Training report Monday 21st January

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by warburton lad

The omens were great leaving Richmond (Epicentre of Mediocrity) Station today. Two young Magpies warbled as I walked under the elms, a sign for the opera Carmen was on the famous Nylex silos.

It was an overcast morning and there was an eerie smoke haze reminding us that the heroics of sports stars are nothing compared to those courageous men and women fighting the fires in Gippsland. God bless them all.

Harry and Sidey were first on the track quickly followed by the rest of the group. The rehab group was large, Trav, Grundy, Ramsay, Daisy, Goldy, Tooves, Reid, Caff, Young, Faz, Keefe, Gault.

Ball was the only senior player not in attendance today.

The rehab group wore white, the senior group wore either grey or black and the coaches wore blue. Rocca an immense man…

Reid and Caff, Tooves and Goldy walked, then ran laps. Daisy and Young did a variety of activities but neither kicked on their preferred foot. Most of the rehab group did boxing which began with low intensity, working up to a very high intensity, then stretching beside the fence. They were off the track after a little over an hour.

The senior group really worked very hard. One activity ‘Pizza Triangles’ saw the players drilling the ball by foot over thirty to forty metres to a leading teammate. Broomhead, Yagmoor, Kennedy and Witts were most impressive in this drill. Pendles was sublime, as expected and Harry appears to have a lower ball drop this year, his kicks were floating less as a consequence.

In between this and the next drill, Buckley, again in the overseer role, barked for the players to lift their intensity.

The handball drill (Kamikaze Torture Drill ) saw players running the gauntlet of Hahn and Tarks to share the ball through a maze with a partner. Elijah Edwards, Krak and Josh Thomas were superb in this drill and it was great to see young lads like Kyle Martin and Sam Dwyer take the hits but still dispose to a teammates advantage.

Another handball activity saw eight versus eight. If a team lost possession or fumbled the ball, they had to drop for twenty push-ups.

After about an hour of practice, those fit enough to do so, joined in match-simulation. The Black team had the first picked midfielders and the best forwards of those not in rehab and the Grey team had the elite back men.

The first ball up saw: Jolly v Witts, Swan v Dids, Pendles v Josh Thomas, Blair v Broomhead, Sidey v Kyle Martin. Seedsman (Black Team) played as a centre an/wingman versus Johnno.

Jolly got the first tap, but Witts got the clearance and his forty metre pass hit the fast leading Oxley on the lead.

Swan and Pendles soon got on top at the clearances and gave constant quality supply to Q-Stick and Paine who played as deep, leading forwards. Krakouer and Kennedy played as small forwards matched up by Shawry and Maxy.

Another ball up, another Jolly tap out to advantage to Blair who was winded by a crunching Witts tackle. Witts is a guy who is very persistent, that’s for sure.

Swan burst clear of a tackle and fed to Pendles who drilled a goal from the fifty. Football Nirvana!!

Of the young or new guys, I can report the following.

Broomhead- wonderful composure and blessed with very good disposal.
Josh Thomas- be very excited, think mini-me of D.Swan.
Oxley- a real smoky, quick, can mark well and great disposal. Thanks Mr Hine!
Hartley- development is very obvious. Twelve months away but a real prospect.
Yagmoor- much, much better today. Physically stronger and an elite kick.
Q-Stick- just what the doctor ordered. Will occasionally frustrate, but often deliver in spades.
Russell. Every good game he plays will infuriate Carlton fans. Worth it.
Kennedy-a true rover, not frightened to back himself.
Paine. Impressed with his multiple efforts at the contest.
Hudson. The Artist formerly known as The People’s Beard. Worked hard on the track. Very encouraging of his teammates. 3rd in the rucking order but good depth.
Seedsman. Should play every game in 2013. Will be an elite outside mid in no time. Has worked on thighs and is now a penetrating kick.

There are many more important things than football but I make no apologies for sharing what I saw today. My blessings and best wishes to those affected by the fires and those many Pies fans who never get to see our boys train.

Floret Pica and God Bless you all…!


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