Club History

Well what can you say about Collingwood. They've been in 37 grand finals and only won 14 - that is usually referred to as the colliwobbles. They come so close, so often and just miss. For 32 years they were stuck on 13 flags and then won in 1990. The Magpies were up there and they had a chance - this was their chance to prove themselves. That group of players were hungry to win dedicated and they were good, so good in fact that they beat the Bombers by 48 points.

Other times, like in 1970, it looked as though they were easily going to win but Carlton came back and won by 10 points.

They have played in more finals and more Grand Finals than any other club, but they have also lost more Grand Finals than any other club. Collingwood's frustrating 32 year habit of playing at the top season after season and throwing it away in the finals resulted in a new word (which has become part of the Australian language) being coined. Their finals collapses were known as the colliwobbles.

The strangest thing I've ever heard is that Collingwood came from the wooden spoon in 1976 to the Grand Final the next year. And after the home and away season they were top of the V.F.L ladder with 18 wins and four losses. They're the only team to have won 4 premierships in a row and they won the inaugural A.F.L. Premiership.

Being a Collingwood supporter is like being a member of a huge family, and you can find members of that family wherever you travel in the world. Home for the team and the family is Victoria Park, Collingwood's home ground and the most feared (by opposing teams) arena in the league.

Collingwood's great history combined with the close knit fanaticism of it's supporters has made this club the greatest sporting club in Australia's history.