Lockyer BAG CARLLLLLON!!!!!!!!!!! STAFFORD!!! :( Guess What Mags Got In The Mail Today? Mike Shithead Again!!!!!!!!!! Vote who is best collingwood player of all time Rupert on the footy show oh no 'queen carey' oh no !!!! How good is Davis? Who do we trade and who do we delist? RiCkY iS tHe SeXiEst... finals fever Rhyce Shaw Keep burnsy Whoz goin 2 the finals? Wot 2 wear 2 the Copeland??? WHOS GOING TO THE COPELAND TROPHY NIGHT? Danny Roach?? Good management ? (sorry) North PUMPED!!!!!hahaha SAV & ANTHONY ROCK!!!!!!! Nick Davis signs for 2 years The Reason Y Colonial Stadium Will Never Be Full! August 9th Update! ,,,,please don't go Burnsy Another season, another scarf. We are idiots Rupert is sex on legs im missing it already!!! Mike Sheahan Nick Davis Collingwood Vs Essendon TRIBUTE TO SAV!!!!! Saw Nick today NEW: The Official Football Victoria web-site! Matches to go ... Thud ... Pies V Bombers : A slight chance? My expedition to the Roos match. NEW: The Official Football Victoria web-site! Farewell to Rowdy as well...the last of 1990 is gone see you all next year...........TAKE CARE... VFL Season In Review Bagga, Patto invited to J.J Liston Medal Night Supporters Choice Spot on the List Good bye Jezza and Simmo... How does the new finals system rate? Trade Swaps- Collingwood/West Coast/Hawthorn In the gun ? C'mon girls, women playing in the AFL, what do you think? we will allways be collingwood......because we are........... collingwood.... Does anybody know about the 2 Gavs August 3rd Update! Can we beat the Bombers? Chair off ALL our champs on the weekend... More new rules on spectator behaviour. N E 1 going 2 the fashion parade Tues? Who else saw Benny on Talking Footy... An apology So was it Brent or not.... hey larry and rooboy read this.... They're still here! herald slime 'you scumbags' Presti for All Austrlian Full Back Pies Vs Oranges Sav Sav finished Who cost us 14 games?? Good Bye Sav!!! Fabulous Pies Time to see who we can get rid off! Did 'Bucks' Cost Us The Game??? N.Davis Hot Pie Just wanna say a special hi (as promised) to the legendary SiMmO(tHe HaWk) and Jezza ah my god...Men 4 all Seasons Calendar!!!!!!!! who reckons this collingwood playing home games in sydney can go and get stuffed??? Whos going to the Copeland? What is Bucks like? B.O.G 2day... matches to go ... Congratulations To The Following Posters!!!!!! Magnificent! Ressies lost by heaps 2day... Trading philosophy views from afar Did anyone go to the Party at Vic Park after the Sydney game??? who thinks damien adkins is a prick? Is Chippa an Asshole??? 'girly' meeting Who Is Going To The Ressies At Vic Park 2morrow? BRAD SMITH IS A DUD Mike Sheahan:professional tosser Home games in Brisbane now ? Nick Stevens Is There A Lot Of Optimism Going Into Next Year? Does Willo earn his money? July 27th Update! bell day round 22 vs essendon System Notice Changing guernseys for a one off money grab?? Keep Sav? Bye Bye Sav...... to gridiron? Orange Roos: New strip for Pie clash ( Boy The Roos Must Be Strap For Cash) collingwood party!! joffa says thanks to our VFL side Bucks You're the coach Collingwood V North Ballarat Is it true about Brent Tuckey??? is SAV in the ressies tomorrow @waverley?? a really stupid question Is everyone ready for that blasted Doggy Doggy Doggy shit on the scoreboard 2night?!? Matches to go ... Is Essendon's team the best team ever? COLLINGWOOD Def Preston FINALS CHANCE FOR RESSIES Jezza Is A Legend!!!!!!!! Collingwood Vs Sydney July 20th Update! IMPORTANT NOTICE PIES in STH. AUST. WHO DO WE TRADE AND WHO DO WE KEEP? Captains Membership this is a CHICKS CHANNEL not a........ THE 2 HOT PIES!! New Forum Spider Everitt LEAVE SAV ALONE!!!!!! Malthouse is an idiot $88 for an adult seat @ the 2000 AFL Grand Final R.I. P 'GABBO' cricketers arms sunday Tradeing good/popular players PORTS NICK STEVENS & A QUESTION ABOUT KANGAROOS VS PIES let the season finish..PLEASE...... WHAT'S EDDIE SMOKING!!!!!!!!! leave dimma alone or else !!!! Ricky Oh Oh admits the bleedin' obvious! Guess What There Is A New Rule At The G? Matches to go ... Collingwood in 2000 Membership Question Collingwood to Colonial? Sav / Pay Cut no home games in sydney petition Matches to go ... Get OVER IT!!!!! Sav's Eye - Internal Bleeding MICK'S GOSPEL My Best Collingwood Lineup give the game back to the fans !!!!! Remaining VFL games SUPPORT THE RESSIES ON SATURDAY!!!!!!! Slight time change for Sandringham match? bring back BT !!!!!! July 13th Update! Towards 2001 A Gathering of the Page. SAV'S EYE AT TRAINING!!!!!!! THE ALMIGHTY SAV Collingwood Players Review Lets pretend to be M.M. Gee, thanks. Carlton game WONT be live Dont Do It Joffa! ok lets have a girly page...but CARLSCUM R GOIN DOWN JC Superstar = Joffa, Collingwood's supertar I'm Chris Tarrent's Girlfriend - NOT joffa reckons alf is cool Is everyone positvie that Bagga is in for sure? Is It To Late To Hire An Assassin For Watson? Jason Cloke The Big Savalloy BRING BACK SAV!!! ROCCA BOYS July 6th Update! tickets,im begging plese someone Collingwood Vs Adelaide Start Fresh, People. BAGGA Fraser Gehrig Happy Birthday Clint Matches to go Collingwood vs Adelaide Buckley missing in action The two Gavins Very good news!!! The Legionella Scare stafford June 29th Update! Collingwood V St.Kilda monday nite at waverly Timmy's gone. The Pies lost 14.10.94 - 10.8.68 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIDERGIRL Nicky Davis leavin the Pies for Sydney??? tickets for carlscum game Gavin Brown 250th Matches to go ... *sigh* June 26th Update! Mass Rally!!! COLLINGWOOD MURDERED BY UMPIRES! How Stupid!!! June 22nd Update! B&W Mag out at last Collingwood Players Review Josh Fraser - A Blast from the Past So who else is goin 2 Waverley Monday night? collingwood V bendogo sharpen and wasley Rd 15 - SAV IS IN THE TEAM Save Waverley Park Forum my observations of the pies Colonial Can Go Get F*%**ed!!! Ben Johnson End of season trip Malthouse! Man or Myth? Media boycott of Malthouse VFL last friday nite at MCG Collingwood '00 & Geelong '99 wayne jackson you moron Letter to Collingwood LAP OF HONOUR Congratulations Joffa floreat pica?? Somebody has to do it ... Coll V Melb Hot Pies #7 On Sale Tonight!! Sydney chairman is an AFL stooge. question for joffamagpie Buckleys Brigade Football Clinic Hey! What happened to you "loyal supporters"?!?!? Victoria Park tavern Collingwood V Hawthorn June 15th Update! R our ressies playing at Vic Park this Friday? We will probably keep on losing for a while..... Malthouse under fire Did anyone catch the funny bit on the Footy Show? Chat with Josh Fraser Lighten Up Peoples Collingwood Club Song on Nokia Motivation Problems VFL Coaching snippet Bucks Is In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a bit of fun Things will work out, if not this year then next year Rd 14 Team - BUCKS IS OUT ON A LIGHTER SIDE To Nick And Mike Chippa & Lica No more excuses Hot Pies Delivers Some Good News A funny thing happened gav crosisca Lets Tear Down Optus Oval SURVEY WINNER ANNOUNCED Collingwood players joffa to coach the pies June 8th Update! Required information for a trip to Bendigo. another record to be broken! The Magpie Malaise Andrew Dimattina Player Of The Week Where Is Our Depth??? Where are all the knockers coming from? WE NEED SAV!!!!!! Another year of the ROO - 2000 Collingwood Vs Frankston Where to from here June 6th Update! members 50 METRES!!!!! The 50m Rule ANOTHER LOSS!!! Scotty Burns....Port are after him! Conspiracy Theory players end of season trip Pitiful Free Hot Pies! Colonoscopy Stadium : R.I.P. football The word according to Joffa Collingwood - wooden spooners again Just thought I would post and say... Embarrassed The Geelong Match Lets Go Dimma! Team vs PORT...I'm getting dizzy June 2nd Update! What is wrong with Collingwood?????? Deserve to be last Joffa & the Unofficial Cheer Squad Glamour Team mid season gollyfobbles magie girl 19 r u there?? Why all the fighting ???? SAV AND WILLO MUST GO!! Unofficial Cheersquad Hey when did they change the goals at the MCG? Re: Brad Smith in Collingwood versus Geelong. Ummmmmm, no not again! May 29th Update! ????? Collingwood Winamp Skin? To my mate Joffa.......... DISGRACEFUL G'day from the USA Burns Out....Jaco In To Joffa To the famous JOFFA Alf the Legend HOPELESS TO CJ May 26th Update! Copper is the colour of a 2 cent piece!!! ENOUGH! PIES..Vs EAGLES Boot the boofhead My 2 cents worth May 24th Update! Bring back Bagger Scott Burns Out of the finals "slmfao.aa." The Survey Unoffical Cheer Squad And Offical Cheer Squad No Collingwood home games in Sydney !!! Collingwood vs Geelong Hello Loyal Magpie Fans! Out of the finals COLONIAL: Medallion Dress Code??? Season over? ... we wish. No More Home Games At Colonial Stadium Footy Tipping have pride in YOUR team Collingwood vs Richmond Bucks on "The Game" Where have all the knockers gone? The Homebush Kangapoos - are they the most unloved team in VFL/AFL History? Peter Daicos-A question Collingwood v Weagles ATTENTION: ALL USERS OF NICK'S COLLINGWOOD PAGE May 19th Update! IT'S A NEW CAR Rupes makes my day Mal Michael Neil Balme on Sport 927 Dont Fret yet... just a question Simon Hawking Run & Direction May 17th Update! Rd 11 - Footy Tips? Buckley - gone? TOGETHERNESS joffa declares his undying love for collingwood STOP IT!!! Team Selection 6 Day Breaks Round 10 - PLEASE EXPLAIN??? Coll vs Carl venue decision Clinton King V Collingwood joffa invites everyone to the punt road end Gav Crosisca is back. Collingwood Team Rd 10 May 12th Update! joffa needs your help May 11th Update! Darren Millane; a query Hot Pies Magazine Don't underestimate the power of the PUSSY Collingwood vs. Brisbane Why? Another weekend, another loss. Josh Fraser Maggie fans in Brisbane WHERE WAS JOSH??? PIE SUPPORTERS Gavin Brown omitted? floreat pica what happened last night ? Another draw stuff up. May 5th Update! My ad has appeared on Telly. May 4th Update! 20 minutes is not enuff PIES VS CARLTON AT OPTUS Cheer squads and home games what happened last night? I was there but the Pies were not. Docklands Stadium April 28th Update! Collingwood v Fremantle Pies v freo ANZAC day match. Aftermath of ANZAC Day L.Davis Paul Licuria... Who's the spunk in the back row I did the bulletin board proud April 26th Update! so near but so far Prestigiacomo to play congratulations: SAV on Anzac Day Battle Anthem Broadie said there is no such thing as "Man In Front Rule" Cmon, Bring on Anzac Day! Family Day Game of the Season Anzac Day in Adelaide Unsung Heros Memberships April 21st Update. Hot Pies Issue 6 out Tuesday Footy Socks The Collingwood Football Club and Nick's Collingwood Page Collingwood V Dons Cheer Squad seating 2000 Life's a Barbeque - hop in for your chop Talking Footy we are all collingwood 4 ever Club Song April 19th Update. Grace Darling trivia question Hansie Cronje - best on ground Sorry Deano Tim did not get a pass for you... Match Fixing So, where do all the "cheersquads" sit? Heads Up Everybody! First DAY Saturday Game BUCKLEYS BROWNLOW SUIT!!!!! Who dislikes Alf Andrews Update On McKernan (and a bit of Buckley) Bucks in Doubt? 2 WEEKS FOR ROCCA April 13th Update! Tapes of Matches: Any help Please? Games going to the Dogs and I don't mean the Bull Dogs SCG Attendance Wasley, Ukovic and Chrysler Neon Pet Cemetary ! JOSH Collingwood haters Yesterday's Match Is it Ruperts Collingwood vs Bulldogs Colonial Tickets WAZZA Training at bloody Colonial!!! April 6th Update! New Fan Site- When will people stop saying "Collingwoods youth can't handle the pressure"??? Doggie's President I was there at the SCG. WARNING - close matches are a health hazard maybe Shawy was taught the wrong lessons AFL's Bias is Exposed Collingwood Vs Carlton Yeah great win Collingwood in Sydney ANTHONY ROCCA WHAT A GOAL ? Our First (ithink) training at Colonial... leading by example Where has ROOBOY and Co. Gone? I'm going to the SCG on Saturday. Team against Sydney NICK DAVIS March 30th Update! Buckley better than Carey. Carlscum website Collingwood Number Plates Eddie McGuire Bucks is better than Rooboy anyday.... Official Collingwood Web Site Collingwood 'bomber' jacket Wallpaper boys playing like men Big Team effort - No passengers It's going to take a good team to beat us ! Collingwood V Carlscum New Features! Up There Cazaly Hot Pies needs writers VFL March 23rd Update! Collingwood vs. Adelaide Happy Birthday Michael Crowd for Sunday vs Carlscum went to training this morning.... Buckley interview This team is special Scary stuff VFL draw? COLLINGWOOD MARCH Where was the Official Cheersquad last night huh? March 17th Addendum! Confidence creeps back to Collingwood Hail Josh - the future of Collingwood March 16th Update! buckleys fructured rist Footy Bet DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO arghh HURRY UP MONDAY Does anybody know??????????? Well Done Guys!!!!!!!!! Match Report - Collingwood v Hawthorn Summer football sux The only pre-game VFL match in Round 1 Iron Mike Sheahan's Top 50 March 9th Update - Media-Bash Week! The crystral ball challenge Collingwood Vs Hawthorn % of Female Members Hot Pies Fanzine - Issue #5 Available Now The future ......and Ricky Check out the new In B&W... Pies sued for $1m Offical web Site Reserves v Bullants - Match Reports The jerk has come back to the board! membership Collingwood Football Club Weekly Newsletter - 2/3/00 The Collingwood Rant March 2nd Update! john greening My dream team (at start) Collingwood v Sydney Collingwood Vs Sydney The Collingwood Team of the 90's: Here it Is! Collingwood Football Club Weekly Newsletter Training Last night's game. The Great March to the McG The Collingwood Rant Update! Hot Pies - Family Day Calling George Q Scores and goals thanks to Hotrod Winners are Grinners ! Simon Prestigicomo Report on 10 News Collingwood v. West Coast So whos goin Saturday... Collingwood VsFremantle Not Guilty Costs Betheras $300 more I will be there FREE Tipping Comp FREE Tipping Comp The Collingwood Rant Update! WE WON What is happening to the Official CheerSquad? Damm good idea.... There was a REPLAY!!! The Official Web Site is on the air Guernsey Presentations Eye on the Pie LEON DAVIS Attention: Cheer Squads Familiarity breeds contempt A letter from a South Sydney supporter Join afl footy tipping comp Hey Pete the Pieman where's everyone sittin this week??? Collingwood Rant/Team of the 90's Poll Update. Training this week Listen friends. Follow my lead and we'll make the 8 February 15th is going to be a busy day! Peppie le wing-nut Brad Oborne My magpie's on the front of the new official site!!!! PIES GOOD BET An 80's horror story in the year 2000 UnOfFiCiAl ChEeRsQuAd... Tarrant is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ignore Monkey_Rulz posts Collingwood Site 40,000 by 2000 Collingwood Rant/Team of the 90's Poll Update. Nathan Buckley naked Tarrant returns Cheer Squads of Collingwood Unite Official Site is nearly on the air He's back! Tarrant' Back! Pies deny Buckley-Tarrant link (((((((((((((hApPy BiRtHdAy RiCkY))))))))))))))))) Malthouse: Pies require patience Malthouse restores Collingwood pride. Watch out Eddie.... Rocca out of Ansett clash with Port! The Ansett Cup Squad! January 26th Collingwood Rant Update! New Afl/vfl Webpage Back to Vic park Bulletin Board Changes Club Theme Song New Site New footy site Heating Up ! New Afl Site one for michy (!) TARRANT WALKS OUT... ICQ numbers about Tarrant... The Collingwood Rant/Team of the 90's Poll Update. Tarrant to quit! long time between reports ??? Great job unoffical cheer squad Huh?? Bulletin Board Format Change waving the towels,,, Unsung heroes Can't bowl, can't throw, can he kick, mark and handball? Practice Match any1 know when trainings on this week??? Darren Millane Regarding Team of the 90's Polls. Practice Games And Intra Club games Collingwood Rant January 12th Update. The New Look Official Collingwood Homepage will be launched February 1st Bucks for life!!!! Bah! What a waste of money... Fantasy Commentary ... Collingwood Blues Magpies Website Members Area Hacked What a match! Brilliant way to get our campaign started! Blue boys have the Last Laugh - AGIAN the road ahead Ex-pat's ahoy Collingwood Rant Update! Team of the 90's Poll Update! collingwood family day New Year's Eve Collingwood a Favorite for the flag. Yeah right :-( look at it this way... + Hey Hotrod & Sly new blockbuster What I Saw Friday Night ... and What Must Be Drawn From It ... Heart Wrenching Millennium Match Quarter-by-Quarter Coverage. New Poll: "Who's Smarter? Wayne Jackson or a Block of Wood?" General comment Ho Ho Ho! Suqads for Millenium match GO RESERVES!!! I'm Back Happy New Year Collingwood a favorite for the flag Team of the 90's Poll. Collingwood Rant Update and Team of the 90's Poll! Article on Hawking comeback What is the deal? an announcement Eddie carpets Mike Sheahan Finals System Membership More info on new recruit Hawking Who Is Nick Lowther??? Pies on the net. let monkey outa the cage a rowdy silence Magpies appoint Pyman to communications role TRAINING NOTES 20/12 - Don't get shitty with Nanna if she gives you socks again for
Xmas. All poor Tuckey got from Mick was laps!
TRAINING NOTES 17/12 - Whadda ya know, sparrows do fart! (Part 1) Millenium Membership The Y2K Pie Rookie List ! Malthouse Interview BUCKLEY SIGNS FOR LIFE! Pre Season Draft - Round 1 S.Hawking....key defender The Millennium Challenge Thanks to Tracey for the X-mas Card a new ERA.......end of the old guard.MAGPIES Jamie Tape Delisted Monday's training session, DAICS/SHEEHAN Veteran's roles. Players get spray from new assistant. Larry has lost it this time Pre Season Training Team status. Politics of the Collingwood Football Club Buckley Surfers - HOT New Magpie Website Come on Nick....take control of your site. The F**K OFF Larry Club (sign up now!!!) Josh Fraser update. Larry's lost it! Buckley Surfers - New Magpie Web Site Mick McGuane to coach Burnie Dockers Victoria Park A chatroom to discuss rumourd, events , etc. Clinton King Collingwood line up after draft Notice to Larry M KINNEAR QUITS The new VFL Pies (Reserves) Any Problems you know of???? An invitation Job at Vic Park An Apology Email to Bigpond and MSN Subscribers Another Rumour New set up at CFC Training Membership Millenium Game Collingwood Football Club Internet Site Happy Birthday Rupert Any Practice Matches???????????????? Vic Park Scout's Honour What are we going to do? Caringbush? Ansett Cup 31/12/99 iam sorry VFL Comp Danny Roach Training & Membership Obree a pie for sure Benefits 4 Briso SIMPLY THE BEST Great Draft Result Footy Cards Hey Everyone.... TO SPOOK Ansett Cup Match 31/12/99 Rupes Close Shave comeing home to the magpies What the experts think ! Rumour file Bring on season 2000!!!! Simon Hawking best game since 1990 grand final??? Endangered Species President for a day Gubby Allan immortalised at Vic Park......Why? Draft Results training starts When will mediocrity end? The Draft Heading in the RIGHT direction ! West Aussie Picks to larry and longjohn 2000 Memberships still lacking height on list draft pick times Bring Back The Ugly Pack. Manton splits The List Carlton Badboys Collingwood line up before draft Go For Glass Feed Back Pick 1+3 In December??? Wills and Healy for depth Obree taken at no.1 in dec. draft Monkey the Great Brad Smith Survives? Damm you Foxy!(j/k) The story so far.... Newelly Where is the Official Web Site? PETRO IS GETTING MARRIED Appointment of Assistant Coaches Brett Allison? Collingwood Assistant Coaches finalised Is it true? Players with something to prove.. Sav for full-back What do we know about uncontracted players ?? Watson...shaws gone...yeeehaaaa..will be back delistings Damian Monkhorst ANSETT CUP ROUND ONE 31/12/99 Collingwood Line Up Uncontracted Players Love those rumours AFL Draft Camp Results Most recent delistings Curran The Draft - Pick by Pick Excerpt from an article in The Australian New Recruits Stats new rumour malti' OUR OBSESSION WITH RICHMOND DUDS John Barnes Crowy Summer Dreaming COLLINGWOOD RESERVE TEAM ASSISTANT COACHES ???????????????????? Pavlich for Freo Collingwood Line Up The Cast-Off's Club Tassie Connection Good luck to bucks! so far so good Why the long faces Lets get this into perspective Report on the oyrish training night News so far National Draft news...... Now im not happy!!! What went wrong??? The problem with being sponsored by VOLVO KING is gone Yep Eddie...HUGE!! Victoria Park Tavern video'd games supplier We Missed Out On Colbert Clinton King a Tiger? Rhyce Shaw a MAGPIE> Another bomber target No Go On Everrit, Now For Colbert when do pies train We've cracked the Top 100 whats the latest? 2 days of trading to go.... Guernsey Numbers Where are you foxy where are you Mr President Greg Swann Trade rumour who to trade and keep No more Frawley St. Jason....Wild times ahead at Moorabin Has the 1999 season started yet? :( lol WILL TWO ROCCAS REMAIN AT COLLINGWOOD. trading talks ASSISTANT COACHES FOR 2000. What happened to kent?? Who to trade, who to keep, what we need Guernsey Numbers Grand Final Ball In Our Court Terry Board Good old Carlton! OK Mick - here's what you're working with CFC Announces Malthouse as Coach Predictions for next season Should we trade Schaubs ? Brownlow brownlow Josh Fraser James Wasley sandover medal Clokey trade bait Typing within borders 2000 Season fixture Finals system is a joke The Kelly incident??? Now the dust has settled. What the pies need is Draft - What is the rule re. Pick 1? Who should stay and who should go? Mark Richardson New Coach Announced!!! Assistant Coaches Mick Malthouse Ressies Result Clean -up/Trading New recruits DonningThe Black and White We need cheerleaders Jobs for the boys Does the AFL give a Sh.t Port Sheading Players Leigh Colbert Quits Cats Willo's new role? spider CHRIS TARRANT - MARK OF THE YEAR !!!!! Mick Quits it's time for the draft and trades trades trades Are we playing a ressies final this week? STUPID LIONS - Farewell Vic Park Team Selection v Brisbane - Round 22 Freo-You silly little so and sos Draft Judgement Fallout One last waltz for a battler. Official Rules for eligibilty for reserves finals The Win!!! Seat available for Saturday's match HOT PIES #4 - THE VICTORIA PARK TRIBUTE ISSUE - (Dare I say it, a collectors item) Trades/Delistings Hands off our Mick. Something on which to build stupid kangas Reserves - Round 21 Brad Smith's shocking injury Injuries/Suspension 23/8/99 Training schedule - week ending 28/8 Round 22 Graham, Everitt and ..............a couple of new names. BRAD SMITH Wake up Collingwood! Hey there Blimpy Boy It's easy when yer an eggspurt. Team Selection v Kangaroos - Round 21 Free kicks Where have all the supporters gone? New Coach Announced collingwood web site it was b,b,b,b,blooody c,c,c,cold...... Who gets to play finals in reserves??? Wasley 2000 Coach Final Training Session Prior to the Last Game at Victoria Park Training schedule - week ending 21/8 Injuries/Suspension 16/8/99 Round 21 wasley stupid bombers Mick Malthouse Hot Pies Vic Park edition adkins CFC Responds to Hot Pies Tarkyn Lockyer! I am still Alive and I gotta mention Jason Wild Team Selection v Essendon - Round 20 Buckley interview. McKernan & Lloyd GONE: Graham is the go The Last Match at Victoria Park E.W. Copeland Trophy VicParty of the Century Round 20 Training schedule - week ending 14/8 Injuries/Suspension 9/8/99 PIES V TIGERS Watto's brother, R.I.P Bulletin Board Archive stupid weagles Team Selection v Richmond - Round 19 Grand Final Tickets.......AFL take note Collingwood lineup The mark...The bump! Round 19 Training schedule - week ending 7/8 Injuries/Suspension 2/8/99 Last Game at Victoria Park - Standing Area Tickets AFL Sux part II ahhh New Coach?? Chasing a coach The depth of our best 22 Team Selection v West Coast - Round 18 changes Reserves vs Carlton Rd 17 MATCH REPORT Victoria Park Farewell Ball Round 18 Training schedule - week ending 31/7 Injuries/Suspension 26/7/99 HELP! hmmm Dermie....thinking about it maybe BEN GRAHAM The Hawks want revenge Team Selection v Carlton - Round 17 AFL sux Injuries/Suspension 19/7/99 Garry Lion - no pie Tarkyn Lockyer! Big Sav's big operation More support and info on Magoos. Pies mate injuries - who's going to replace who? Tyson the surprise packet Brown, Crossisca, new recruits In need of.. Collingwood Grand Auction Training schedule - week ending 24/7 Round 17 go pies you good things Sav HELP AN OVERSEAS FAN! Team Selection v Hawthorn - Round 16 To win or not to win? Draft picks v Pride. Bye Bye Blighty HELP Revolving door this week Give Venables a crack Made the trek to Petrol Park Club Night Injuries/Suspension 12/7/99 Round 16 Training schedule - week ending 17/7 Under 18's Championship Playing Time ahhh Hot Pies - the fanzine More Freo (the blouse wearing poodle-walkers) The draft debate is hotting up Grand Final Drought Freedom of Speech Big Announcements? Freo Dorckers How did these players end up at Vic Park? Magnetic Parade Round 15 Training schedule - week ending 10/7 Injuries/Suspension 5/7/99 Official Collingwood FC website @#%*&%# port! Live Scoreboard - New Function Team Selection v Port Adelaide - Round 14 no change! change the team for friday? Rupert the Rising Star? Last Match at Vic Park Speaking of cheating Injuries/Suspension 28/6/99 The Last Match at Victoria Park - Collingwood v. Brisbane (Saturday, 28th August) Round 14 Training schedule - week ending 3/7 Team Selection Oh When The Pies, Oh When The Pies, Oh When The Pies Come Marching In! Draft (continued) Club feedback 1.5 M and a potential debt Well done Shawy and Eddie Team Selection v St. Kilda - Round 13 Shawry Gone!!! Coincidence? Oleranshaw Copeland Trophy URGENT! READ! Press Conference at 12pm Draft Round 13 Training schedule - week ending 26/6 Injuries/Suspension 21/6/99 Promising Signs Who should coach the Pies next year? Yes we were .....'Galant in defeat' Umpires Reserves game v Melbourne Collingwood v Adelaide Live Telecast COLLINGWOOD NUMBER ONE! Team Selection v Adelaide - Round 12 Despair "Galant in defeat"....stop bloody patronising us Emirates Discount to Members Upcoming Social Events Round 12 Training schedule - week ending 19/6 Injuries/Suspension 15/6/99 Selection Mystery we don't know how to win Gutniks to lose Team Selection v Melbourne - Round 11 Were we conned? Confidence -it's gone! Burnsy doubtful Round 11 - Reserves AFL bum heads Injuries/Suspension 7/6/99 Scott Crow - NTPFCEA Same old story. Junior Football Clinics Round 11 Training schedule - week ending 13/6 Team Selection v Sydney - Round 10 Earlybird match report Plugger Upcoming Social Events Round 10 Round 10 - Reserves Injuries/Suspension 24/5/99 Training schedule - week ending 31/5 Barnett reserves match r9 Pies break drought Lockett to hurt knee! Team Selection Conspiracy Gordon Coventry Team Selection v Western Bulldogs - Round 9 Brad Oborne....some good news Changes Lyon to Pies Don't disappoint them Prestigiacomo? I pulled the wrong rein Good luck to 2 cold pies. Round 9 Round 9 - Reserves Training schedule - week ending 23/5 Injuries/Suspension 17/5/99 season ticket to give to needy child reserves Zippedi-doo-da YES!!!!!! Team Selection v Fremantle - Round 8 Plugger wanted to be a Pie...bit late Tony Shaw What's the John Dory on Perry Como? Nick Davis - Norwich Rising Star Nominee Another Song to sing He makes me wildddd! Robert Rose Pop Quiz draft Media Conference Bottom Place to ourselves new format Buckley Team Selection v Brisbane - Round 7 Salary Cap outcome The Wild has been let loose........again ! The Magoos Shawy and Selectors have come full circle Hell(icopter) View Reserves match against Roos Collingwood Vs Kangaroos Collingwood Club History Young Uns Membership Update Round 7 Training schedule - week ending 9/5 Injuries/Suspension 3/5/99 Coaching staff reflect playing staff mmm Rumours???? Team Selection v Kangaroos - Round 6 Robert Walls' article in The Age Hot Pies Fanzine The world's second most famous football club Looking forward to 2nd half of year Training schedule - week ending 2/5 Injuries/Suspension 26/4/99 Round 6 Sav kicks 5= Collingwood win Reserves - Round 5 Match Report President Eddie - Where's The Talls??? Only Eight Points…DOH!!! Anzac Day Quoting on the BB Team Selection v Essendon - Round 5 Wit from the West! the reserves Not giving up hope....YET!! Richmond Game???? Where is Newelly? Training schedule - week ending 25/4 Trial by Media reserves team and reports now posted Round 8 Collingwood v Freo = D Day for Shawy Milestone - Shane Watson Protective Equipment - Lee Walker Round 4 Injuries/Suspension 19/4/99 Collingwood........SAD!! Reserves report Sunday Morning washup Victoria Park Incident Team Selection v Richmond - Round 4 Collingwood Support for Kosovo Refugees Asking the hard questions. Neil Appleby? Football Videos Collingwood Videos Norwich Rising Star Can throwing My two bob - better late than never Monky/Willow and Jason Jason Wild Depressing Statistic Membership at a Record High Collingwood Vs Eagles roccas?? Jason Wild the GoalSneak Membership Update Theme song Round 3 Training schedule - week ending 11/4 Team Selection v West Coast - Round 3 Collingwood v West Coast Injuries/Suspension 6/4/99 Round 2 - some player appraisals Training (3/4)? John Birt Team Selection v Carlton - Round 2 Official CFC Internet Site Do we still have a reserves team? CFC Home Page New Look Collingwood Internet Site Magpie Club Corner Round 2 Training schedule - week ending 28/2 Injuries/Suspension 29/3/99 Wayne Carey Rumors Round 1 Training moved Nicky Winmar Saverio is fat...and other stories from Round 1 Team Selection v. Hawthorn - Round 1 Collingwood theme song Victoria Park Tickets First in best dressed Milenium Cup Eddie's 1000 Milestones Round 1 Training schedule - week ending 28/2 Injuries/Suspension 22/3/99 Friday's Intra-Club Hitout Training 17/3/'99 Training - Wednesday 17 March Visit by Players to Kew Cottages Injuries/Suspension 15/3/99 Training schedule - week ending 20/2 Training schedule - week ending 13/2 Practice match against North Melbourne Visit by Fijian Chief Sailosi Qalobulailakeba Reply from the Club Practice Match Against Geelong Injuries/Suspension 9/3/99 Collingwood Day Cwood home page This is obviously a Hot issue !!! Membership Practice Match - Shepparton Injury List Training schedule - week ending 6/2 Lee Walker's knee braces Ansett Cup Is there anybody out there !!!! 1999 Yarra Community Day Injuries / Suspension Training Schedule - Week ending 20/2 Welcome to the new Bulletin Board Player photos Hey Eddie they have a good point ! February Draft Latest!!!! More Draft News!! Join the Team at the Races New Employee Training Schedule - Week ending 13/2 Reserves vs Carlton Off: Kirwen, On:? First Practice Match Does anyone know.... Draft Move over Kerry and Lloyd Ruckman Needed Intra Club Game - brief report Training on Wednesday A Role For Daics? Training Schedule - Week ending 6/2 1st (and probably only) visit to Victoria Park My best team for 1999 Injury List Internet membership. AFL on Pay TV Freeborn on radio and practice match Titans to join Collingwood for training Freeborn Training Schedule February Draft Email from Granada Television - England Nick Davis