Hot Pies - an unofficial fanzine
    Magpies in New York

    Hot Pies - an unofficial fanzine.

    The sensational new Collingwood Football Club fanzine, Hot Pies is available to all with black and white blood.

    What is Hot Pies? The following exerpt from their web site should explain:

    "Hot Pies is an unofficial Collingwood Football Club Fanzine and, unlike virtually every other aspect of football today, we are not driven by economic objectives."

    "Hot Pies is not a publication burdened by the considerations of either truth or fact. It is a satirical fanzine and this means we 'take the piss' out of whatever we feel is relevant at the time."

    "We will welcome contributions by all Collingwood fans so if you've got something to say, tell us and we'll print it."

    "So we hope you enjoy the web site and take out a subscription to the mag. We trust that you appreciate it all in the light hearted vain in which it is intended."

    "Each month Hot Pies includes a host of interviews and informative articles on all aspects of the Collingwood Football Club, along with games, comics, reviews, previews, competitions and general gossip."

    The web site is at Check it out!

    Magpies in New York

    My name is Erik Kallhovd and I'm president of the New York Magpies ARFC here in the USA.

    Things are progressing very well for the club. This is due in large part to the help we have received from our official Australian Football League sister club Collingwood. John May, CEO, and Richard Stremski (Board Member, Club Historian and Yankee ex-pat) have provided assitance for our club in the form of footballs and guernseys!!!

    The Collingwood army is now alive and well in the USA!!!

    The New York Magpies Australian Rules Football Club is here!!!

    To find out more info, visit our web site at:

    If you prefer, you can call (914) 289-0145, or you can email